#Riot: As a South American, I too want a Latin Server.

  • To clarify any thoughts you may have about me being racist and all, I am Argentinean. So im not here trying to get all "latin and spanish dudes" out of the NA server.

    So, the thing is that my friends and I got very happy when we saw the launch of the Brazilian server because we said "Hey if they are putting a server in Brazil, they will soon give one to the rest of South america"
    I mean, why would they put a server in the ONE AND ONLY country in South america, whose main language IS NOT SPANISH?

    And to make things easier I'll list some of the pros that a Latin server would, overall, give to this community:
    -It would give SA (south american) players a much smoother gameplay thanks to the low Ping ratios. Nowadays a normal Latin american player, using the NA server has got around 150/300 ping MINIMUM. And trust me that it is not the same to play against players with 25 ping when you have such a HIGH amount of it.

    -Putting a server in South america would take away a lot of spanish players out from the NA server, making it easier to communicate between all players Once again im not being racist here. Its just a mere truth that a lot of Latin american players don't know english, and yet play the NA server. Is that wrong? Well, no because Mexico, for example is a North american-spanish-speaking country, and Mexicans have the same right to play the NA server than people from USA or Canada. On the other hand, if I were an NA Rioter, then I'd like to put spanish speaking players together.

    -It would make the "South american pro scene" much easier to get known Please, do not get me wrong. I AM NOT PRO BY ANY MEANS. But I know that, just as it happened in the Brazilian servers, a lot of South american players will get to be known/pro, and even qualify in the next season championship.

    P.d: This is something I and many players of Latin america thought for an improvement of our gameplay and the community in general. So please be thoughtful at the time of writing a comment and don't just troll.
  • Hey folks,

    Trust us that this thread does not go unnoticed! While I don't have anything to share in terms of a Latin American server, we definitely have eyes on all of these threads and your concerns about the region.

    We actually have a pretty big discussion that I'd invite everyone to join : http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/board...549284&page=57

    Lots of the community is in that discussion and we'd love to have you there as well.