Learning to RECEIVE a gank!

  • I really am at my wits end ( pun intended ) with all these people I come across that dont grasp the concept of preparing for a gank.
    Either you have to prepare for a defensive gank ( against you ) or an offensive gank ( for you ). In both cases you need to first have knowledge of the gank coming ( eg. pings from team-mates or wards).

    The whole ganking business is highly psychological.
    Heres a small list of things to consider;

    1)Always hide your immediate intentions and the potential of what you have at your disposal.
    2) Playing overly passively in lane makes any aggressive posturing a tell to your enemies.
    3) Taking pot shots to your health is a good method to maintain enemy interest. It also causes false assumptions to be made of your caliber of play making you an "easy" target.
    4) If you have a friendly in a bush, pretend like you are afraid of it.
    5) Use player behavior to pinpoint where exactly a ward is located.
    6) Allow your counterpart to move into position prior to making a move. Maintain a neutral range where it is neither aggressive or defensive.
    7) Trading blows prior to a gank increases the chance of success.
    8) On the defensive end of a gank, stay at a range where you can ensure your safety WITHOUT making the knowledge of your awareness to obvious. A jungler rotting away in a bush trying to gank is much better for you and your team then having him realise you know and then run back in the jungle.

    These are just some of the important things I have picked up over my 1.5k+ games played in LoL. I am no expert but it is definately worth considering if you are new and looking to expand upon your game.
    I also highly recommend playing a jungler role to some extent as it will teach you alot about how ganking works.

    Regardless.... best of luck! =)
  • These are some great pointers.