[Game][Minor/Intermediate]Alistar Q on Cho

  • The duration/height is only half of what it should be on Cho with feast stacks. I noticed it every time. It's recreatable every time.
    Pick Alistar, knock up a Cho with feast stacks and look at the animation and duration.

    [Edit] Thanks to XenGaming and RiotXelnath for clearing up the matter!
  • I flipped the switch on for this PBE push. Experiment away. Try it on other champions besides the cow. Give feedback.

    This is not likely to go live soon, but I wanted it tested.
  • ... It should NOT be on live.

    Hmmm... I wonder if this happened because of the emergency hotfix.
  • Basic feedback:

    * Does it feel correct that tenacity affects knockups?
    * Does Tenacity effect it too strongly?
    * How does the visceral impact of the knockup feel before and after?
  • The hotfix for this is going out imminently. Thanks for your patience.