AD Carry Tier List - MLG, GESL, and DH Update - June 20th

AD Carries: 

Tier 1: Graves, Urgot, Kog'Maw, Corki, Ashe,

Tier 2: Vayne, Tristana, Sivir, Ezreal,

Tier 3Miss FortuneCaitlyn, Kayle, Draven, Varus, Kennen

Tier 4: Twisted Fate, Twitch

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Graves moved up in tier 1 -So now I know he's in front of Urgot and all these EU people going to get those panties all up in a twist over it but guess what.. IT'S MY OPINION SO SHUTTY! Lol j/k but I do believe Graves to be a better overall pick then Urgot because of his kit. There's no such thing as a "weak" Graves lane. Any support goes great with him and that can't be said about Urgot. Granted Urgot is extremely strong in his own right but I feel he's just a tiny bit more situational then Graves is. Also Urgot requires you to land your E + Q's to be successful where as Graves just presses E, auto's you incredibly fast, then drops a KO combo with his Q + R combo for a bazillion damage ,and yes that's a real number ;) Any who I feel Graves not only has a great kit that flows with everyone and every single team comp out there but there's one ability that's actually incredibly good for competitive play. Smokescreen his W ability. If you use this on an enemy carry in a team fight it's like they have their own personal Nocturne ultimate on their face that lasts a few seconds even when you exit the ability. I find this single ability to be what truly makes Graves so powerful. It's that damage output combined with the mini Noc ultimate that makes fighting him so very dangerous.

He's just so universally good I don't think any AD flows as well as he does from laning phase, mid game, late game, to team fighting. Not to mention that Graves > Urgot in lane because he just pushes him in all day and doesn't allow him to farm that well and his Dashes away from every Urgot E because it's on such a short CD as long as you're auto attacking.

Urgot moved up in tier 1 - Well I did talk a lot about Urgot ^ right here so yeah.. Any who Urgot has been proving himself deemed "OP" by many professional players and teams due to his overall strength. If you manage to land a E on someone they're going to get chunked for some serious DPS. Pro players being pro and all generally land these more then they miss them. That's not what the worst part of Urgot is. It's his level 6 strength. At level 6 Urgot is a tank and an AD carry all in one and he will swap you and pretty much crush you with ease. Look at MLG when Aphromoo 2v1'ed as Urgot vs Ashe Janna I believe and just swapped and killed with Ashe really having no way of surviving the damage. Urgot prays on the squishes and the ones with no escapes and that's what makes him so deadly. His downfall is his mid into late game transition where he starts to fall off and become more of a utility AD carry then a true DPS monster like Graves, Corki, or Kog'Maw for instance.

Tristana moved up to tier 2 - The more I see Tristana the more I become of fan of her. I feel I had her too low for what she can do and what's shes capable of. Late game 6 Item Trist is VERY scary and her early game laning phase is one of the best out of any AD carry. Her issue is the transition from early into mid, then into late. I feel her Mid game doesn't offer much other than being able to auto attack things and her offensive utility is now halted as if she jumps on anyone when there's others around she'll be quickly focused down. Now don't get me wrong I know the W jump resets when she get's a kill but it's still incredibly dangerous to do and it's a risk when you jump offensively as soon as the early games over. So I feel her utility goes down a lot until she gets enough items where her superior range, attack speed, and ability to peel for herself really start to shine. So that's why I feel she's a great tier 2 champion.

Caitlyn moved down to tier 3 - I dunno.. She's still okay but I really don't feel she's superior to any AD carry other than for poke comps. When I look at this list I just feel she should be lower as she's to me clearly not as good as some of the others on this list.

Varus moved down in tier 3 - Placed him a bit too high I think. He's got great CC n all but after playing about 15 or so games with Crs Cop and me playing Support I think we've began to understand that Varus is just okay, he most likely has a place in competitive play but won't be sought after that much so I think a little lower in tier 3 makes sense.

Draven has been placed into tier 3 - So after playing him and watching others play him I think his laning phase is SUPER strong. In fact I think his damage output early on is kinda OP. Then as the game progresses though he just goes so hard to manage.. Keeping up with the Q's and trying to catch them, and just his overall utility out of the laning phase isn't that great. After talking to Chaox from TSM and Crs Cop about it they both said he's a strong laner but becomes too much to manage where as other AD carries can provide more with a lot less effort.

