Support Tier List Update May 6th


Tier 1: Janna, Soraka, Taric, Alistar, Lulu

Tier 2: Blitzcrank, Nunu, Sona, Leona, Lux,

Tier 3: Yorick, Galio, Kayle, Gangplank, Annie, Karma,

Change Log:

Alistar moved down in tier 1: Alistar was a bit too high for my liking. He's a great champ but I just feel that a few supports are better then him in terms of being a competitive pick for a support.

Leona moved down to tier 2: When I changed this over into tier Leona seemed a bit too high. Her burst is amazing and so is her initiation but that's also one of her biggest problems. She's an all in Support with a high margin of error. If you choose to go in you're stuck going in. As a support I don't find her to be that tanky either to really do her role the way she should be. Alistar, Taric, even Soraka provide much more tanking ability while also providing support utility outside of CC. She's a decent support and provides great burst but is lacking in other area's.

Lulu moved up to tier 1: Her laning phase is "decent" but that's not why I moved her up to tier 1. I moved her up to tier 1 because of her outstanding kit for team fights. The only thing Lulu can't do is heal someone but instead turns them into a giant monster with an AoE slow haha. She's great for initiation, kiting, and overall a fantastic team fighting champion and the only champion I see who adds that much to a team fight is Janna and I really find them to be similar when it comes to providing great support. Not the best laning phases but when it comes time to team fight they're the best supports to have imo.

Blitzcrank moved up in tier 2: I feel Blitz has been underappreciated for a long time. I feel that he's actually quite good and is a viable support. His laning phase is really good, his team fight is decent, his initiations can win games all on their own if you hook the right target but at the same time can make you lose a game by hooking the wrong target. He takes a lot of skill to use properly but I think when utilized correctly he's one hell of a good support.

Kayle added to tier 3: I left out Kayle from this list but she is a half decent support. She's been added to tier 3 as she's not the best but she's still a viable choice is some situations.

Definition of a support:

- A champion who often duo lanes bottom with a ranged AD carry who helps protect allied champions, zone enemy champions in the laning phase, or provides team utility later in the game.

- These champions get gold per 10 items to make their gold as they won't be taking any gold from last hitting minions as their job is to make sure their AD carry gets farmed.

- Supports will be buying the most wards for the team and will often carry the summoner spell Clairvoyance for added vision across the map.

- Some of these champions are also quite good at roaming and will often leave the AD carry alone to roam the map and gank.

Don't see a champion listed in the tier list who you consider a good competitive support? It's probably because I don't and other competitive teams don't value them as competitive picks. Want to raise an argument for why a certain champion should be considered for the competitive list just post below and let me know why in a constructive way!

"No one, not even pros, can presume to know everything. Whether they promote or discourage a character is subject to debate at all times. These debates are encouraged in a respectful manner as we're trying to create the best tier lists possible for your enjoyment." Stonewall - Elementz

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  • #29 sunstripe

    Where da Fiddlesticks at? Show some love for the cawcawcaws

  • #28 CaterpillarCake

    I mained karma for quite a while and she definitely deserves the bottom spot on this list.
    Her laning phase is fine, but her lategame/teambattle utility is pretty much 0.  She can't really initiate like alistar or leona either so a tank build is worthless.  Her heal/shield combined doesnt compare to the survivability of 1 soraka heal.
    What truly makes her the bottom of the list is simply a lack of utility.

    I also play support gp quite a bit and I can attest that it is better than karma.  and annie can stun,  also morgana should be on this list too with her ult/snare and her dmg is pretty good for supports.

    What kind of buff could make karma viable?
    Maybe if spirit bond had longer range? Or if it could attach to towers/wards?  Slightly stronger heal?
    But the buff I would really like to see is if the units caught between spirit bond were stunned and a mantra spirit bond would stun for longer. 

    Last edited by CaterpillarCake: 6/3/2012 3:15:48 PM
  • #27 Plutoburns

    I can't believe I made an account, but I had to make a case for Karma

    Karma is a very bad bot lane support, I won't deny that. Her heal is not always available, her slow is weak unless boosted with a precious mantra charge, and all her attacks are AOE so she pushes lane. But putting her after Gangplank and Annie is just mean.

    I will attest that Karma is best used as a top laner. This is for 2 reasons. 1. Karma needs farm(another reason she is bad bot lane) 2. She is unexpectedly durable.

