Updates to the League System

  • Hey all,

    Earlier today we hotfixed in some updates to the League System. These changes are intended to address some valid complaints about the harshness and frequency of demotions as well as frustrations surrounding the discrepancy between LP gains and losses for many Division I players. We've also included a few bugfixes. Here's the full list:

    - Increased the requirements for being demoted so that demotions will happen less frequently
    - Increased the length of the demotion immunity grace period that occurs after being placed in a new division
    - Players and teams that are demoted will now have 75 LP in the new division rather than 50
    - Tweaked LP gains and losses for players and teams in Division I who haven't passed the additional checks to qualify for the next tier
    --- LP changes from both wins and losses will now be reduced in this situation, rather than just wins
    --- Reductions in LP changes will now kick in earlier and more gradually rather than only starting near 100 LP
    - "Loss forgiven" during server issues will now prevent demotions as well as series losses
    - Summoner name changes are now properly handled by the league system
    - Fixed a bug that could occasionally cause players to gain more LP than expected in Challenger tier

    As always, we'll be monitoring the effects of these changes and we'll be making further tweaks over the coming weeks, so feel free to post your thoughts on the current state of the system once you've had a chance to play some games.

    Thanks and gl hf!
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    Originally Posted by FloppyDerp View Post
    In other words expect lesser LP gains earlier after crossing 70LP if your Division 1 of a Tier and huge LP lost on lost games

    Hope this isn't true
    Previously you would be getting large LP gains until they suddenly dropped to very small amounts, whereas now the decreases will be much more gradual and will start earlier. It will still take the same number of wins to qualify for the Promotion Series, but your LP total will now be a better indicator of how close you are.

    The important change is that now your losses will be similarly reduced, so if you're only going to gain 5 LP from a win, then you'll only be losing something close to 5 LP from a loss as well. You'll no longer see a single loss wipe out all of the LP gains from five or six wins when you're close to 100 LP.