Support Tier List Update May 6th


Tier 1: Janna, Soraka, Taric, Alistar, Lulu

Tier 2: Blitzcrank, Nunu, Sona, Leona, Lux,

Tier 3: Yorick, Galio, Kayle, Gangplank, Annie, Karma,

Change Log:

Alistar moved down in tier 1: Alistar was a bit too high for my liking. He's a great champ but I just feel that a few supports are better then him in terms of being a competitive pick for a support.

Leona moved down to tier 2: When I changed this over into tier Leona seemed a bit too high. Her burst is amazing and so is her initiation but that's also one of her biggest problems. She's an all in Support with a high margin of error. If you choose to go in you're stuck going in. As a support I don't find her to be that tanky either to really do her role the way she should be. Alistar, Taric, even Soraka provide much more tanking ability while also providing support utility outside of CC. She's a decent support and provides great burst but is lacking in other area's.

Lulu moved up to tier 1: Her laning phase is "decent" but that's not why I moved her up to tier 1. I moved her up to tier 1 because of her outstanding kit for team fights. The only thing Lulu can't do is heal someone but instead turns them into a giant monster with an AoE slow haha. She's great for initiation, kiting, and overall a fantastic team fighting champion and the only champion I see who adds that much to a team fight is Janna and I really find them to be similar when it comes to providing great support. Not the best laning phases but when it comes time to team fight they're the best supports to have imo.

Blitzcrank moved up in tier 2: I feel Blitz has been underappreciated for a long time. I feel that he's actually quite good and is a viable support. His laning phase is really good, his team fight is decent, his initiations can win games all on their own if you hook the right target but at the same time can make you lose a game by hooking the wrong target. He takes a lot of skill to use properly but I think when utilized correctly he's one hell of a good support.

Kayle added to tier 3: I left out Kayle from this list but she is a half decent support. She's been added to tier 3 as she's not the best but she's still a viable choice is some situations.

Definition of a support:

- A champion who often duo lanes bottom with a ranged AD carry who helps protect allied champions, zone enemy champions in the laning phase, or provides team utility later in the game.

- These champions get gold per 10 items to make their gold as they won't be taking any gold from last hitting minions as their job is to make sure their AD carry gets farmed.

- Supports will be buying the most wards for the team and will often carry the summoner spell Clairvoyance for added vision across the map.

- Some of these champions are also quite good at roaming and will often leave the AD carry alone to roam the map and gank.

Don't see a champion listed in the tier list who you consider a good competitive support? It's probably because I don't and other competitive teams don't value them as competitive picks. Want to raise an argument for why a certain champion should be considered for the competitive list just post below and let me know why in a constructive way!

"No one, not even pros, can presume to know everything. Whether they promote or discourage a character is subject to debate at all times. These debates are encouraged in a respectful manner as we're trying to create the best tier lists possible for your enjoyment." Stonewall - Elementz

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