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Explanation of the new Tier List and of our current Meta.

 Champions are listed on current strength from left to right. Champs at the front of the list will be the strongest in my eyes and champs at the end will be the weaker ones in my eyes.

So I know it's been a long time since I've done my tier list but I've decided to not have it the way I had it before. I am breaking my tier list into five different sections now that cover all the lanes and roles for every champion. Champions will be placed into these categories accordingly to how I believe how strong they are in competitive play. These categories are based off our current meta and how the game is played. If the meta changes and we develop new roles and new ways of playing then the tier list will change accordingly with the meta. For now though this is our meta and this is how the game is played at the highest level of play. The reason it's played like this is because it's the way teams formed their teams for the highest chance of success. I will explain why these roles are the way they are and why our meta is the way it is below to hopefully give you a better idea of where I am coming from with this tier list and how this game works in high level play.

You can see the five categories I have here but they're more like "guidelines" to where certain champions play best.

Lanes explained:

Top lane is best suited for Bruisers or Tanks like Udyr, Riven, Cho'Gath and Casters like Vlad, Rumble, and Kennen etc.. Who have good escapes, and are a little tanky so they won't die as easily as let's say an Annie or Brand who would have a difficult time escaping top lane let alone surviving a gank with their low HP and resistance values. That's why we have those type of Casters, Tanks / Bruisers go top lane because they can survive the hardest lane to play in the game better then other champions.

Middle lane will be more Assassin and Ability Power carry champions like Kassadin, LeBlanc, Morgana, Ryze, Brand, and Annie. The reason for this is because Mid is a hard to gank lane where it's the safest for a solo champion to farm up and become a strong carry. Assassins are a bit more mobile and are often used to counter the enemy AP pick middle but a lot of these champions don't generally have natural escapes built into their kits so giving them the safe lane is giving them the best chance at being successful in farming. So that's why you generally see these types of champions middle.

Jungle champions for the most part are tanks and bruisers. You'll see champions like Lee Sin, Nocturne, Rammus and Amumu. These champions can all gank well, have strong initiations, and can all control the jungle very well. These are the type of champions best suited for the jungle as they either clear the jungle VERY fast making them viable junglers or they have the ability to counter jungle and gank successfully. Champions who are unable to fast clears have their jungle ability hindered compared to others for the most part and that's why you won't see them listed as viable junglers.

Bottom lane champions are for the most part Support and Attack Damage carries. They go bottom for the most part as it's closer to Dragon so when team fights break out they can have two champions there instead of one to fight for it. This is not to say that 2v1ing top doesn't happen from time to time in competitive play but for the most part the bottom lane will be a Support and an AD carry for superior Dragon control. Support champions who you'll see in this lane are Soraka, Janna, Taric, Alistar, and Leona. The AD champions you'll see in this lane are Ashe, Caitlyn, Ezreal, Corki, Miss Fortune, and Kog'Maw.

Solo Queue VS Draft Mode - What do they mean?

A lot of people get confused by what these two lists mean and what they represent. So here's a little info explaining them both.

Solo Queue tier list is about how well you can carry your team to victory with those champions. Basically it's how well those champions pub stomp Solo Queue games and how well you can carry yourself, to grind elo, with those champions. It's not how well they fit into a 5v5 competitive play tournament try hard setting game. It's merely a (who's the best to gain elo with while in solo queue) as I believe those champions are the strongest in doing that. That does NOT mean they're the best champs in the game per say, just means they're easy to play, and own up solo queue. That is all.

Solo Queue = How well you can carry yourself and a bunch of randoms to victory tier list with recommended champions to do so.


Draft Mode tier list is about how strong those champions are in terms of "Picks". When it comes down to competitive tournament play Draft Mode, each champion has a specific strength or ability that is weighed by each team. Each team thinks X champion is stronger then Y champion, so they value "Picking" them first over others. The Draft Mode tier list is how strong these champions are too teams in terms of how well they fit into their team comps, and who's more valuable to their team over others. This does NOT mean that champions lower then high picks are bad, it's just those lower tier champions might be countered harder, not lane as well, or just not as viable in their desired team composition. That doesn't mean that they're bad though, just mean they require a better situation so that they might be picked.

An example.. Katarina is a very low pick because she's countered easily by stuns and interrupts. Now if the enemy team doesn't have a lot of these then Kat becomes a godlike pick because if you can't stop her ulti then she becomes god tier. Is she a bad champion? God no. Is she countered easily though? Hell yes. There's just a time and a place to pick her. That's what I am talking about. How great the "Pick" is, not how strong the champion is.

