Zyra's E feels terrible.

  • I literally cant land it on people running in front of me in a straight line. It's slower than anybody in the game. If somebody dashes to you they just have to move a BIT to a the side to avoid it since the hitbox is just of a few pixels.

    It's slower than Morg's Q. Has a lower range and damage than Lux's Q but it's hitbox is much smaller.

    Her ultimate also feels terrible. Even if you land it, the damage isn't really good till the last levels.

    I'm talking about Zyra mid. She feels so bad right now
  • We nerfed the speed of Zyra's E, Grasping Roots, nothing else about the spell (I am speaking of the now month or two old nerf here already on live for a while, not anything prospective -- she's stable at the moment as a powerful mid and support). I must confess I was nervous when we began testing it internally, but honestly the change was one of the best live balance adjustments we've ever made to a champion.

    There's so much additional gameplay there now. When I'm on my game, my roots can't miss; when my enemy is playing well, I feel it, but can recover with good seed placement (the Vine Lasher spawn range of E is larger than the root itself). Zyra's role as an aggressive, almost kill lane, support was clarified, since she can still fish for roots for her and her partner to engage on, but cannot simply negate all aggression by pressing E any time the enemy gets cheeky. Currently, she is the only champion we regularly see all the way up the elo ladder (including competitive) as both a (supportive) mid and a (high threat) support.

    Some facts:
    Grasping Roots moves at 1150 units per second -- compared to champions who start at 325-355.
    It is harder to hit now than it was previously. Prior, it was too easy to hit relative to its immense power -- minions cannot block it; you can root multiple enemies; engaging Zyra teams in tight corridors is a virtual impossibility. This spell is on the short list of spells that could legitimately qualify as ultimates on a champion (just up the damage), along with such stalwarts as Feral Scream, Crystallize, Event Horizon, etc.
    It typically (though admittedly not always) has the lowest cooldown of all our line roots, due Zyra's passive CDR from W.