Sedrel, The Tainted Paragon

  • Sedrel's role will be explained a bit later after the explanation of her mechanics.
    EDIT: I am currently reworking the kit to make it easier to present.
    Edit 13/03/2013: Added reworked Lore.
    Edit:15/03/2012: Added the amazing sketch from MaTTcom


    The discovery of the Shadow Isles grabbed the attention of many archaeologists, all willing to search the Isles for treasures, and learn more about them. After the establishment of the Twisted Treeline, archaeologists of all corners of Runeterra wanted to explore the island. One of the most important finds was made by a notorious noble family from Demacia. They found a way to open a small temple and they proceeded to excavate everything from it. Within the temple, they also found what looked like a shrine with a small sphere resting on an altar; the glow from the stone captivated the archaeologists. Wary of the properties of such an unusual artefact, they stored it carefully for transportation, intending to research it in a controlled environment. Afterwards, the family hosted an exhibition at their manor, where all the other artifacts they unearthed were shown. Some were sold and some were sent to museums.

    Against the suggestions of the archaeologists who had not yet had opportunity to investigate the artefact, the sphere was revealed as the centrepiece of the exhibition, and the glow was abnormally bigger than when it was found on the Shadow Isles. People started making theories about the origin and purpose of the stone. According to some, it would fit the description of the cursed ''Demonstone of Xelnath''.

    They took it off the main exhibition as guests started manifesting their concerns about the so called ''curse''. It was brought into the family vault by the daughter of the family, Sedrel. A rare stone with a curse could only fuel Sedrel's interest toward the artefact. Archaeology ran through the family for generations and Sedrel wanted to make her mark. No longer able to resist the temptation to get a better look at the sphere now that she had the chance, Sedrel unlocked the box in which it had been stored, taking the orb into her hands. As she did, something shifted beneath the surface of the Demonstone, and the glow that had been subtly intensifying while the stone was in her grasp brightened all at once. Pain seared across her palms as the stone began to melt, but rather than drip to the floor as liquid should, it begin to slither up her arms, covering them. This was the last thing Sedrel remembered before collapsing unconscious to the ground.

    A voice that she did not know told her to wake up; it was time for them to leave. As she opened her eyes, she understood she was in a hospital and that she was restrained to her bed. The voice kept rushing her to get up and leave, but the room was empty. She fought and broke her bindings, only to discover that her hands and arms were no longer human. She got up and her thoughts were interrupted by people walking in the hall. Sedrel overheard them talking, but could only understand some parts.

    ‘’… should be ready for the firsts tests as soon as she wakes up. We still don’t know what she is capable of, yet. Her arms freak me out too…’’

    The voice kept talking to her, pressing her to leave this place. She looked around again to confirm the room is empty. She grabbed what she recognized as a Demacian Military uniform that was hanging by the desk, unable to consider the implications for the moment and examined herself in a mirror on the wall.

    What she saw was not totally her reflection, but a ghostly figure was covering hers in the glass; looking at her, smiling. Horrified, she understood where the voice was coming from; that there was something else inside her. She started panicking and stumbled back, nearly tripping over the discarded hospital gown, making enough noise to wake the guard that was posted outside her room's door. The soldier quickly opened the door, pulled out his weapons and began approaching Sedrel. He looked around to see what she was up to and his eyes stopped on the mirror. He froze in fear, unable to understand what he was seeing.

    She acted against her own will and attacked the solider. A giant ghost-like hand appeared as an extension of her arm and went through the guard... Only to rip the poor man's soul out of his body.

    She pulled the soul toward her and her smile was the same as the one in the mirror earlier. Sedrel was aware of everything that happened, but could not fight against it. The soul of the poor man consumed itself, letting out an otherworldly scream.
    Sedrel decided to run away, seek cover somewhere with people that would help her instead of using her. Later, she explained everything to the League and was admitted.

    ''I don't want to turn into a killing machine; I need to control these powers.'' She said to herself.

    'Yes, you are in control... For now.''


    The intention with Sedrel is to give the player a chance to see her story while being in game. Most of the champions will join the League with mostly their story done, but this is not the case with her. Players will be able to play the story and change it by making choices during the game.

    These choices will influence also how she looks, talks and most importantly, how she plays. The design behind her will allow a customization of her kit depending on what she/the team needs.

    The player will have control of a person struggling to keep control of her body against a powerful spirit trying to take over. Sedrel can talk to the spirit, but the spirit cannot talk aloud unless using Sedrel's body. So, most of the time, she will talk aloud, but the reply will only be heard by the Player.

    She is forced to use her powers to survive, but also tricked by the Spirit to use them even more. She will show a constant struggle to keep control, which may or may not happen. The choice is entirely up to the player. The goal here is to show a champion with an internal conflict. This is where the choices mentioned earlier come into play:

    When Sedrel hit level 6, 11 and 16 respectively, she gets an ultimate skill point. The player can give the skill point to either Sedrel (By hitting the red box on the first picture) or the Spirit (By selecting the green box on the first picture). This affect the ability picked afterwards. Giving a point to either of them will allow the player to select an ability to upgrade.

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    Basic Q can be upgraded into only ONE of the followings:

    -Can be cast a second time. (Only if the player gave the ultimate skill point to Sedrel.)

