@Morello i would like to apologise to you :'(

  • i dont even know if you will see this but i will put it out there for you

    Morello im sorry if my post anger you or got on your nervers, you have every right to be mad. I did not mean to make you look like a jerk or even imply that you are one. i know my words might not mean anything to you or even GD but still im sorry for what i said i truly am.i am remorseful for my statements I know i cant take them back now and i feel just like amumu feels every day once more i am sorry. :'( i do respect you i dont like everything you do to this game but i do respect you.

    i know this might get downvoted to hell trolled everything GD has to offer but im asking you guys with my hat in my had please help me let morello see this plz GD? :'(

    thank you GD thank your morello thank you all :")
  • <3

    It's np, I just want to make sure that even if we disagree, we don't do balance based on preferences!