Soraka skins? Seriously...

  • Soraka is one of my favorite champs in the game. However, this oversight annoys me.

    17 champions were released with the original game in February 2009:

    Let's look at this list and how many skins each of these champs have (via

    Alistar - 6
    Annie - 7
    Ashe - 5
    Fiddlesticks - 6
    Jax - 7
    Kayle - 5
    Master Yi - 5
    Morgana - 4
    Nunu - 5
    Ryze - 7
    Sion - 4
    Sivir - 5
    Soraka - 2
    Teemo - 7
    Tristana - 6
    Twisted Fate - 7
    Warwick - 7

    Seriously Riot this is ridiculous. Why does every original champ have at least 4 skins, probably closer to 5 or 6 on average, yet Soraka only has 2?

    Where are the Soraka skins?
  • I'll speak to this- I've played more Soraka games than most and I whole-heartedly agree that she could use some more skins.

    One of the big issues is that for a long time Soraka was slated to have a skin rework. That's happened, and in essence we got three 'new' skins. Complete with new particles. I know it doesn't feel like that, but as far as resources needed to create and polish, that's what she just got. I also realize that a rework doesn't give us the flexibility in showcasing our love for that horned goat-lady, but the thinking I heard internally was that they didn't want to create a new skin if they were going to rebuild her model and then have to recreate that new skin over that new model all over again. It's basically doubling up our workload to give you guys half the result.

    It's not a great answer. A great answer is that we have 200 new Soraka skins slated and they'll be released in the next patch. (not true) But it is at least some visibility as to why there has been a delay.

    But yes. "Riot Plz". All that noise. We hear you guys- we want more Raka skins, too.
  • Alright, with a bit of reluctance, I'll tank this thread one more time. Although, I'm doing it with some reservation since A) I'm not on the skins team and B) I agree with your general sentiment. I suppose it's actually healthy for me to explain this from the other side since I can't think of anyone in this building who is more passionate about Soraka than I am... (That's not to say there isn't, but no one jumps to mind.)

    To use Annie or Ashe as an example of us providing a skin along with a rework is a fair conclusion- but inaccurate because you don't have the full context of the situation. For both Annie and Ashe, when the decision was made to recreate their models, we held off on creating new content for them. To create a skin that would be attached to Annie, for instance, and then a month or two later work on recreating that exact same skin for the new model would be problematic. We would have to create the new skin twice. So when the decision was made to slot Soraka for a much needed visual update, we held off on new skins. Why she didn't have more skins before I got here is a fair complaint, but I can't really speak to that. (And frankly, our skins team has leveled up substantially since the early days, so I don't spend a ton of time agonizing over the past.)

    It's not readily apparent, but if you go back and look at the dates of Annie and Ashe, they hadn't received a new skin in quite some time leading up to their rework.

    "But Kades, why didn't Soraka get a new skin with her rework the way Annie and Ashe did?"

    That's a really fair question, and while I'll always do my best to provide you transparency on what I can, I do want to continue to work here tomorrow so I'm going to be pretty careful when describing unreleased content. I will say that we strive to keep our quality bar very high, and if anything doesn't hit it, we're not afraid to scrap it and start over until we get it right. Notice I didn't say 'scrap it and walk away'. Though, I guess to be fair, we're not really afraid of that either.

    But to say that 'riot hates Soraka' is silly. First off, because Riot is not a person as much as it is a collection of people. And secondly, because among that collection of people, I work there... and I think I probably have more Soraka games under my belt then most players have games played. I mean, it's not a competition, but... I'm passionate about this champ. I'm a constant advocate internally to both get her some love and to push her towards a healthier state. So while I'm not speaking with authority as a skins dude, I can speak with confidence as a guy who is constantly advocating for Soraka. I understand clearly what the hurdles have been in getting her some love, because I've faced them first-hand. That's the visibility that I'm trying to provide.

    I was being a bit glib in my last post when I said that the people posting here won't really be satisfied until we get this number of skins up to a more reasonable place. Your numbers are accurate. She has two extra skins- and even those two were late to the game, in my opinion. (Pardon the pun.) But since I've gotten here, they have been hard at work recreating those 3 new reworked skins.

    And... honestly.

    I mean, I'm not trying to be rude, but I really think you have to give our skins team a bit more credit. With these relaunches, they're completely rebuilding the model and starting from scratch. They're re-skinning every version of the champion, complete with new particles, new animations, revisiting the sound and the Splash artwork as needed... the process can take months and months. And we're not doing this because these champions aren't selling. We're throwing a ridiculous amount of man-hours behind this because we're trying to give you guys the best game we can. And if that means that we move resources away from creating new content like additional skins (which, note: typically correlates to 'income') and instead move those same resources to a complete overhaul of the visuals on champions and skins that are already bought- I mean, some of Kat's reworked skins we don't even sell anymore -all because we want to make them better.... basically, we're just trying to get the best game out that we can. Because we're pretty passionate about it, too.

    I don't know.

    I'm really proud of the work our skins and relaunch guys are doing. To scrap up any of our visual reworks as 'insignificant' or as a source of frustration instead of a source of excitement seems... peculiar. Honestly, it seems frustrating.

    With the relaunch, we've done 5 additional skins for Soraka- though we gave you three of them for free.

    But to the OP's point, yes, Soraka needs more skins. I agree. And she'll get them. Promise. "Soon tm" and all that nonsense. (I hate that phrase.) (I hate even more that I'm having to use it.)