A second chance at LoL

  • I know i messed up in the tribunal several times. But I've decided to change my ways and follow the summoners code. I've worked really hard on this game, to get where I am in ranked and paid a lot of RP for this certain account. I just have too many things on it. This is the game I play the most out of the few i play. And i have a hard time controlling my emotions. I think i deserve a second chance, though. I can definitely work harder to be a nicer player. I just need a second chance please.

    I've also sent out a ticket that hasn't gotten a reply yet.
    Greetings from the Fields of Justice Genocide833,
    Thanks for contacting our Player Support Team! We received your request (#5240869) and one of our specialists will answer you as soon as they can.
  • I took a look at your Reform Cards, and no exceptions will be considered.

    I'm a bit disappointed you brought up Ranked Games to try to refute another player's opinions--it doesn't matter if you play Ranked and someone doesn't. Millions of players play Ranked and aren't reported often and never see the Tribunal.

    To give a personal example, I've played to Platinum in Season 3 and received 9 reports in 150 games. Since I never received more than 1 report per game in this stretch, that's only 6% of games in the most competitive mode in the game. All the reports were actually filtered by the Tribunal as false reports, so actually my account has 0 reports on it in Season 3.
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    Lyte, this is off topic but, let me please ask something:
    Every Riots seem to be plat/gold or higher.
    Is being good at the game necessary to become a riotter, or it is a consequence?
    It's not necessary--the average Rioter is about the population average of 1100-1300 MMR.

    However, for Live Balance Designers there is a recommended requirement to be at least 1600 MMR (or Gold/Platinum). For Game Designers, being higher is a positive, but not a requirement for the job.

    eSports/Shoutcasters tend to be pretty high MMR as well.