This daily maintenence ...

  • well this is the secound totally won game riot messed me here, i play ranked with a friend and win bot lane so hard and then the server goes down, secound time-this week!

    so my question is if you really need to get down the PBE every day, its so anoying

    or maybe give better informations when and why its going down, there are no information what you are doing everytime its down so pls...
  • So I'd like to direct you to this link here

    We do daily maintenance on the PBE because we need to deploy the latest content before we ship live. I know it can be frustrating but try to understand this is a test server, and we use it for that purpose.
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    so many downvotes, nice community
    and phage dat link you have me, lol bro you serius? its from like 3 weeks ago
    and has never been changed a **** ;D
    and what about the information what going on? maybe we wanna know what we are testing here...

    Why would that link change? We deploy to the PBE every day, its a sticky post, a reminder that going forward this is the expected behavior for PBE. It's three weeks old because we posted it .... 3 weeks ago.

    As far as info goes, after the initial push ,new champ,skin, feature etc, we iterate and deploy code changes, bug fixes art when its ready, essentially everything needed to prepare for a live deploy.