Definition of AD Carries:

- These champions are based off auto attacking. They deal the vast majority of their damage through their basic attacks.

- These champions are found in the bottom lane for the most part but sometimes a Bruiser and the AD / Support will swap top and bottom lane to give the other team some confusion and this is often done to counter a strong enemy bruiser.

- Support champions often accompany AD carries to help them farm and protect them.

Don't see a champion listed in the tier list who you consider a good competitive AD Carry? It's probably because I don't and other competitive teams don't value them as competitive picks. Want to raise an argument for why a certain champion should be considered for the competitive list just post below and let me know why in a constructive way!

"No one, not even pros, can presume to know everything. Whether they promote or discourage a character is subject to debate at all times. These debates are encouraged in a respectful manner as we're trying to create the best tier lists possible for your enjoyment." Stonewall - Elementz

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  • #23 PotatoFrenzy

    Nvm what I said after those Corki nerfs he may no longer be tier 1 material. Hextech shrapnel doesn't scale off crits anymore so they've nerfed his early as well as his late game.

  • #22 PotatoFrenzy

    I always pick Corki whenever I see a Graves. There's one minor difference I take note of when laning vs Graves with Corki. Trade offs usually start with their Qs followed by auto attack OR a quick autoattack before an instant Q. The little thing I noticed was Graves Q takes a little longer to recharge or refresh before he could move again while Corkis Q is just about instant and can probably land 2 AA by autoattack -> Q -> autoattack and I've played against graves with supports of all kinds and usually win my lane. The point I'm trying to make is that if Corki can match up with Graves, then he doesn't deserve to be behind and urgot. Actually Corki has a better chance vs Urgot than Graves. The friggin' longest jump on a carry and lvl 6 poke.

  • #21 xJitsu

    Question, is this competitive tier list, like ranked based? or? 

  • #18 Rozol

    Agreed with Urgot and Graves as top 2 AD carries in the game. 

    I've seen a lot of people put Urgot top and take another AD carry bot since Urgot usually builds some AD and a lot of tanky items (BT + Brutalizer + Manamune -> tank items).  His ult is what makes him, the rest of his kit doesn't.  His initiation is just too good.  You can't get close cause he just swaps out your AD carry and your ADC is forced to flash or die in team battles.  He does the same with APC as well.  I kind of still disagree with Twitch being the absolute worst AD carry in the game.  Overall his stealth and damage is much better than TF or Kennen in the early - mid game.

  • #17 Durflol

    After Balls' and Cop's recent play, inc Ezreal tier 1 and inc Ashe tier 2.

  • #16 AwesomeT07

    Ill never understand people's obsession with urgot I don't care how good his early game is you said it yourself he falls off late game.  No thats the wrong terminology he PLUMMETS INTO AN ABYSS late game absolutely terrible champ his ult got nerfed so if you are gonna tele into their team then your just swapping ad carries because you are most certainly dead too.  Hate him never thought he was good and never will way to high should prob be tier 3 at least

  • #19 Rozol

    That's exactly why players build him into a tanky DPS initiator.  He falls of late game due to his lack of an AS steroid as well as a decent passive AD steroid.  Most of his damage comes from his Q and since most of the time he has spamming his Q, he can't AA.  Build him tanky after getting core items and he just swaps the enemy ADC / APC and wins.  You can't focus Urgot either since he gets like 80 AR / MR from his ult and becomes ridiculously tanky. 

    Tournament games usually don't last more than 40 minutes...usually ends with team kills around 10 or less.

  • #15 rada3

    ezreal up and vayne down in my opinion.

  • #24 MeatGetsFed
    Uh, no. Just no. Vayne is way better than ez. Her single target damage is probably the highest in LoL, plus a stealth and knockback? A fully built Vayne can take any other fully built champ 1v1. Easy. She belongs atop tier 1.
  • #14 nilof

    Am I the only one to find that Twitch is a bit underrated here? While he's somewhat weak in lane if you insist on playing him bot, he undeniably has one of the best lategames with a massive attack speed steroid and an ultimate that makes his autoattacks deal AoE True damage. He brings some good utility too with a massive AoE slow.

