Community! Riot challenges you to a best of 3 showdown, hosted by PentaCast!

  • SUMMONERS, Rioters are challenging YOU, the Community, to a best of 3 match-up for PentaCast Productions' Riot vs Community Game Night.

    Are you strong enough to defend Community's honor?

    Join us tonight at 8PST/11EST and find out!

    Answer this Raffle to qualify to play:

    Note: When you answer the raffle, [it doesn't have to be the correct answer, that's just for fun!] we take the list of people and randomize them using before the first game. Once that's finished a Rioter will invite you, going down the list numerically. If you are in a game or unable to accept, we'll try to invite you once more in the next game [if applicable] but try to be watching the stream and be free to accept!

    Watch, follow, and participate in the stream here:

    Rules and restrictions here:

    Do not let this challenge go unheeded, Summoners. Go, fight, win!
  • Looking forward to tonight! Should be fun
  • This thread is relevant to my interest. I'll see you all in a bit!

    What's the game order for tonight, by the way?