Jungle Tier List - May 14th

NOTE - This tier list differs from the listed "Jungle Tier List". Stonewalls tier list revolves around measurable and replicatable data of junglers and does not reflect who are the most "viable" junglers in the game. The data is gathered through testing, experimentation and observation and is merely a tool of measurement. It attempts to remove all sense of subjectivity and just give out facts about each character and weigh them appropriately.

While THIS tier list will only be about how competitive these junglers can be. I suggest looking at both and getting feedback from both jungle tier lists to decide on who you want to play!


Tier 1: Nocturne, Dr. Mundo, Shyvana, Lee Sin, Alistar, Riven, Maokai, Udyr,

Tier 2: Nautilus, Jarvan IV, Jax, Gangplank, Skarner, Olaf, Amumu,

Tier 3: Rammus, Hecarim, Shen, Malphite, Warwick, Trundle, FiddlesticksNunu,

Tier 4: Tryndamere, Sejuani, Shaco, Pantheon

Change Log:

Nocturne moved up in tier 1: Mundo received some very small nerfs which didn't change too much but it almost shed some more light on how good Nocturne really is. In EU he's permabanned or picked basically every competitive match and that's transferred over to the NA scene and his strength is really showing a lot more. Now I realize I am only moving him up one spot in the tier list but he is going to the top of the shelf in terms of competitive picks and I truly believe he should be there for the simple reason of his ultimate being the ultimate ganking, catching someone out of position, causing confusion for an entire team, and being able to attack any target at any time really making no carry safe from Nocturne.

Udyr moved down in tier 1: Felt he was a bit too high on the tier list. Moving him down for a more accurate feel to the list. He's overall pretty good but there are better choices for junglers over him imo.

Alistar moved down in tier 1: Same reason as Udyr pretty much. Just felt he was a bit too high.

Nautilus moved up in tier 2: This guys being played a lot more in competitive play and a lot of teams are picking him up quite early when doing picks. Some teams are even starting to ban him now. I think people are really loving the powerful early game ganks combined with the tankyness and all the CC you'll ever need. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him rise up a bit higher and I think I might put him tier 1 soon, still seeing how well other teams utilize his strengths.

Jax moved down in tier 2: Felt he was a bit too high. When I broke it down he was the top of tier 2 and I don't think he's that good. I think he's tier 2 worthy for sure as a carry from the jungle similar to a Riven, or a Noc, but doesn't offer as much as them. Lower tier 2 fits him better.

Amumu moved down in tier 2: Same thing as Jax. When I broke down the tier list he was 2nd place in tier 2 and just like Jax I feel he's tier 2 worthy just not the top side of tier 2. So I moved him down.

Nunu moved up to tier 3:I had Nunu in the like 2nd to last spot in tier 4 which is not correct at all. His ganks are great and he's more of a counter jungler / utility jungler with the slows and buff he can provide to your bruiser or AD carry. I feel tier 3 suites him a lot better.

Hecarim has been placed into tier 3: Now a lot of people don't like Hec or think he's very good at all but I actually don't think he's as bad as everyone thinks he is. I just think he has a small learning curve that people need to get over before they play him. He's a unique jungler but his early game ganks are VERY strong. Ghost + E you're running out of the jungle knocking someone away from their tower at like 800 MS with a large chunk of increased damage from your passive which grants AD from your increased movement speed. His ultimate is great for diving people and his W with a Spirit Visage can actually heal you up to 500-600ish HP at times which is crazy good. He's unique and just needs to be learned imo. I think he's good enough for tier 3 so that's where I am placing him.

Definition of a Jungler:

- These champions kill neutral monsters in the "jungle" to get their experience and gold.

- They're able to clear the jungle camps quickly and safely.

- They work on ganking lanes to help their carries get farmed.

- Junglers work on controling the jungle through counter jungling the enemy and controlling large objectived like Dragon and Baron.

Don't see a champion listed in the tier list who you consider a good competitive jungler? It's probably because I don't and other competitive teams don't value them as competitive picks. Want to raise an argument for why a certain champion should be considered for the competitive list just post below and let me know why in a constructive way!

"No one, not even pros, can presume to know everything. Whether they promote or discourage a character is subject to debate at all times. These debates are encouraged in a respectful manner as we're trying to create the best tier lists possible for your enjoyment." Stonewall - Elementz



  • #20 mordredalmighty

    Hello Elementz! I've seen a lot of this specific champion jungled competitively lately and thought you should add her to the list!