    When top lane, Karma's heal, shield and speed buff/debuff make her a very sustainable laner. She has little kill power without a gank, but is a good gank partner. She can also punish missing lane opponents. Her AOE spells must be managed so that she doesn't push lane normally, but when she wants to she can amass a huge minion wave at a turret. Karma should have little trouble holding top lane until about lvl 11. Then she should make an effort to push down the turret and rejoin her team. A well farmed Karma who has built some AP items is a truly terrifying support. She heals her whole team for ridiculous amounts, shields huge and provides a nice speed buff to the initiator. Karma is a bad bot lane support because all her skills are geared towards team fights. She loses to other supports as a babysitter, but she can provide incredible utility and damage in the later stages. 

    Now, as to your list. Your list does specify a good duo lane buddy, which she is not. She needs farm, and loses a lot of effectiveness when under-itemed. She is more of an offensive support, dealing damage while providing great utility(like Kayle). Should she be moved up? Debatable. But please remove the two obviously not support champions in front of her on the list. 

  • #25 tehwhiteboi

    Karma should move up, her shield is very good, she has an AOE heal based on %s which means you can heal then antire team for a massive amount of health, especially tanks. she has a move speed buff and can deal a lot of damage.

    Some champions that deserve mention on this list:

    Morgana, shen, ryze (yes it works really well, as he can farm up mana without killing minions with his E), mundo (viable, although there are better places for him), maoki, nidalee, poppy, rammus, sejuani, singed, teemo, zilean

    All of those are not only viable but very good if you know what you are doing, some may seem odd, but you should try them out, thing about adding a tier four to this list to alow for more champions.

    Last edited by tehwhiteboi: 5/25/2012 1:35:27 PM
  • #26 tehwhiteboi

    and nautilus I forgot about him because I dont play him much.

  • #24 gopherboy13

    What about Morgana? shouldn't she be on this list too as a viable support?  2-3 second snare, 2 seconds stuns on her ultimate, a cc shield, and a mr shredder.  I know I have seen a Morgana support a long time ago in tournament play and I would love to see where you would place her on the list.

  • #23 olaallppl

    what about naut? hes a lot of blitz but has a slow and a knockup D:

  • #21 karazybonz

    No zilean is kind of silly also no shen I know they are way better in other roles but they can easily be played as supports

  • #20 rada3

    i'm just a little surprised to see taric so high. Thanks for bumping blitz up elementz :)

  • #18 DonYagamoth

    I'd like to have the "odd Support"-Tier, which includes Champions that are not commonly used as support, but can work very well in specific situations ^^... All of them bring something unique to the table, that is in it's own right rather powerful, regardless of items. Very similar to Nunu actually.

     Such Supports would be:
    - Jarvan IV (Initiate, Ultimate, AoE Armor and Attackspeed Buff, Slow, Mobile, Armor Debuff)
    - Galio (Initiate, MS buff, Shield, Slow)
    - Yorick (Incredibly strong Poke, Ultimate, Slow, Brush check)
    - Gangplank (Strong Poke, AoE AD and MS buff)
    - Nautilus (Heavy CC & initiate)
    - Urgot (Poke, Brush Check, Initiate/Swap, Slow, Damage Reduction)
    - Ashe (Strong Level 1, Slow Slow, Initiate, free CV)
    - Malphite (Initiate, Attack Speed Slow, Slow, Strong Level 6)
    - Lux (Brush-Check[E], Catch-Snare, Strong Level 6, Shield)
    - Heimerdinger (Free Wards, Blind, Poke)
    - Teemo (Free Wards, Blind, Poke)
    - Shaco (Free Wards, extremely Mobile, Decent Harass)

  • #17 DeadGod

    "Taric, even Soraka provide much more tanking ability"

    Really, Elementz?  Really?

  • #16 coblen

    man if karma is on the list urgot should be on the list.

    My one game as support urgot was an astounding victory, and from this I concur that he is most definitly a viable support.

    damage reduction, slow, armour reduction, target blitzcrank grab and super harrass!
    All amazing stuff.

    Also my one game with ap urgot was also a victory, so you should defintly try that out as well.
    not as good as support though.

  • #15 emosaurusrex

    Nautilus really needs to be on this list. He is amazing at denying farming if your carry doesn't push the lane, can deny ganks easily and has in lane kill power only rival'd by Leona. Absolutely amazing IMO. He scales tremendously well throughout the game and is a nearly indestructible tank with a HoG and mog's mid game.

