Great work on the Spirit Guard Udyr skin Riot!

  • The skins team worked really hard on this, thanks for the <3
  • Looking at all the effort and time that went into this really paid off well. I did not see that epic comic coming my way at all, was a very nice surprise. Very creative once again, keep up the good work Riot!

    Edit: Morello you're my first red post evar.
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    Originally Posted by Kindred Blade View Post
    the only complaint i really have with the skin isnt even the skin, its the summoner icon/banner thing.....i like them a lot but personally i would like to have my normal icon but still be able to choose my banner

    not a big deal but something that kinda irks me a little...still amazing skin overall and stuff (Y)
    This is a common request and I've made a note to talk with another of our tech teams to see what we can do. I want to emphasize that it'snot a promise to make it happen, just something iI'd love to see happen.

    Overall the outpouring over the skin and comic has been awesome. I keep sending the peeps involved links to all the feedback and yea; its awesome you guys are enjoying it so much.

    Dat comic took some last minute code surgery and I'm glad we made it happen.

    Enjoy, Dudyrs