Autobuying Items when opening shop

  • Hello Riot,

    I've submitted a ticket via support and was suggested to post in these forums.

    Basically, the last highlighted item that was selected in the shop, either by opening the shop during recall or after buying an item and leaving an item selected (e.g wards or red pots), is automatically bought when champion is in range of shop and the shop is opened.

    I haven't managed to reproduce this bug constantly (its random), but it IS A PAIN, especially during ranked games when I've recalled with a very specific amount of money and have to sell the wrong item bought.. I typically try and avoid this bug by opening my shop window during recall and just NOT closing it, or purposefully selecting the item I want to buy before I enter shop range.

    None of my friends have had this bug happen to them, but it happens to me at least once per game (sometimes multiple times). I've had this bug also happen during my first buy, in the early moments of the game.

    I've attached my Dxdiag file below.
  • I'm a bit lost on how this happens. Correct me if this is wrong:

    1. have XXX amount of gold while sitting in lane
    2. press b
    3. press p (open shop)
    4. select an item with left click that you have enough money to buy
    5. after recall finishes notice that you automatically purchase the selected item.

    Is that correct? or do you need to close the shop before recall finishes, but while the item is selected?
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    since right click now will buy an item, is it possible that since you're using middle click to open the shop, you happen to also right click at the same time & purchase the item that you're pointer is hovering over which happens to be what you last looked at? Just a thought but I rarely use my middle button (scroll button) in games because I often hit another mouse button in the process.
    That was my thought. TricKySmiLes, if you could try using another key binding to open the shop (p or something else on your keyboard) to see if this still happens it would help clarify what is happening.