Bruiser Tier List - Update after MLG, GESL, and DH - June 19th

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Tier 1Shen, Malphite, Olaf, UdyrYorick, Jax, Riven, Lee Sin, Renekton

Tier 2IreliaJarvan IV, Nautilus, Wukong, Darius, ShyvanaSinged, Nidalee, Galio, Skarner, Cho'Gath

Tier 3: Warwick, Gangplank, Nocturne, Fizz, Trundle, Nasus, Dr. Mundo, Tryndamere, Talon

Tier 4Pantheon, Poppy, Blitzcrank, Volibear, Garen

Change Log:

Jarvan IV moved up to tier 2 - I believe I had him too low for what he's capable of. He's still a pretty damn good top lane that I underestimated a bit since his nerfs.

Galio moved down to tier 2 -I think some other's are starting to out shine him so I am moving him down to let some others take their place in front of him.

Yorick moved up to tier 1 - You know there was that argument that Yorick can be countered by Trundle (heal passive) and Nasus (free farm with Q) in lane but even then who even picks that stuff in competitive play top lane anymore? And even then how much does it really counter him? I think personally Yorick would still dominate Nasus early laning phase and combined with a gank he could destroy a Nasus. I only see the one true counter to him top which is Trundle because he literally gives him health on every ability making him the ultimate counter to Yorick but EVEN THEN there's a time and a place for a Trundle pick and who says it's always going to be the right match up and who says Yorick won't simply 2v1 you bot lane? I think he's overall still very strong and even with these counters he still crushes almost every lane. I believe him to be tier 1 worthy and I should of never moved him out of tier 1.

Wukong moved up in tier 2 - Monkeys been impressing me in tournament play with what he can do top lane. He's also a counter to a lot of AP's top most noticeably the ever popular Vlad pick, and when fed he dishes out oh so much damage. I feel good in moving him up as a competitive pick.

Gangplank moved down to tier 3 - He's not even on the radar anymore it seems.. No competitive top laner wants him. I've talked to lots of top laners and they all say he's been too nerfed, too weak and granted I am not a top lane playing player when I have seen GP's in solo queue they just seem to be out done by the other current stronger top lanes. I'll have to check more into this but the general consensus of the pro scene right now from the information I've got is that he's not so good anymore. I do however think he's not as bad as people say he is so I am only moving him down to tier 3.

Nidalee moved down in tier 2 - Moving champs around so the tier list looks better is all. I feel she needs to be moved down a bit.

Malphite moved up to tier 1 - Even though I've been very biased vs Malphite in the past I cannot deny his power top lane. He's so incredibly good top lane and I think a lot of pro's just starting realizing this as well. He's been getting more and more popular recently in the competitive scene and it's for good reason. He just completely counter's any AD damage on the enemy team. His E spell combined with Frozen Heart he can almost completely stop the auto attacks from enemy AD champions which is something that was overlooked for a long time in the competitive scene. That along with his quite strong laning phase due to his Q spam, passive shield, and movement speed buff when he Q's something it makes him hard to gank as well. I think tier 1 suits him quite nicely. It seems I had him completely pegged wrong.

Cho'Gath moved down in tier 2 - Just like Nidalee. Moving him around to make a better looking list.

Jax moved up in tier 1 - Make it to late game and Jax OP. Not the mention his early and mid are also quite strong. A fed Jax is OP and there's ways of making sure that happens like camping top lane, and letting Jax free farm. It's really that simple.

The definition of a bruiser:

- Often a tanky champion who can absorb a lot of punishment but also dish out a lot of damage.

- A champion with high survivability who's also a melee champion. (Nidalee is the exception as she's hybrid)

- Bruisers often solo top as they have high survivability and top lane is the easiest lane to die in. These champions can also be played middle lane or even sent to 2 v 1 bot when running different strategies but predominantly they will be top lane.

- Champions like Wukong, Talon and a few others can be played mid lane and completely counter a lot of enemy AP carries. Bruisers can be played mid from time to time and should be considered when looking at the bruiser tier list.

Don't see a champion listed in the tier list who you consider a good competitive bruiser? It's probably because I don't and other competitive teams don't value them as competitive picks. Want to raise an argument for why a certain champion should be considered for the competitive list just post below and let me know why in a constructive way!

"No one, not even pros, can presume to know everything. Whether they promote or discourage a character is subject to debate at all times. These debates are encouraged in a respectful manner as we're trying to create the best tier lists possible for your enjoyment." Stonewall - Elementz

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  • #41 BonchiFox

    I don't see Jayce.

  • #38 occasionalhero

    I'm really advocating for solo top Leona. Throw in a TP and she's practically Shen - aoe CC, tanky shield, low CD Q (that stuns), easy to land gap closer. Why people can't see this I'll never know. Her lane is so easily gankable it's laughable. Try it some time.

    Last edited by occasionalhero: 12/27/2012 10:33:10 PM
  • #39 EuWGasgano

    possibly becvause she get raped without the jungler sitting top all day? she cant harass or trade and actually she cant even fullengage because every toplaner i can think about does more dmg then her


  • #40 occasionalhero

    Mm. That's not really true. She can trade so easily it's funny - being able to get off a 3 ability combo within a second while the enemy sits there stunned, to which she merely walks away from unharmed. Her base damage is ridiculous early game - of course it'll fall off late, like some champs do, and that does depend on your build of course - but with damage that high and almost guaranteed kills early on your opponent is without a doubt shut down and not getting kills. 

    What's even better I've been trying (when people allow me) is using her mid, though not necessarily building her AP. Getting that combo off with your eyes closed onto those extremely squishy targets is amazing. Last game I soloed with her I got FB vs a very good Lux

    (Only lost that game cause our jungler wouldn't gank top so our Diana began to intentionally feed, but that's besides the point.)

