Bruiser Tier List Update - May 29th


Tier 1Shen, Olaf, UdyrRiven, Lee Sin, Renekton, Galio (no change and reason listed), Jax,

Tier 2Irelia, Nautilus, Nidalee, Cho'Gath, Yorick, Darius, Malphite, ShyvanaSinged, Wukong, Skarner, Gangplank,

Tier 3: Warwick, Jarvan IV, Nocturne, Fizz, Trundle, Nasus, Dr. Mundo, Tryndamere, Talon,

Tier 4Pantheon, Poppy, Blitzcrank, Volibear, Garen

Change Log:

Riven moved up in tier 1 - I feel even in the competitive scene she's stronger then where I had her on my tier list. She's completely annoying in solo queue with the spam dash's and shield and it translates over into competitive play I feel. I had her a bit too low so now I am moving her on up.

Nautilus moved up in tier 2 - I think Nautilus top is pretty good but I am not seeing a lot of competitive teams pick it up yet so I am sort of hesitant on moving him up to tier 1. I like him but I could be just biased in thinking he's better then he really is if no other competitive teams are using him so the top of tier 2 is where he can stay for now.

Gangplank moved down in tier 2 - This champion pretty much is never seen in the competitive scene at all anymore. Makes me kinda sad because I really liked him and I don't think he's as bad as the community can make him out to be. I do feel that a lot of those champions in tier 2 out shine him though so because of that I am moving him down.

Irelia moved up in tier 2 - Had her placed too low. She's still seen a lot of competitive play and has a lot of success still. Simply had her too low.

Malphite moved up in tier 2 - Now I generally HATE Malphite as a champion and I think he's a trash jungler (just imo) but I do feel he is a pretty rock solid top (;3) He's super tanky, got a lot of harass, and setting up ganks with your jungler is very easy with a Malphite in the lane.

Warwick moved down to tier 3 - Now I had him in tier 1 because I felt his lane sustain was great (it is) and his tankyness is awesome (it also is) but there's a big concern about having him top lane that really does lower him down. He can't push his lane very well. He's a single target auto attacker and clearing the wave can take forrrrever sometimes. Yes you can get items like Ionic Spark or Sunfire but even then they don't really fit into WW's build that well. He's not like Shen where he can just AFK in the lane and slow push it in because Warwick doesn't have a global presence and Shen can pop over to any team fight at any time which makes him an excellent split pusher despite not pushing fast. Now Warwick is pretty good in lane but I still feel there are better champions then him for the top lane spot and the added fact that his pushing is really terrible when you're trying to add pressure to a lane. So with all that combined I am moving him down to tier 3.

Darius added to tier 2 - I feel that he's actually not a bad bruiser top lane because of the damage he can dish out early game and the basic "Free kills" as soon as your jungler shows up top lane. His damage out put is CRAZY high and you don't even need to build him super DPS heavy. You can go almost full tank and still dish out a lot of damage, and using your ultimate to finish off anyone who's low. I think he's pretty good so I am playing him into tier 2.

 Question: Why didn't you move Galio down from tier 1 Bruiser Elementz?

 Answer: I don't feel that he isn't a great Bruiser in fact I think he's a great Bruiser. You all assume Bruisers have to go top lane to be viable and that's not the case. Galio's in competitive play a lot of the time build tank and go mid lane so they can have a safer laning phase. They'll throw a Kennen, Vlad, Swain, etc.. Top to be their AP carry while Galio will fulfill the role of the "Tanky DPS" which is exactly what a bruiser is. Yes he can also be played as an AP carry and also goes middle lane but Galio can also take a lot of top lane matches up when being played as a Bruiser. His ability to tank, cc, and dish out damage when built as a tank is still very good so I consider him a bruiser and I think he's definitely tier 1 worthy.

The definition of a bruiser:

- Often a tanky champion who can absorb a lot of punishment but also dish out a lot of damage.

- A champion with high survivability who's also a melee champion. (Nidalee is the exception as she's hybrid)

- Bruisers often solo top as they have high survivability and top lane is the easiest lane to die in. These champions can also be played middle lane or even sent to 2 v 1 bot when running different strategies but predominantly they will be top lane.

- Champions like Wukong, Talon and a few others can be played mid lane and completely counter a lot of enemy AP carries. Bruisers can be played mid from time to time and should be considered when looking at the bruiser tier list.

Don't see a champion listed in the tier list who you consider a good competitive bruiser? It's probably because I don't and other competitive teams don't value them as competitive picks. Want to raise an argument for why a certain champion should be considered for the competitive list just post below and let me know why in a constructive way!

"No one, not even pros, can presume to know everything. Whether they promote or discourage a character is subject to debate at all times. These debates are encouraged in a respectful manner as we're trying to create the best tier lists possible for your enjoyment." Stonewall - Elementz

Hey if you liked the tier list update hook me up with an upvote to help me spread the word! TY!



  • #31 trinachet

    Where is Hecarim? I believe he is a pretty viable top bruiser.

  • #30 Actonito

    Euhh.... Half of those champs or not bruisers. Bruiser are ad and deal a good amount of damage. Well i allways tought so... 

  • #27 Pistallion

    I just realized something, Fiora is not in any of your lists. Forgotten champ who is so good

  • #29 Rotbeard

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Where is she, I'm super crious.

  • #26 NicknameMy

    You forgot T1 Jaren.

  • #25 CaterpillarCake

    Agreeing with other comments that if galio is on this list rumble should really be on it too.

  • #22 nilof

    Why isn't Ryze on this list? Most of the time he builds tankier than Galio does, and feels more bruiserish.