    Elise, due to her w while in/out of spider form and her spider lings themselves give Elise an amazing ability to clear camps. Tied in with her e, useful for not only stunning a laner, but jumping in on the opposing player (spider form) as well, gives her powerful ganks. She also has a lot of single-target damage, allowing her to counter jungle effectively by taking down the large monsters in camps very quickly (say, for example, the large wolf in wolf camps). All in all, her jungle capabilities are amazing.

    (NOTE: Elise is usually still better as a laner)

  • #19 BarlowBrad

    Hey Elementz! Competitive Jungle tier list needs an update!

    It would also be cool if you could briefly discuss the current meta with regard to "jungler style". Like the balance between fast counter junglers like Dr. Mundo/Shyvana and heavy cc junglers like Nautilus, Amumu and Jarvan IV. Also mix in where strong gankers like Xin Zhao and Jax mesh with duelists like Riven, Fiora and Lee Sin.


  • #18 Zarmai

    Cho'Gath gains natural tankiness, and due to his silence, can gank champions with abilities that can free them from ganks, such as Ezreal, Kennen, Morgana and Anivia, with ease.

  • #16 IncubuX

    I'm not a pro e not even a good elo guy... but why you didnt put Darius on this tier list?! He is a great jungler! I won almost every game that I jungle with him, he could easily clean jungle and gank really well.

  • #17 JinGao

    I also agree with this. I feel Darius has an amazing kit for a quick and effective jungle with plenty of room for ganks. granted he's kinda a kill whore but he gets the job done in team fights with a repeater finisher so ignites can be used on champs that need them on.

    Quote from IncubuX »

    I'm not a pro e not even a good elo guy... but why you didnt put Darius on this tier list?! He is a great jungler! I won almost every game that I jungle with him, he could easily clean jungle and gank really well.


  • #15 rada3

    I kinda prefer Alistar over shyvana and lee just because of his rediculous cc kit. Also, even though they did nerf alistar's ulti back in the day i still feel like it does a rediculous amount of dmg reduction. I've been experimenting a bit with a tanky ap alistar (sunfire > deathcap > lich bane or something like that) and it's actually pretty viable. It makes him a huge threat to the enemy carry and he can still tank like a baws with sunfire. Another important aspect is that if you are running ap runes/masteries your ganks HURT. The final point in my argument is that it improves his jungle clear times. By level 7 he absolutely dunks wraiths. With an aggressive mid/top i think he's practically unstoppable.

    Nautilus deserves mid tier 1. Not much to say about him other than his cc is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen. Now that no one counterjungles he has become godlike because he can get past those early levels with much less difficulty.

    I kinda feel like amumu needs a little love. Not sure exactly where to put him but i think i'd put skarner below him for one thing. Amumu's cc is just plain better. Add a bit of ap on the dude and mummy makes other people cry too.


  • #13 NicknameMy

    Top 4 picked junglers atm are Dr. Mundo, Nocturne, Maokai, Nautilus. Just watch your own tournament and you will see it.

    Lee Sin is place 5, Udyr place 6, Shen place 7, Alistar place 8.

    The rest I rarely see in the jungle.

    Shen should be at least tier 2, because he is a great counterpick to ganks. His power in this combined with his transition can be also tier 1 worthy.

  • #12 Snave11

    You should try putting Renekton on your jungle list.  I have seen him do well in some elo.

  • #9 marsc92

    I agree for the most part with the placement here, with the exception of Shen, Warwick and Nautilus.
    I main jungle and have had some extensive experience playing these champs so I'd love to contribute some arguments regarding their placement:

    Definately worthy of much higher placement. It seems still pro's are running incorrect set ups on him. Attack speed reds, movespeed quints, boots/pots start, 9/21/0 masteries and start with a wraiths > red route.
    His speeds here are actually rather decent as is his sustain but his ganking is fairly strong and also consistent. The taunt is devastating in side lanes where the run back to turret is longer and his ultimate provides amazing map control giving him the opportunity to prevent deaths. What is ignored here is that in higher Elo play where passive play is standard, his ultimate is off Cooldown everytime and engagement/gank occurs making shen all the more useful. His late game is ridiculous as building him to be tanky gives his Ki strike a large amount of damage. His shadow dash also allows for safer counter jungling which makes a big difference. Shen easily deserves high-mid tier 2 at least.