    Last edited by emosaurusrex: 5/7/2012 4:18:56 PM
  • #19 nilof

    Quote from emosaurusrex »

    Nautilus really needs to be on this list. He is amazing at denying farming if your carry doesn't push the lane, can deny ganks easily and has in lane kill power only rival'd by Leona. Absolutely amazing IMO. He scales tremendously well throughout the game and is a nearly indestructible tank with a HoG and mog's mid game.

    Agreed. I've played support nautilus a few times, and seen it occasionally played by others in solo queue. I've never seen it do badly. If you have a good AD carry to duo queue with he's a great way to get som Elo.

    In the laning phase he's like a Leona-Blitzcrank Hybrid, with more damage than both. He brings a lot of CC to the table in teamfights, and his W does a lot of damage if no one focuses him.

  • #14 Aezure

    IMO, Nunu should be at least higher than Blitzcrank, if not tier 1. His Blood Boil is virtually OP and is better than any buff from any other supports. His snowball lets him harass extremely well and with a point in his NOM he can even zone fairly well in lane. He may not be as useful in teamfights as some of the better teamfighting tier 1 champs like Lulu, but a well placed Nununuke will practically win the teamfight, and his blood boil is still like a free phantom dancer on the carry so he still makes a huge impact.

  • #13 rogerh1

    I'm going have to disagree with moving Leona down on the list due to the description of a "support" that you have given.

    1. Leona does a really good job of zoning enemy champions; not by actually hitting them, but by her presence. If the enemy hasn't warded one of the bushes, leona can easily get the jump on a champ and keep it in place, whilst a last-hitting ally can just turn around and get 1-3 easy shots in.  After doing this once and winning the trade-off, the enemy will be more weary of being aggressive, thus saving your carry the trouble of being extra alert on trading hits and more focused on last hitting. She has no healing,shields, or mana-return spells however like other supports, so your partner may have to boots/3pot it. She supports well by making the enemy lane hesitate to trade hits, if trades occur, the double stun assures you win the trade, protecting your carry from future trades.

    2. I always build Gp5 items on leona. First 3 items are always philosopher stone, heart of gold, and boots.  You don't need the last hits if your carry is paying attention to leona's harass (although I do take a few last hits if the carry has to B, or if it is clear that they aren't in range or won't be able to get the last hit on a certain minion), and I don't upgrade the Gp5 items until my other items are complete/I feel that the team requires it. She have enough defense through her W and base armor/resist item to withstand trades with minimal gold, allowing her to purchase gp5 items.he supports well by making the enemy lane hesitate to trade hits, if trades occur, the double stun assures you win the trade.

    3.  Who doesn't buy wards? Anyways, the gp5 items allows her to buy wards, just like any other support.

    4. Aside from Alistar and Galio, Leona probably has the 3rd best gank potential from the whole list, with the best damage potential from the list.  The fact that she can immobilize-->stun-->shield damage-->ulti-stun for 4-8 seconds of cc, while the lane partner is just whacking on them is the best gank you can probably ask for.  She can roam really well and ganks are superb if lane partner is present.

    The ONLY downside to her, besides the one you mentioned of "if she engages, she has to be commited" would be the requirement of landing her Q.  It's possible to roam and/or stun champions without it, but she is severely hampered if she doesn't.  If anything, she deserves to be next to Blitzcrank, as they fill the same role of harassment, but leona is built more tanky whilst Blitzcrank is built more DPS-like.

    Last edited by rogerh1: 5/7/2012 3:02:35 PM
  • #11 Youmuukon

    Nautilus should be on this list. He's like Leona except his CC can hit more people. He brings so much to team fights

    Last edited by Youmuukon: 5/7/2012 3:46:44 PM
  • #10 FlyingPaladin

    Why isn't Nidalee on the list? I know she's better top lane, but she's still a better support than Annie or Karma.

  • #9 zion1alpha

    Why Malphite is not even in the list?

    I tested 5-6 times and we won 100% of the games. I know he is not propery a support becuse he has no "support ability". But Shard has a nice range and you can harrass the carry and be safe from dmg thanks to  passive. Your carry will farm more and you wll ein the lane easy, you are a nightmare for ad carry such vayne ecc ecc.

    And when you hit lvl 6 is double kill when a gang come. In team fights is one of the strongest initiator and most of the dmg in late game come from ad sources. I mean great early, mid and late game, strong cc, sustain, ecc ecc.

    At least i would put him in the list :D (its even a lot more fun than all the other supports)


    my first post, zion00

  • #6 srks

    why is annie in this list XD?

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