  • #21 McWut

    Elementz, you have to add Teemo. He's the new Nidalee. He can dominate the laning phase against most conventionnal solo tops, being countered by only a few of them. His mid/late game is extremely strong. His lane survivability is very high because he's almost ungankable.

    Building items that give both offense and defense stats (wriggles, phage>frozen mallet, wit's end, hexdrinker>maw, bloodrazor) he becomes both tanky and very damaging. In full build that's over 260 AD damage, lots of magical damage and attack speed, over 2600 HP, 150+ armor/MR. He can also split push all day without getting caught with smart mushrooms and warding. He's ridiculous.

    Last edited by McWut: 6/1/2012 10:30:56 AM
  • #19 SpacianEU

    The only thing I don't understand: I see Nautilus picked almost every second competetive game and you say he almost doesn't get picked at all. Maybe I just watch the wrong games...

  • #20 AdSyzldA

    he means as a top lane champion, naut gets picked a lot in the jungle

  • #16 Zerasad

    Why is Skarner higher than Gangplank? I mean to my knowledge he has never even once been played competitively in the top lane.

    Also why is Volibear so low? I mean he's definetly way better than Blitzcrank. He even saw some competitve play. I just can't seem to get it.

  • #13 MasakanSolaris

    Well at least he doesn't think Darius sucks. That's good.

  • #10 matthew02270

    A question about Shen. I have been playing him pretty a lot now, i see the great benefit of his taunt and ULT. However, I always feel no damage from him at all. Is it the problem of my build? Or Shen himself doesnt deal that much damage compared to other brusiers?

  • #24 dada38

    I'll leave it to my brother to answer, since he's the one that mains Shen.

    The big problem with the new Shen is that it is more beneficial for him to rush tank items and start doing his job right at the start. However the thing is that, by rushing tankiness (specially health), he also gets damage, even through it's minor. 

    You can still rush a damage item through, because if you get one, even through you will delay your tankiness, your damage in 1v1s or even 1v2s will be greater and you can actually get a kill instead of just running away, even if you don't get significantly damaged by fleeing. 

    TL;DR: It's better to get tanky items on Shen, but damage items are also perfectly viable.

  • #9 IrradiatedRaddex

    Since Galio is there, where's Rumble?

  • #8 klvkboom

    To be honest, I think Galio should be in a different tier list than the Bruiser Tier list. You said that he's a bruiser that is often picked to go mid lane, however, even then it contradicts with the idea of "tiers". It's like saying "I'd rather prefer Olaf over Galio" which is NEVER the case, because you would otherwise say "I want Olaf AND Galio". You can't really compare Galio to other common bruisers. Even though you consider Galio a "bruiser" yourself, there is absolutely no comparison to Galio and any other champion on this tier list.

  • #14 JioDerako

    Quote from klvkboom »

    To be honest, I think Galio should be in a different tier list than the Bruiser Tier list. You said that he's a bruiser that is often picked to go mid lane, however, even then it contradicts with the idea of "tiers". It's like saying "I'd rather prefer Olaf over Galio" which is NEVER the case, because you would otherwise say "I want Olaf AND Galio". You can't really compare Galio to other common bruisers. Even though you consider Galio a "bruiser" yourself, there is absolutely no comparison to Galio and any other champion on this tier list.


    I'd like to +1 on this one. Yes, Galio is a bruiser, but it's also hard to compare him to other bruisers when he's taking on a whole seperate lane and matchup.
    That said, I can also see the benefit of keeping them sorted by role; as Elementz just said, Galio is usually mid, but the AP carry role is still on the team, in the form of top-lane Kennen or Vlad or so on. So in that particular case, it does matter how Galio compares to other bruisers, since he is still going to fill that role post-laning phase.

    What it comes down to is, what is the tier list aimed at? Is it comparing how well a champion does, in their role, against others in that role? (i.e., pick viability: is Galio a better bruiser for your team than Nasus is?) Or is it comparing how well a champion does in the laning phase as well as the teamfight phase? (Galio tends to shine here, since he's got an entirely different set of opponents laning, and he's well-equipped to deal with most of them.)

  • #6 xZethos_Macro

    I agree completely with this list, with the Malph jungle, Malph isn't a great jungler and really can only Q gank at pre level 6. Depending on the champ on the lane your ganking, and is pretty squishy at start. He's alot more viable top ,not starting squishy, and needs CS to be effective.

  • #23 dada38

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Malphite is a lot better of a jungle pick and does NOT need CS to be effective. With double gold/10 he gets almost as much gold as if he was laning and also gives the top lane to someone that actually fulfills the role of a bruiser while he becomes a full tank. Take this example: Someone picks Lee Sin and you pick Malphite. Who do you want to have the most farm to get damage and not get behind? I would say Lee. Even through that was a bad example since everybody knows that Lee is better both at jungling and top lane (in most ocassions), you get the point that Malphite is a good top laner, but he fits the meta better in the jungle. Also, Malphite will not try to gank someone if they have escapes because he wants to get to level 6 ASAP, so he focuses on jungle duels and farming, kinda like Shyvana or Mundo, except Malphite has tankiness steroids instead of damage. His early damage is pretty good and such but you have to use it while you still have it, because later on, you fall off (only on damage). Also it is only logical that a rock would be squishy. (sarcasm)

    I'm not much of a pro, but that's just because I finally got a good build/playstyle with him, and soon I'll start doing loads of ranked matches with him and all o' that.

    Last edited by dada38: 6/2/2012 9:22:48 AM
  • #28 SlickCJL

    Where is Kayle?

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