@Riot - Can we get some Answers about the Ahri Situation?

  • Hey Riot,

    I've been thinking about this for awhile, and while I know there are plenty of reasons for what is done to every Champion in regards to Nerfs and Buffs, and there are plenty of champions that need attention...

    ...but I feel as though you've neglected Ahri in the past few months.

    To clarify, I do not own Ahri, nor have been her biggest fan over the course of her activity in the League. As an objective outsider, however, I feel as though she has been an incredibly overlooked champion since the rampage of nerfs, since Championship teams made good use of her in Season 2.

    When Ahri was created, she was built (as far as I know) with the intention of being a high-mobility skirmisher, who could take the occasional hit while dishing some nice burst and using her ultimate to move around.

    However, since then she's had Cooldown Increases, Intervals inserted between Ultimate Charges, Mana Cost Increases, and multiple Damage reductions to multiple skills. Not once has she been rebuffed in any significant way, and each nerf carved a chunk of players from her fan-base.

    Today, I play League once or twice a day on Average, and in 3 months at least I have yet to see an Ahri enter PvP. The occasional person I do see playing is (by their own account) either an old standby or a Summoner very new to the champion.

    This troubles me, as most other champions see a fairly average amount of play. Why not Ahri? Though I hesitate to use the phrase "She's underpowered." so rashly, it really seems like the lack of Ahri players in Normal and Normal Draft games might be telling us something about her. I won't draw conclusions until I hear from you, but I'm curious.

    As you guys have been pretty silent on the matter for a long time now, I thought I'd ask. What's up with Ahri these days? How do you see her in her current state?

    ALSO, Fellow Summoners - How do YOU see Ahri? Is she still a solid pick on Summoner's Rift?

    TL;DR - I'm afraid that Ahri might have been left in an Underpowered state. What up wit dat?
  • I'm by no means an expert on the situation, but based on my extremely casual analysis of the situation:

    She's currently the 50th most commonly played champion (appears in about 7% of games on NA) out of 110 champs (if my math serves me correctly)
    She currently has a 50% win rate on NA.

    Source: lolking.net (http://www.lolking.net/champions/)

    That to me doesn't seem UP or OP at all. But again, I don't have much context other than I hate playing against her (stupid charm).