If the game goes on for 72 hours, the Caster Minions will be stronger than the Heroes

  • http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Caster_Minion

    Minions have increased stats over time.

    Minion caster starts with 280 HP and 25 AD.
    Every hour, caster minion gains 300 HP, 40 AD, 25 Armor, and 40 MR.

    After 3 days of gaming. The caster will have:
    HP: 21880
    AD: 3160
    Armor: 1800
    MR: 2880

    Who is your god now?
  • ... this sounds like a new game mode.
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    In Rise of Minions, Minions CS you.
    Hahaha, sadly, it would get pretty boring being last hit by minions all day.