when will Custom item sets be up again?Riot?

  • Its been almost 3 days now. I get your fixing things but for this long now.... Could the community maybe get a heads up or a notification of sorts when they are going to be up again.
  • Custom sets are still usable you just can't edit them in PVP.net

    I believe the plan is to reenable the functionality in the client with the release of 3.8 (potentially sometime later this week). Please note that this is an off the cuff estimate on my part; we've not announced a hard date.
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    Damiya, since you're here, do you know if anyone else has been having trouble connecting to the game and this site? I haven't been able to log in to PvP.Net without thereisnourflevel for days, and the main page on it always shows an error, but I can play the game just fine. Meanwhile, the site always has some "oops, Google Chrome can't find blah blah" message, although it also doesn't work with IE or Firefox. Only works occasionally

    Idk if it's on your end or mine.
    Sounds like DNS issues. I would recommend you file a support ticket over at http://support.leagueoflegends.com/ and one of our Tech Specialists can help you through the diagnostic process