Is there any reason to not buy Augment: Death on Viktor?

  • the other options are ****
  • Scarizard plays solo top "bruiser" Viktor and rushes the Q augment. With max CDR I think you have literally 100% movement speed uptime.

    Being a kite machine is pretty powerful.
  • As someone said previously, Q augment + Furor = Hyper Drive. Pretty powerful.

    The key to playing Bruiser Viktor is hitting the 40% CDR cap alongside that augment as fast as possible, giving you 100% uptime on both your shield and movement speed boosts (both the shield and MS last for 3s, and CDR makes you Q exactly 3s) making it really easy to deal a ton of damage in a fight and keep up with your Chaos Storm. Run Hybrid Penetration runes and get used to auto-attacking your opponent!

    As a top laner, Viktor has a surprisingly good kit once you get used to it - admittedly the pushing is awful (i don't max out my Laser often, but even then the mana->damage ratio is pretty meh without Death Augment), but you have Q to either trade blows with everything from Spear Shot to Elise's Neurotoxin, or on the offensive auto->Q->Auto gets a good bit of harass toplane while proactively absorbing minion damage. Gravity Field is amazing when the big bruisermen use their gap closers - Jayce trying to combo you? Xin's charge being audacious? J4 tryna hookshot? A quick reactive W-Q not only stuns them, but mitigates incoming damage - allowing you to Power Transfer again as they leave, making you King of Trades. If they're low enough when they enter the Gravity Field, you can also drop a Chaos Storm on them and begin to all-in, as your Q MS boost is enough to keep up with them (especially since they just burned their gapcloser into your field). I've beaten all kinds of different characters toplane, but my biggest stomps were vs Rumble, Jarvan IV, and Jayce (Harrow approved Lore Battle!)

    We've been running it in Ranked 5's on a team with Jatt, Shanzilla and ManWolfAxeBoss tentatively called 'Chaos Dunk' - Jarvan or some other mass disable locks them all down, and then the Glorious Evolution begins. 9-2 in ranked so far with it.
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    Originally Posted by Fisherman Fizz View Post
    What rune/mastery setup (besides the hybrid pen marks) would you use for it?
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    Originally Posted by Saeder View Post
    Scarizard, what is your normal build for this, and when he was free i felt the same way about him, thinking he would be a better top then mid, what cdr items do you normally get?
    I usually go 9/21/0. with Hybrid pen red, armor y, MS quints, and cdr or ap blues.

    My normal build varies quite a bit, but i usually start fae charm + 4 hp + 2 mp + ward, turning it into a chalice if i'm vs magic damage, or Seeker's Armguard vs bruisers. I try to feel out when to upgrade the augment, usually getting it as my 2nd-3rd big item. Morellonomicon is almost always in my build, since 20% CDR is pretty amazing and the passive is great for letting chaos storm finish off my targets. After that i just try to adapt the to the game and what my team needs - Grail, Will of the Ancients, Liandry's/Rylai's, Sorc boots (with Furor), and Abyssal Scepter all find their way into my builds most games. Lichbane's also pretty awesome!