• Jedi- let me know the name of the event and I'll look into this directly. Prizing can take up to 2-3 weeks after the confirmation is received from the organizer, so you may just be on the tail end of the curve out of bad luck.

    Loammi- I remember actually approving your tournament! Maybe the confirmation message got sent to your spam folder- I'll resend it just in case. =)
  • Go ahead and post it here and I'll check into it for you =)
  • EDIT: Apologies, there was an error on my part. That specific event was given prizing support, which has recently been paid out.

    The xO Gaming tournament received an offer but never submitted a prize claim. Due to the statute of limitations on claims, the tournament forfeited all prizing. (http://competitive.na.leagueoflegend...-faq#seventeen)
  • ForeverYourz- Prizes were distributed for this MadCast Open #5, and all five of those Summoners recieved the first place prize. Prizes were not offered to the La Quinta Key Club tournament.

    Jedi- Stickyflames is not supported by Riot.

    What is a Wolf- Riot does not support 1v1 tournaments, which is what the email you received states.
  • ForeverYourz - I looked at the prizing logs and saw that all accounts received prizing labeled explicitly for that tournament, with the same team that you listed (along with several other tournaments' prizes- congratulations!).
  • Your teammates (Enji, Mudkep, Moosenaski) were also listed as winning the 1/20 tournament. The prize is $20 of RP and Triumphant Ryze for each tournament. They received $40 of RP (20 for 1/19 and 20 for 1/20), and you received $20 as you were only listed once.

    If there is a problem with what the admin submitted for prize distribution, please contact the tournament admin directly to correct the error.
  • There was an odd error that was preventing the RP totals from updating - check your accounts again! =)