    -Deals an AoE damage and pulls the enemies toward Sedrel at the end of the cast. (Only if the player gave the ultimate skill point to the Spirit.)


    Depending on how the player decides to build her, she can be an assassin/bruiser or a tank.

    Every ability has an option for damage or utility (with reduced damage)

    Every ability, can be upgraded in 2 ways. This will allow Sedrel to be build like the player wants. Also, as the champion progresses in levels and gives more points in the ultimate, Sedrel's appearance will change. If she can harness that power, it will look more controlled/focused. As opposed to, if she cannot restrain it, it will take her over and corrupt her completely, but it won't kill her. She will still fight it, but in a weaker/slumbering state.


    Sedrel can summon weapons from the spirit realm. While having a greenish ghost color, their shape is still clear. Every ability summon a different weapon.

    Due to this being a draft version of the kit, no mathematical values has been put in. Everything is subject to change and will probably change soon.

    Death's Arsenal: Triggering abilities will materialize different weapons. Each ''Stance'' will give Sedrel different buffs and bonus.

    Rapiers (Q): Attack speed buff
    Scythe (W): On hit HP regen
    Fists (E): Movement speed with slight armor buffs. (To give a bruiser kind of feel)

    Ability 1: Q

    Apparitions (Twin Rapiers): Upon activation, Sedrel dashes and slashes all enemies in a straight line.

    Upgrading this ability in favor of Sedrel will remove the damage drop off of the ability.

    Upgrading this ability in favor of the Spirit will make Sedrel jump and deal AoE damage to a target area.

    Ability 2: W

    Soul Ripper (Scythe): Sedrel cleaves an area in front of her, dealing physical damage.

    Upgrading this ability in favor of Sedrel will make Sedrel do a complete circle, reducing armor of all enemies hit.

    Upgrading this ability in favor of the Spirit will strike enemies in front of her with HP % damage. (Scales with AP)

    Ability 3: E
    Death Grip. (Fists): Sedrel uses spectral hands to hit a target's soul, causing them to be slowed and healing her for a % of the damage.

    Upgrading this ability in favor of Sedrel will stun the target that has been selected.

    Upgrading this ability in favor of the Spirit will hit with both hands, slowing a much larger area.

    Ultimate: R

    Every point spent in the ultimate ability grants another one that can be used to upgrade an ability depending on which ultimate option has been choosed.

    ACTIVE: The avatar of the spirit possessing Sedrel materialise to enhance her combat. It's apparition deals an outburst of energy around her.

    Upgrading this ability in favor of Sedrel will make the damage higher.

    Upgrading this ability in favor of the Spirit will hit with a bigger radius.

    The Avatar lingers for X seconds as Sedrel gains bonus Stats. Each hit will apply a small and short MS bonus.

    The ability upgrade picked by the player will replace the weapon's color as shown on this mock up.

    Click image for larger version

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    While I am trying to figure out this resizing thing, I will drop link to the picture for the moment.

    Uracle's drawing

    Quotes :

    Upon Champion Selection: ''No more running away now. (Spirit): WE FIGHT NOW! HAHA-HA''

    Leaving the Fountain at level 1:
    -''(Spirit): LET'S GO CHECK BARON!''
    -''(Spirit): You had ALL that money and you bought that?''


    Switching Weapons:
    - Q: ''One in each hand!''
    - ''Two Swords, Twice the fun.''
    - W: ''Sliced and Diced!''
    - ''Watch your head.''
    - E: ''Hammer Time!''
    - ''Here comes the pain!''

    - ''Empty shells.''
    - ''Not a chance.''
    - ''This might sting a little.''
    - ''I will reap their soul.''
    - ''Watch this.''

    - ''What is going on here?''
    - ''My spirit is not lost... yet.''
    - ''What am I becoming?''
    - ''I can still win."
    - ''I never asked for this.''
    - ''I'm listening."

    Joke : - ''Look at me! I am a scary ghost and stuff! HooooOOOOoooOO *Punches Self* (Spirit: ) I am NOT amused.''

    - ''Ugh... I guess I won't be breaking my nails anymore.''

    Taunt :
    - ''What's with that face? You look like you just seen a ghost.''
    - ''Even possessed, I can still take you down.''

    - ''No mercy''
    - ''The Ghosts you chase, you never catched.''
    - ''Face Death.''
    - ''Destroy them all.''
    - ''Boo!''

    Activating ultimate:
    - ''This is not going to be pretty.''
    - ''Bloodbath incoming...''

    Level 6: If Sedrel gets the Skill Point: "(Spirit): What? HOW? You brat, I will end you."

    If the Spirit gets the Skill Point: "(Sedrel): This is harder than I thought."

    Level 11: If Sedrel gets the Skill Point: "(Spirit): NOOO! She. Cannot. Win."

    If the Spirit gets the Skill Point: "(Sedrel): ugh. must. resist."

    Level 16: If Sedrel has more points. "(Sedrel): Your power is mine to control, now.
    -(Spirit): HAHAHAHHAHAHahahAH You really think this is over?"

    If the Spirit has more points (Model changes): "(Spirit): I am like a kid with a new toy. THIS IS GREAT!
    -(Sedrel): Nooo, I can. still... fight...
    -(Spirit): No, I don't think so."
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