Draft Mode = How strong a champion's "Pick" value is. The higher they are, the more chances they have to being picked in competitive play. Lower they are, just means you won't see them as much, but doesn't necessarily mean they're bad in any way shape or form.

Something to remember when reading the tier lists:

Some champions will be in several categories while others may just be in one. The reason for this is some champions for instance like Gangplank you can take Top or Jungle and both are viable competitive choices for him in the current meta. So don't be alarmed if you see a champion in more then one spot. I will try and make it so that they have limited categories as their viability vs other champions will be strained in other roles a lot of the time.

Remember just because a champion CAN fill a role, doesn't mean they are the best choice for it or should even be considered when trying to fill that role. The tier list will take the champions BEST suited for that role and put them into a categorised tier list matched up their peers in that specific role based on our current meta.

I hope this all makes sense and it helps you understand our current meta and why it's the way it is and I hope you all will enjoy the new style of tier list! 




  • #15 karazybonz

    Elementz just recently made a tier list can you look at it and give me some feedback I made it while driving up north and had no internet so I feel like I missed a few things so can you look at it and give some critizcim

  • #14 Shadowmange Better Tier List

  • #13 porkghop

    How come Teemo isn't on any of the lists?

  • #12 DeaDysisa


  • #11 battlemods

    Man, I can't tell you how happy I am to see the list broken down into AD's and AP's.  I'm a new player and untill the last week or so, I really didn't know who was ad or ap.  I searched for lists of the ad's and ap's so I would know who I was facing on the enemy team but I really couldn't find such a list.  The way your list is set up now will help out new players tremendously.  Thank You so much for all the hard work, and for all the work you will doing in maintaining the list.  Oh, and I do look forward to a Support Tier list and also a Tank Tier list would be nice ( who is better, Shen or Rammus?).

    Oh and don't worry about the grammar and punctuation mistakes that peeps complain about... I'm not usually looking for Hemingway when finding advice on PvP.


  • #10 Teslat

    This mean we will have a support tier list soon ? (I suppose that ther won't be a jungle tier list since there is already one on this site).

  • #9 GTF808

    Bravo Elementz and welcome back! We need to work on your then/than distinction buddy, but you are seriously a breath of fresh air in this community. So positive! So insightful! Lovely leadership for the wee ones! We have missed you so.

    So when are you going to shake some sense into your peers and let folks like Stonewall know they'll go further if they ditch the hateful rhetoric?

    Dorian is another that preaches the good shit. And DIFF has some great number crunching without the negative editorial (and I love the inside jokes and constant goodwill jabs with his guests)! For the most part you've assembled a crack team of solid, positive folks that bring much needed maturity to the LoL community.

    But seriously, why does Stonewall (he's the only one that comes to mind at the moment) have such a cruddy chip on his shoulder? Those Team Battle Vids are laced with so much negativity I can't make it through 11 minutes of that guy speaking. And those piss-poor editorials have gotten downright sexist in the past.

    Thanks for keeping the quality up on your own work, setting high standards for those around you, and providing a positive model for others. Keep it humble, bud, and keep it coming. ...and maybe consider talking to those few who are slacking on the job...

  • #8 MadNuke

    I took the time to read this, because I appreciated the humor in "<--- READ THIS FIRST BEFORE YOU EVEN DARE LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE!", not expecting to gain any new insight, but your explanation - "How great the "Pick" is, not how strong the champion is." - was kind of a mind=blown moment; I had never made the distinction between the strength of a pick vs the strength of a champion. It really got me thinking about picks and bans, so thank you. Also, check out the text in my CAPTCHA, lol:

  • #7 Zepfreak54

    Welcome back good sir, your fans are much apeased :3

  • #6 GyroNas

    Hey Elementz, I'm pretty sure Nunu and Lulu are competetive support picks and that Graves, Vayne, and Sivir are AD carries. Just pointing that out since the way you framed the sentence implied that those named were the only ranged ADs and Supports.

  • #5 Bdod6

    Oh man elementz, I missed your tier lists so much. They were basically the only reason I came to this site. Now I barely check it. So glad you are posting again!

  • #4 JioDerako

    When you have all the tier lists set up, can you link to them all from one article, like from this one? It's a little bit of a hassle to find all five otherwise. (could be just me and the new site layout, but I'm not terribly dense when it comes to finding my way around the internet, so I'd hope I'm not the only one who would like an easier navigation system.)

    TL;DR: theorycrafted wall-of-text post.

  • #2 pagan4life


  • #1 rudolph222

    are you going to be doing a seperate draft and solo que tier list? or is this purely based off competitive play..

  • #3 RoElementz

    Yes. Solo queue will be updated soon and it will be done the old way like it was before. The two lists will be different.


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