I'd like to talk about xerath builds and leveling.

  • Been looking for someone to talk to about the best items on xerath as most guides have itemization that I simply don't agree with.

    First off, I think you should always rush deathcap, xerath is a burst mage and needs to be able to long range kill squishies, if you get anything besides a deathcap he just doesn't do good enough damage it seems.
    The second item is what gets me, I really like the morellonomicon on him, gives him plenty of strong stats and is cost efficient even without the passive. It's also the only mana/regen item I could see on him, athenes=not enough damage and the same goes for other mana items. Liandry's is good but he only has one single target and without rylais it just doesn't seem to add enough for a fast pick up(I still like it alot though, it's in my build every game).

    My current build ensures maximum damage:double dorans(necessary to manage mana)>deathcap>voidstaff(looking to replace because i max w second)>liandrys/zhonyas>liandrys/zhonyas>rylais.

    This build completely lacks cdr and mana management, two stats xerath really likes to have. I'm looking for an item to buy second and morellonomicon seems to be the best option.

    The third point is skill order; I always max W second but most of the high elo xerath's max e second. I get good success with w maxing because E has a high ratio, with an early deathcap I can easily burst down squishies without maxing E by mid game. Do you guys prefer to max E or W second?
  • The build that I have been favoring recently has been.

    boots + 3pot
    Sorc boots
    Void staff
    athenes grail

    I doubt it's the most cost efficient, but it usually works out well for me
  • Also, i'm apparently bad and level Q->E->W (one rank of W at level 4). I've found that most people don't get enough MR to make the W worth it.
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    W's cooldown gets extremely low. It goes down 4 levels per rank, being 20 second at level 1, and 4 seconds at level 5. People level this first to keep his range consistent. Also, think of the extra magic pen as a voidstaff, and start rushing your deathcap instead of that voidstaff.
    I know the CDR is the main factor in leveling W first, I just find that I spend less time sniping people from max range in the early/mid game than is worth it. It's probably just a play style thing.