[Game][Minor] Annie's "skip" animation has a delay

  • I played two games - one with Red Riding Annie and the other with the FrankenTibbers skin. In both games, Annie's usual movement animation (which resembles her skipping along) had a stutter-like delay. When the animation reaches the end of its loop point, Annie's model still moves forward, but has no animation attached. The delay/freeze occurs for less than a second, but it happens as frequent as she saunters (every 1-2 seconds, in other words).

    I haven't bothered to play any other games with other Annie skins, for the record.
  • Salutations! Thank you for your report.

    Just looking for a little more information here. Is this issue still occurring? Does the run look otherwise normal when compared to the run on live?
  • I'm not sure if you guys understand the gravity of the situation...

    We're aware of the spacey-ness. We're making tweaks to the run, so this error might be due to an unfinished version hitting you guys. Or another issue. That's why I'm curious if it's still happening for you or not- I'm not seeing it.
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    Did you just make a...gravitational pun?
    I didn't planet that way, it just happened.

    I'll let you guys know when the new run is in, so you can keep a solid eye out for it!