AP Carry Tier List

AP Carries: 1) Cassiopeia, 2) Ryze, 3) Morgana, 4) Galio, 5) Ahri, 6) Vladimir, 7) Kennen, 8) Karthus, 9) Rumble, 10) Anivia, 11) Lulu, 12) Twisted Fate, 13) Veigar, 14) LeBlanc, 15) Gragas, 16) Kog'Maw, 17) Fizz, 18) Annie, 19) Viktor, 20) Sion, 21) Xerath, 22) Mordekaiser, 23) Zilean, 24) Orianna, 25) Kassadin, 26) Lux, 27) Ziggs, 28) Akali, 29) Brand, 30) Malzahar, 31) Katarina, 32) Heimerdinger, 33) Swain

The definition of an AP carry:

- These champions are focused around dealing magic damage which is based on "Ability Power" for how much extra damage they'll deal. They focus on casting spells for their damage output versus auto attacking.

- These champions predominantly play middle lane as it's the safest lane to play in game as it's the hardest lane to gank. Often these champions need a lot of farm so they can carry hence them soloing middle lane to get as much farm as possible.

- Some of these champions can also be played top lane but for the most part they will be middle lane.

Don't see a champion listed in the tier list who you consider a good competitive AP carry? It's probably because I don't and other competitive teams don't value them as competitive picks. Want to raise an argument for why a certain champion should be considered for the competitive list just post below and let me know why in a constructive way!

"No one, not even pros, can presume to know everything. Whether they promote or discourage a character is subject to debate at all times. These debates are encouraged in a respectful manner as we're trying to create the best tier lists possible for your enjoyment." Stonewall - Elementz



  • #51 UnleashChaos

    HotshotGG did a very good job with his Swain top in the past tournaments, and in solo queue.

  • #53 ashxu

    Same. Heimer isn't even used in competitive or even mid elo games at all. Swain has been used in tournaments before and people don't mind players that pick him. Picking heimer is usually frowned upon.

  • #49 DesertStorm44

    Swain below Heimerdinger? Seems kind of a rough placement.

  • #48 UnleashChaos

    Why is Swain down at the bottom ? Especially since the latest buffs, he's in a very good place mid. The whole ''ignite'' takes him down is a big big hyperbola, that everyone takes too seriously in my opinion. Then again, I can understand why he's not very high, since he's mostly focused on single-target damage, but so is Malzahar who is generally known as a great laner, but that can't carry a game. Swain can.


    I'd put him before Malzahar.

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  • #46 Incendiaryspade

    Im gold, not the best player ever, but fiddlesticks is an ap carry, and he can mid despite many people's objections, for him not to be on the list is dumb, hes a better carry than heimer, he just requires godlike positioning to do well...

    Last hitting- takes getting used to.

    dark wind massive damage level 1, (one point wonder useless otherwise)
    Crowstorm- massive damage

    Drain massive damage, in lane == sustain if you can position correctly

    Fear, 3 second cc isnt good enough?

    double CC crushes vlad, can beat morg,

    (super mega counters vlad... for that alone(vlad being 5) he should be ON the list.
    just because he was a jungle doesnt mean he has to always be one. his mana sustain is fine in lane 2... dark wind has awesome range if you are being denied... though requires some luck. I cant see why people hate him so much, every game i get hated for picking him, most games i megacarry with him.

    Edit: try fid in one game.... is all i ask. he has many strengths for his squishiness.

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  • #45 Zakaku

    Zilean should be higher imo, he pretty much counters everything with his bombs and ultimate, and did i mention bombs?

  • #43 KieranM17

    People need to read this first. Especially this paragraph:

    "An example.. Katarina is a very low pick because she's countered easily by stuns and interrupts. Now if the enemy team doesn't have a lot of these then Kat becomes a godlike pick because if you can't stop her ulti then she becomes god tier. Is she a bad champion? God no. Is she countered easily though? Hell yes. There's just a time and a place to pick her. That's what I am talking about. How great the "Pick" is, not how strong the champion is."

    You will never be able to make a straight up list of champions without taking into consideration the enemy team comp. If anything, the list seems to be the best "All-rounders" -> "Situationals", which explains why Katarina is so low. Cassio, Ryze and Morg will generally do well against any team, whereas Katarina will dominate a low/no-CC team. 

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  • #42 Altambo

    Brand should have been higher imo.Kassadin is just for facerolling low elo :P

  • #41 twixxhd

    im suprised kassadin isn't higher on this list

  • #35 boyrune4

    LMAO this list a joke.