    If the enemy team ever picks a weaker lane with a strong lategame, just stick Twitch in that lane, and see him outperform just about anyone as he gets farmed.

  • #20 Rozol

    That's actually true.  I've seen a couple of Twitches go bot lane and outlane Ezreal and even Ashe because of his ability to surprise with Ambush.  The ability to go behind Ezreal and have the first attack on him is amazing and puts him a step up.  I should post replays of some honestly underrated champion right now (TF only has his E as a steroid late game although his W scales off of AD). 

    Good thing stealth rework is coming.  Twitch has a really good late game now but after the rework his kit and champion will just be better period.

  • #13 MasakanSolaris

    Tristana upgraded to tier 2 I'll take it.

    She's no tier 1 champ I'll admit but yeah shes sitting pretty in tier 2

  • #12 Kantuti

    Needs gankplank.

  • #10 CaterpillarCake

    gonna say what i said last time:

    are twitch and kayle still considered that low after taking into account running a kill lane bot and putting kayle top or twitch jungle?  or is this a list that wont take that into account?

    kayles top is very good.
    twitchs jungle is very good. 


  • #11 Jesoy

    I think this list is just about the AD Carry role so AD Kayle bot and AD Twitch bot. Although I'd say being viable in other lanes is an advantage for the picks and bans => better in general so some credit for Kennen, Twisted Fate, Kayle and Twitch atm (prly Kog'Maw but I'm not sure if he's still viable mid after the recent nerfs)

    Last edited by Jesoy: 6/21/2012 12:54:22 PM
  • #9 iCursor

    I believe Varus is going to be placed closer to where Ezreal is in tier 2. He's so amazingly strong, that burst is fucking amazing when you stack attack speed on him early.

  • #7 KonstantinosPrime

    Elementz do videos you scumbag!!!!!!!!

  • #6 Yaamahri

    Elementz, i know this is all your opinion, but you are saying Draven is Tier 3 because he can't durdle late game like everyone else??? 


  • #5 santiagorilla

    Wow draven tier 3? Everyone know that any champ that has such a strong early game always translates to a great mid-game/late-game its retarded. Plus side, he deals carry damage EVEN without catching Q's what more if he does, not to mention he has so much mobility? Only downside is, he really takes up a lot of time to practice but then again, there was a time cassio wasnt in the competitive scene cause she was "hard to manage". Sorry if I may seem biased but the way I play him? I dont really LOSE to all those tier 1-2's except Urgot.

  • #4 jessbrox809

    I'm a bit surprised to see Varus so low, considering the utility he brings.

    To illustrate why I think you should perhaps reconsider, I'd ask to compare him to Miss Fortune because both kits are really rather similar.

    Both have the potential to poke harass with Q and while MF's can be more "unpredictable", I'd argue there's really more counterplay (smart positioning) against her Qs vs Varus' Qs. Just my opinion tho.

    Both have AOE slows that are very similar, with Varus having a 5% advantage but MF having more damage. Considering both are primarily utility spells, I'd personally give Varus the advantage here, though it's conceivable that he could need to burn it for the healing reduction, or visa versa, whereas MF doesn't have to make that choice.

    Base stats are fairly similar, MF's being slightly higher but I feel that difference is negated by Varus' higher range.

    Ults are where it gets tricky to compare, MF's is undoubtedly better in a straight 2v2 situation, tho again there is a great deal of counterplay (supports break the channel, positioning, etc.). Varus on the other hand can completely enable a gank with a good ult, netting a potential double kill where MF would have came away empty. Again, it's a toss up but I again lean toward Varus.

    (TLDR) In conclusion, perhaps I'm just weighting their strengths differently than you do, but I personally can't justify an MF pick over a Varus pick and both essentially are built into the same types of team comps I'd think. To me, there are simply more situations where he is better and at your level of play where everyone knows what everyone WANTS to do, he's harder to stop than MF.

    If you find time to reply and explain what separates the two that I'm perhaps undervaluing, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Edit: One other thing, after consideration it occurred to me that perhaps it wasn't that Varus should be higher, but that MF should be lower. Not sure what way would best represent them in reference to the others, though I personally like him more than Draven, Kayle and Cait... Just a thought tho.

    Last edited by jessbrox809: 6/21/2012 2:47:40 AM
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