    Warwick has everything you want in the jungle, his weakest aspect is clear times and even then they aren't weak, his real usefullness comes from the value of having him on your team for his ultimate. It's an incredibly strong way to engage and his ganks are stupidly successful particularly in lanes which already bring CC. A Taric bot lane means ganks result in kills as the CC chain provides too large a window to burst down a carry or their support.
    With some of the most successful post 6 ganks and a powerful ultimate, there's no way this guy deserves his place below even Hecarim.
    Warwick belongs in Tier 2 without a doubt.

    You said it yourself that this guy is a pretty good pick. His ganks are great, with attack speed reds his clear times are great, he's incredibly tanky. Nautilus is relevant from early to late game. He offers everything you want on a jungler except sustain, and really this is never an issue with his shield, clears and the fact that you have a Philo stone. He at least deserves bottom tier 1.

  • #8 NicknameMy

    Didn't you say Lulu jungle is viable?

  • #7 PocketMarsh

    Hecarim ~ horrible damage, mediocre cc at best, his e has like a 20 second cooldown for barely anything, not really in built tanky, bad scaling, horrible at snowballing, bad objective control, mediocre farming, mediocre speed, mediocre sustain.

    Tell my why exactly you would pick him over Malphite, Trundle or anyone above?

  • #10 marsc92

    Yea malphite, trundle, shen and Warwick all deserve higher placement than Hecarim.

  • #6 MerryLane

    <3 Nocturne GODDEST jungler :p

  • #5 Velhelm

    Cho'gath is a strong jungler (see Stonewall's jungle tier list.) Chog'gath is not hard to place on a team outside of jungling; he has fair damage, good cc, and is bulky (see Elementz' bruiser tier list.) If he is a viable competitive pick and one of the stronger junglers in the game why is he not included on this list?

    I cannot believe that Cho'gath, at his worst, is not even in the same league, as a competitive jungle pick, as Pantheon.

    At the end of your post you instructed to post arguments as to why any character should be added. It would be highly unjust to request this and then to ignore these arguments. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give feedback as to why Cho'gath has not been included. 

  • #4 Johazar



    I was just wondering, why is Skarner only tier 2 in your list? From my experience he clears the jungle nicely, does great job at decimating the enemy carry and disrupting the other team with his aoe permaslow! When he gets his ult, Skarner can easily shut down an enemy squishy as well, his attack speed/movement speed steroid + shield does good job at keeping him alive as well.


    Thank you for your answer in advance! ^^

  • #3 chainpullz

    Amumu needs a bit more love. I know a lot of professionals hate him but ever since the mana buffs for junglers hes a lot stronger. Hes a great counterpick to the support junglers, offering more speed, only a slight tradeoff in cc, and a lot better damage scaling. On top of all that he is about equally tanky. Grabbing chainmail and negatron then a rylais gives you all your tanking stats while making you a walking lulu ulti basically. Oh, and if you have lulu... yeah.

    Essentially a lot of his power comes from his high ability power ratios, allowing him to make full use of rylais and abyssal. Also, I forgot to mention, with abyssal you are shredding 55 mr off of someone. This gives your ap a flat 90 mr reduction, allowing them to do true damage to almost all champions.

    I really feel as though he has a lot more to offer to a team than a jungler such as olaf, gangplank, and perhaps even jax, who are all better off with farm in lane. I don't think he deserves to pass j4 on this list because j4 has more consistent ganks and can contain people similarly in an aoe composition, has a more varied selection of paths, and provides a better set of team buffs for a more attack damage oriented team. Once we get past j4 we start to see junglers who are much more consistent against the rest of the field as opposed to being more of a strong pick against other support junglers.

  • #1 Joz0z

    I think Trundle is better than what most people give him credit for, since he basically counters the counterjungle meta.

  • #2 pagan4life

    elementz clearly stated how his tier list was formed.

    trundle is not a top pick IN THIS META.

    Last edited by pagan4life: 5/14/2012 8:55:35 PM
  • #11 OriannaBot

    Uhh...Isn't this the conterjungle meta?

    Just saying.

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