    My point is - my experience tells me otherwise, and people are often surprised by it. Don't knock it til you try it :p

    Last edited by occasionalhero: 1/9/2013 1:50:06 PM
  • #37 JessehLerndrum

    Why no Jayce? D:

  • #36 Elle

    why have none of the tier lists been updated in over a month? I guess this site is no longer relavent? Doesn't seem too hard to me to update the tier lists afterevery new champ. Maybe I just expect too much...

  • #35 DaMadTroller

    This list needs to be redesigned, because it is supposed to be about competitive top lane picks, but rather than showing the full breadth of viable top lane champions, it excludes any that don't fit the bruiser archetype.(Interestingly enough, it does include Fizz, Galio, and Talon, who are not of the bruiser archetype. Fizz and Galio are essentially AP carries, and Talon is an AD Assassin.)

    This is why the AP champions such as Rumble, Akali, Kennen etc have been left out of the list. Out of all the tier lists on this site, this one is the most lacking.

    It should be updated to provide a full view of what is commonly played in top lane.

    Alternatively, a separate top lane tier list which is centered around the non bruiser champs could be made as well, as I am certain that many would wish to see where Kayle and Rumble etc stand in relation to other non bruiser tops

    Last edited by DaMadTroller: 8/14/2012 5:13:18 PM
  • #33 BergkampThebest

    Elementz can u please take some time to explain why Morde, Vlad, or RUMBLE are not on the list? 

    All 3 can deal a lot of damage and target carrys while building tanky and i clearly remember a Vlad solo top against a Lee Sin (im sure the Lee Sin was Dyrus) on a big tournament with live stream featured in the Lol Client

    I remember Tsm won that tournament but what i mean is that Vlad can still fill the role as solo top 

  • #31 lolbuttsss

    yo i recently stumbled upon here. 

    not sure if any one has explained this yet.

    where is rumble?

    he is literally in the explanation for bruiser

    "Top lane is best suited for Bruisers or Tanks like UdyrRivenCho'Gath and Casters like Vlad, Rumble, and Kennen etc."

  • #30 chainpullz

    Elementz should stealth place hecarim somewhere and then move him to correct location next list.

  • #29 Deizama

    Why so much hate about volibear $$$

  • #28 rada3

    how did singed get in tier 2? Dat fool SUCKS these days. I'm 1600s elo and right now it's all about jax and riven top lane. I was rather surprised that you didn't put them as #1 and #2 but on reflection you might be correct.

  • #26 BloodySpearz

    Hi there Elementz. I used to play Tryndamere a ton, but I've moved out of that habit because I heard he wasn't valid on a competitive level. Hard CC is often listed and the second biggest counter to Tryndamere, behind DOT. Why is this more true for Tryndamere than any other champion? It doesn't have an enhanced effect on him or anything. I guarantee you if you stun Vayne, she'll be stunned exactly as long a Tryndamere would. He basically forces the enemy team to waste valuable hard CC, one of the most powerful things in the current meta, on a top lane melee Bruiser, a traditionally low-impact role in later teamfights. This opens a gate for the AD carry to go free to destroy the enemy AD, and then the fight just becomes a slaughter. Tryndamere is, essentially, a tank who can tank against anybody, no matter how fed, for a guarenteed amount of time that forces you to focus him under the threat of massive damage. Not to mention how he has a heal, no resource system, massive passive crit chance, passive AD steroid, Powerful AOE slow/AD debuff, and a build in blink with a stupidly low cooldown which gets lower as Tryndamere crits. Why isn't he valid on a competitive level?

  • #27 chainpullz

    You stick a 60% slow on him and walk away. Ashe can kite him by herself. You cc any bruiser to save your ad carry, not just tryndamere. If irelia jumps your ad you stun her ass. He gets countered in lane by bruisers who have much higher impact such as malphite. He gets countered in lane by melee ad carries such as riven who do more dmg (aoe) in team fights. He simply doesn't do enough. He can soak damage with his ult but most teams have sustained damage anyways so he actually soaks less damage than a tanky bruiser despite his ult.

  • #32 Rozol

    His early game is not good.  Let's be honest.  Most bruisers can either kill him early (Jax, Olaf, Riven) and some can just zone him out (Shen, Malphite).  Trynd is just not good - he can't follow through with kills (jungler comes to gank, Trynd only has W and autoattacks to damage the enemy) and requires a lot of farm to deal a ton of damage.  Mid game he can get shut down by a single stun (Irelia stuns him once and he's forced to use ult and spin away due to AoE damage). 

    You said it yourself, he is a tank that can tank anybody but has no taunt to make people attack him.  All teams have to do is keep Trynd off of the squishies, kill everyone else and then finish Trynd...he's not good at all.

  • #25 chainpullz

    GESL Sycho Sid Hecarim win lane 'nough said. CMON ELEMENTZ!!!

  • #24 Shadowmange

    Ok Mordekaiser and  Vladimir need to be on this list uber bad I personally Solo Top pretty much ONLY and They are my mains for solo top they counter a fuck ton of solo top and have great sustain so what if vlad is ranged and they are both ap they are both AMAZING solo tops and ya I agree put rumble on this damn list if i saw a rumble mid all id need say, "WELL.......GG we win go rape shit cass"nuff said

  • #23 Sub_Salac

    The reason you don't see rumble is because of Elementz's ass backwards counterintuitive categorization. Rumble is an "AP carry". Instead of just separating tier lists for heroes based on the lanes they're played with, he does some bum fuck goofy shit like this and therefore cannot be taken seriously. Talon. The. Bruiser. GG no re

  • #22 Sub_Salac

    Talon the bruiser. What a fucking joke.

  • #20 Rotbeard

    Why no Fiora yet? I'm super curious.

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