How to get a Rioter to answer your thread.

  • Ok. so after seeing enough threads like "xxx champion rework/nerf/buff where riot!"

    Or posts where people "demand" riot do stuff. I've decided to write a thread on the RIGHT way to talk to people and get a response.

    Step 1:
    Remember that the staff/devs are human beings!

    -How do you like to be talked to? Do you like to be yelled at? have things demanded of you? have people insult you or try to guilt you into something?

    No right? You view yourself as a human right? Well get this: Rioters are humans too.
    and no human enjoys all of that, nor deserves that.

    Once you realize this you are well on your way to getting a response

    Here is an example of a bad thread:

    Notice the all caps, now you'd think that This would get the attention of the Rioters, but all caps actually repels the Rioters away about 99% of the time.

    Notice the spelling errors.

    Notice the tone of voice that is obviously disregarding step one.

    Step 2: Now that you learned treat people like humans that doesn't mean that you will get a response. Now I'll talk about reposting.

    Before you even start to write your idea/subject, use the search button, chances are about 89% if your ideas/gripes/thoughts/rants have already been discussed into the ground, and have been addressed by the devs. Which means, they have probably indexed those thoughts and ideas and put on a schedule to be worked on in the order of importance. meaning that when someone makes a topic on a certain subject, it will be ignored.

    remember step one: the devs and staff are humans. now add this to it: there are only 24 hours in a day. There is no way that the devs and staff would have time to look through and answer all ideas that have been talked about endlessly already AND keep the game running at the same time.

    Example of a bad thread:

    "Karma is underpowered can anything be done?"

    Notice here the realization of step one, which is good. However the poster failed to search for topics on Karma and thus will most likely be ignored.

    Close but no cigar.

    Step 3: Post something of value.

    Okay! now you've followed steps one and two and you're on your way to getting a response. Now ask yourself: If I was working 10-13 hours a day and even doing work related stuff at home, what kinds of things would warrant me taking time out of my busy day and answering a forum post?

    If you think about that before you make a thread post, your chances will skyrocket!

    Example of a good thread:

    "The current state of Katarina" (please search for this thread, its very valuable)
    Notice how the thread title implies that the op has done extensive research on the subject, also once you read the thread you can clearly see all of this research laid out in a way that follows steps one and two. This saves a developer time, and while at the same time provides extra insight that the Rioter may have overlooked!

    These are the threads that get responses, and that Rioters like to see. Not all of them may be answered, but well thought out threads are actually what helps make this game better. It just takes a while to write~ So be patient.

    Step 4: Don't expect a response from a Rioter.

    This is crucial. If you are making a thread to specifically get a Red to post in it, you are doing it wrong remember in step two where I mentioned that the Rioters most likely work tons of hours on this game and don't really have the time to answer/read every question. So write the post with the thought that " a Rioter doesn't need to post in it to validate my thoughts, or know my idea is being thought about. Usually if you've followed the three steps, a Rioter WILL at least read it.

    Also this mindset will protect you from any disappointment if a Rioter doesn't have the time to post in the thread. your goal should be to at least get them to read it and nod their head in agreement.

    Follow these simple steps and you should be able to get RIoters posting in your decent, well thought out and planned threads that add immense value to the game and community as a whole.

    Good Luck!

    TL;DR: There is none, read this thread in its entirety, then read it again two more times.
  • This is a good post. There are a couple of things I would like to touch on. That 89% statistic might have a 10% margin of error <grin>.

    Lots of people read, and bookmark a thread without actually posting in it, so don't be disappointed and think no one saw your thread. If the thread has good information and healthy discussion, you can be sure your intended audience read it. I would like to reiterate don't re-post, as well as don't bump. There have been threads I would have posted in, but the first 2 replies were "bump" and I don't want to reward this kind of forum behavior, so I moved on.

    When you want to talk about balance or other things that you see as a problem, please explain why you think they are problems, and then gather and present as much information as you can about the situation in as impartially as possible. This will show people that you are interested in real discussion, and also earn you respect.

    OK, off to work. Once again, nice post.

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    this was as educational in its prodessed field of expertise as "To Kill a Mocking Bird" was...
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    Where has Guinsoo been anyways. Last time I checked, he disappeared again after people spammed KARMA REWORK WHERe when people saw him.
    That means 6 more weeks of winter.
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    Except that if you don't self bump at least a bit, it vanishes pretty fast on the GD... In my mind, if there hadn't been those 2 bumps, you wouldn't have seen the thread in the first hand, no? So what is the acceptable line? 0?
    And if no one bumps the other threads to bury it, then the threads that get posted on are the ones that people actually have things to contribute. If I see thread bumps with no content, I am less likely to post.