What are good ways to build Nocturne?

  • I'm not exactly sure how you can build him. The one item I always get on him is Ghostblade (It seems like a must). But after getting ghostblade with Frozen Mallet or Warmogs and boots (I go mercs most of the time and only go berserker's greaves if the enemy has low cc, which is rare) I get sort of lost. I tried building the rest of the recommend items on him(except for Randuin's Omen because I'm not sure if its good on him.)

    Would really help if you can give out information about any other good items, good combinations, or a good order to buy the items.
  • Depending on your Elo (mine is bronze 2) try machete, zerk greaves, black cleaver, frozen mallet, anything you want, because you're probably winning now, and in "dive the ADC and win" mode. You will probably want a sustain item after those, so maybe hydra or BOTK. If you aren't dominating the ADC by now, build a randuin's.

    Good luck!
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    ^ I like this idea. I will also talk with the forum guys to see if your browser can go black for a second when you see one of my posts.

    Thank you for the suggestion!