It's been soo loong...Let us ARAM!

  • It's been a busy couple of months! And because i have missed playing with you all, i'll be hosting an ARAM marathon starting...NOW!!

    Let's play!!
    game room: ARAM Riot Evil VIz
    password: ooo

    make sure you search for Private games!
  • New game is up.
    Game room: ARAM Riot Evil Viz
    password: ult
  • Quote:
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    Originally Posted by Eskimofo View Post
    took like 10 seconds to get full :C
    also sup Viz
  • New game is up!!
    password: hhh
  • New game is up.
    Password: mundo
  • New game is up. Password: lol
  • New game is up.
    Password: invite
  • And we are back!
    Game Name: Aram Riot Evil Viz
    Password: night
  • New game is up.
    Password: uuu
  • New room is up.
    Password: r