AD Carry Tier List - May 28th

AD Carries: 

Tier 1: Kog'Maw, Corki, Ashe, Graves , Urgot,

Tier 2: Vayne, Sivir, Ezreal, Caitlyn,

Tier 3: Tristana, Varus, Miss Fortune, Kayle, Kennen

Tier 4: Twisted Fate, Twitch


Varus has been placed into tier 3- I believe Varus to have a very strong laning phase but doesn't scale very well into late game and I feel a lot of competitive AD carries need to do that. Now you might say Ashe doesn't either and you'd be right but I feel her utility is just so strong with that global arrow and the ability to kite for herself that she outshines Varus completely. He's got some good burst, some decent poke, and his CC ain't half bad, but I feel he's just alright overall.

Definition of AD Carries:

- These champions are based off auto attacking. They deal the vast majority of their damage through their basic attacks.

- These champions are found in the bottom lane for the most part but sometimes a Bruiser and the AD / Support will swap top and bottom lane to give the other team some confusion and this is often done to counter a strong enemy bruiser.

- Support champions often accompany AD carries to help them farm and protect them.

Don't see a champion listed in the tier list who you consider a good competitive AD Carry? It's probably because I don't and other competitive teams don't value them as competitive picks. Want to raise an argument for why a certain champion should be considered for the competitive list just post below and let me know why in a constructive way!

"No one, not even pros, can presume to know everything. Whether they promote or discourage a character is subject to debate at all times. These debates are encouraged in a respectful manner as we're trying to create the best tier lists possible for your enjoyment." Stonewall - Elementz



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