After reviewing 2000 cases ....

  • Dear Riot

    I consider myself a very positive and giving person. When I first started the tribunal we got IP rewards for taking our time to review cases. When this changed I was excited because I knew it would weed out the people who were spam punishing. Over the past months I have devoted at least 20 mins a day (usually a hour) reviewing cases doing my very best to be fair. I make $12 a hour so basically I gifted Riot $400 of my precious time to help out. I wont lie it was exciting seeing how many toxic players we could weed out of the system. We had our ups and downs but all in all I was pleased with the new system. I am more along the lines of a strict judge. A single instance of breaking the summoners code would instantly lead me to decide to punish them even as I read all 5 cases. So in a typical day I would record 19 of 20 punishes, with a single pardon usually.

    The reason I am quitting is two fold. First I just dont have that same loving feeling for doing tribunal cases anymore. The reward of doing the right thing, and helping the community no longer is adequate compensation for doing 20 cases a day. Second I have a sinking feeling that my votes are no longer being counted despite the fact I am a fair judge and always rule based on the summoners code. At first I shot up through the ratings and over the months I eventually peaked at 104. I stayed there for weeks. But recently after your changes I began loosing my ranking a little every day despite the fact my accuracy % contiuned to climb ever upwards. In short I feel like my vote is not being counted any longer nor appreciated (I feel like I was wrongfully flagged as a spam punisher) and I shall not be wasting our time pretending I am making a difference any longer.

    To my fellow judges I salute you and commend you for your community service. To Riot I thank you for your wonderful game and for the opportunity to make a positive difference. To the toxic members I helped remove from this game I wish you the best in your future gaming experiences. Take care my friends and have a wonderful day ).

    TLDR Love the tribunal but wont be judging any more cases.
  • I just wanted to add that your votes are counting. As someone else mentioned, there's just more people using the Tribunal so it's not easy climbing the rankings.
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    Originally Posted by Fudouri View Post
    For all of you guys, just curious.

    Does it bother you that your judgement is worth the same amount as a "spam punisher"?
    Does it bother you that if you are actually a more lenient judge than average (I believe it would start occurring around a 81% punish rate if average was 85%) that your rating will rise SLOWER than a "spam punisher"?
    Does it bother you that the metrics which are judged (Justice Rating and accuracy rate) actually point people toward "guessing the right answer" as opposed to "choosing the judgement they feel is right"? (which coincidentally should lead to everyone actually becoming spam punishers?)

    These have been the recent revelations that have made made stop. There is also specific removal of data (game time, player id (no need for name, just a unique identifier) which prevent any sort of transparency.
    I know you have been frustrated with some of the changes, but you are forgetting some key points.

    1) If we reward Tribunal players with random surprises, all spam punishers will automatically be disqualified.

    2) In the future, we can just ban all spam punishers which will shift all the Justice rankings instantly.

    3) In the future, we are considering changing accuracy to be based on "Riot accuracy" instead of community agreement.

    I've talked about all of these before at some point.