Spirit Guard Udyr will be released a little bit after the patch goes live

  • 6 days later...

  • Hi Myrodriann,

    We’re all jonesing for Spirit Guard Udyr, but as you know patch 3.9 has been a little choppy. We’re still working hard to stomp out bugs and make sure the game’s running at full speed for the weekend, so we aren’t comfortable diverting resources to hotfix SGU at this time.

    The unhappy side effect of this is that we’re stringing you along on the Udyr hype train, and that feels crappy. Sorry. It’s really not the intent – as indicated by a variety of previous posts, we were hoping to get SGU out a bit earlier. We’re currently looking at early next week, and we’ll keep you posted.

    Hope you can understand that we’re prioritizing the overall game experience before we ship new content, even though we know that sucks for those of you that are eagerly awaiting SGU!

    Thanks for your patience and dedication. <3