Please I need urgent help @Riot

  • Since a few days i bought a new graphic card ( ATI HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 ) and it works perfectly on my computer but not in league of legends... Sometimes the screen in a second appears broken and i cant play properly . Here there are some photos I posted. I keep losing games due to this problem and i would like to know if someone knows what thing i can do. The problem is only in LoL , and this is one of the reasons why i think it is an in-game problem not being compatible with this graphic card. I would really appreciate any kind of help !
  • Please send a ticket to player support. They may be able to help you.

    Also, have you tried taking in game screen shots with the F12 key?
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    where the F12 screencaps are saved?
    In the Screenshots sub-directory of the directory where you installed League of Legends. If you installed to the default location, on Windows, that would be c:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Screenshots.