Harrassed in game by Riot employee...

  • I just played a game with (xyz) and from about 10minutes into the game onward this player(riot staff) harassed me consistantly... I mean its whatever people get mad but the worst part was it encouraged everyone else in the game to single me out and it affected their gameplay as well as mine...

    So im asking a Riot employee to please look at the chat logs to my most recent game with (xyz) and really take a good look at who's representing the community. I mean doing tribunal cases ive seen people banned for saying like 2 negative things but 30 minutes of being flammed should just not happen from anyone to anyone else.

    Everyone keeps asking for pics or whatever, but i only have the lolreplay. if yall know if i can get the chat logs from there please let me know how.
    --it did happen and thats why i asked riot to look at the chat logs cause idk how to get them.

    This is the post game: here you can see the type of attitude he had with me(although he didnt harass here)

    EDIT ::: Removed names and links.
  • We'll investigate this in the morning. I've removed the names and links in the original post for now because of forum policies.