  • #37 YoureBadd

    Quote from boyrune4 »

    LMAO this list a joke.

    I absolutely agree with this guy.  I can now see why Elementz was kicked off CLG.  Granted you are a "nice" guy but your mechanics, understanding of the game, and overall gameplay are clearly sub-par.  I'm not here to bash you but I honestly think someone who mains support shouldn't write a tier list about AP Mids. I know this is theorycrafting and that this is your opinion but seeing this list makes me wonder if you're trolling and trying to fuck over solo queue so you can increase your own ELO.

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  • #39 TheBirdOfPreyRoG

    both of these comments do not offer any evidence and are also opinions, i think the list could use some tweaking myself sure. But that's MY opinion. i'm not a pro palyer so he has a different viewpoint then i do of the game.

    Him being "kicked" from CLG has NOTHING to do with his tier lists. CLG wanted to grab doublelift. and they dropped Elements to get him and basically traded him with Curse. Curse is still a VERY Competitive team and has beaten CLG on many occasions, Elementz also enjoys team curse. You bringing up the year old issue is diminishing of your arguement

  • #40 YoureBadd

    Why would they want to trade for doublelift if elementz was doing his job properly?  That's right.  They wouldn't have.
    I've seen elementz play on his stream and in tournaments and its obvious to MANY, if not all, that he weighs teams down.  Maybe if he spent more time playing and less time theorycrafting, he'd perform better.
    This list is clearly shit.  Stonewall is up there too with his head up his ass but at least people can agree with his tier lists.
    GL with your shitty support curse.  I won't be reading your response to this post. Bash me all you want, counter what i have said with your high minded sense of morality.  Truth of the matter is, Elementz is NOT a good enough player to be theorycrafting.

  • #44 DJspenserG

    Crs 1-0 Over CLG (Beat CLG in 19 minutes!!)

  • #47 TheBirdOfPreyRoG

    You are a negative essence to this site, i would expect a ban in the coming future if you keep it up

  • #34 Caliax

    If this is for solo queue, than Veigar, Fizz, Rumble, Galio and Vlad are too high.  Veigar honestly needs a good team.  Fizz needs to get into melee range.  Rumble and Vlad are better top.  And Galio needs a team.  I also think that Xerath should be higher.  Yes, he's hard but he's also very strong.  Not Cassio strong in terms of faceroll carry, but still very powerful.

    For draft, I would say Xerath is a top 5 pick just because pros know how to use him.  I would definitely take him over Galio or Ahri.

  • #38 legendworking

    Its a list of Ap carries, it has nothing to with what lane they are "best" in.

  • #33 Girnt

    Here's what I would change:

    I put Kennen a bit higher because, unlike say Galio, his ult can't be canceled by a well timed stun/cc, and the continual damage over time is gaurenteed, wheras Galio's can be a bit of toss up.

    Fizz is too high, he lacks a lot of teamfight presence, and because his skills force him to go melee range, he exposes himself a lot to the enemy, so he can be easy to pick off. His only strength in teamfights is his ult, he brings very little else.

    Viktor is too high. He packs a lot of raw damage, but his use in teamfights is pretty bad because of his short range, and he generally doesn't build very tanky, so he get gibbed quickly.

    Sion is too high. His one strength is his early game, but his teamfight is pretty bad because he's useless after using his two spells (if he can even get his shield off).

    Kassadin should be a little bit higher. Even though he suffers the problem of being melee, he brings a lot of cc to teamfights, and his mobility makes him a strong pick.

    Swain is wayyyyy too low. He is a strong counter too a lot of melee top laners, has a snare, and is naturally very durable because of his ultimate, making him a strong sustained damage dealer in teamfights. The amplifcation on his E and the slow also make him quite strong. He definitely should not be last.

    I think Brand should be a little bit higher. He brings a lot of raw damage in team fights because of his ult, and his laning is strong. Definitely not a top pick, but should be a bit higher.

    Also, as other people have said, if lulu made it on the Tier list, Soraka should be on here too. Also, why isn't Nidalee on here? AP Nidalee is really strong in poke teams (i.e. CLG's poke comp) with her spears.

  • #32 Wilbuns

    I HATE where hiemdinger is on this list, he has less counters than rumble, and if he is fed SLIGHTLY he has  an amazing mid game. And as most people know when a hiemer has a good mid game, he doesnt have a late game. I have seen maybe 1 person who has ever played hiemer the correct ap carry way. It just makes me mad that just because people dont know how to play this amzing champion he is ranked second to last

  • #31 Pistallion


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