Losing Ribbons?

  • First of all I would like to say hello to everyone in the forums. I have met some cool people and hope to meet some more later on (:

    Ok so my question is, Is it possible to lose ribbons?
    I had a "Great Leader" ribbon for about 3 weeks (Yellow band on Character picture)
    About 5 days ago, A player and his friends told me that I sucked during one game, and that I was the reason they lost, and they all reported me. I logged on today, And now my ribbon is gone. Was that because of them? And the scarier part is, can any random player just dislike you, report you, and get you banned for no reason???

    An answer would be much appreciated, Thanks!

  • On the plus side. The system is designed as such: If your ribbon goes away because you did not continue to earn enough honor to maintain it then you don't go back to zero. It will be much easier to re-earn the second time around.

    Best of luck to you!