ARAM tierlist - Lissandra Patch

Today i am bringing you an ARAM aram tierlist made by Reign of Gaming's forum mod Bystekhilcar. He goes into great detail about his placements, so belt up guys, this is going to be a long one.

Tier 1 : 

Tier 2 :
AmumuAniviaAsheCho'gathGalioHeimerdingerJannaJarvan IVKarthusKatarinaKayle, Kha'zix, LeonaMalphite,MalzaharMaokai, Master YiMiss FortuneMorganaNunuPoppyRyzeTaric, Thresh, TristanaTwisted FateTwitchVarusVeigar,ViktorXerathZiggsZyra

Tier 3 :
AhriAlistarAnnieBrandCassiopeiaCorkiDariusDianaDr. MundoDraven, Elise, FiddlesticksGarenGragasGraves,HecarimJax,KarmaKassadinKennenLeBlanc, Lissandra, LuluMordekaiser, Nami, NautilusOrianna, Quinn, RammusRenekton,RivenRumbleSejuaniSingedSivirSorakaSyndraTalonTeemoUrgotVayne, Vi, VladimirWukongXin ZhaoYorick, Zac, Zed,Zilean

Tier 4 : 
AkaliEvelynnFizzGangplankLee SinOlafPantheonShacoShenSwainVolibear.

Tier 5 :


Tier 1

Blitzcrank : Grabs change the game. These give constant threat of free kills, irrespective of the state of the game; unlike other grabs, this one is clean and puts Blitz in no particular danger. Naturally beefy due to his passive, and has the option of building bruiser or burst AP as required.

Caitlyn : Obscene range coupled with ADC scaling AND strong poke. Traps can also make for easy bush kills. The single best ADC in ARAM by a wide margin.

Ezreal : Possibly a controversial choice. Nevertheless, extremely versatile champion due to his ability to build AD or AP and be extremely strong as either (if built properly). As AD, extremely mobile and brings very heavy poke; teamfight-winning ultimate. As AP he would probably be T2 (but close to T1), bringing obscenely good poke coupled with strong AoE.

Jayce : Very strong poke, albeit on relatively long cooldown. What tips him into T1 is his extremely high burst potential through form switch, coupled with the disengage and repositioning power of his gate. On the cusp of T2 due to limited utility and poke, but just edges in.

Kog'maw : Similarly to Ezreal, he can be built AD or AP depending on the needs of the team and his opponents, and is extremely strong in each. As AP, his poke starts off mediocre and builds up to be game-winning as the game progresses; he also brings deceptively strong burst. As AD, he's again better suited to later in the game, but can then provide fantasic range along with ridiculous DPS.

Lux : It may surprise many of you that Lux only just made T1. Her poke, although strong, is actually somewhat weaker than the rest of T1 (assuming the two variables are AP and that Blitz's grab is basically an instakill). Her shield is also pretty limited due to its travel time. What tips her into T1 is the combination of strong poke and the fact that her Q can set up her teammates' pokes as well; this provides exceptional utility.

Nidalee : Pretty much defines Tier 1 as you'd expect. Incredible poke, along with bush control and sustain. If you're wondering why a champion in Tier 2 isn't in Tier 1, it's because they're not on Nid's level, pure and simple.

Sona : Great sustain and strong ultimate. Her Q's range is mediocre and her power chord very limited, but where they're safe to be landed they're effective at bolstering an already effective kit. Her auras also offer a signficant gold pseudo-advantage. Has some issues surrounding her natural squishiness, but not enough to be a liability unless played badly. Note : Was originally T2, moved after discussion (and a hefty bribe from A2).

Tier 2

Amumu : Gap closer, good damage, naturally tanky and gamechanging ultimate. Falls just short of Tier 1 due to his lack of poke and sustain.

Anivia : Very strong, but limited in the early levels and held in check by her mana bar. Also has a tendency to be very squishy.

Ashe : Perhaps a controversial placement. Her poke is regular but not overly damaging, and whilst she has decent control through her Q she lacks the damage output of other ADCs (who will typically be facing off against her and at a similar level of gold income). Escaped T3 due to poke and her initiation ult.

Cho'gath : If built as a tank, he's Tier 3 material; strong CC but limited due to their dodgeable nature. As it is, he makes Tier 2 due to his strength as an AP caster; his CC is combined into poke with ludicrously high base damage, which not only chunks enemies but sets them up for teammates as well. Misses out on T1 due to needing melee range to feast or auto-attack.

Galio : Good poke and great ultimate. Misses T1 because he has nothing to do after throwing his spells.

Heimerdinger : Controversial? Perhaps. He has great poke, situational CC, but his real strength is his turrets. Unlike in Rift (where they can be used to push heavily and so on), these are best used in ARAM as a deterrent to dives. Enemies can't chase into your team because you're able to fall back to their additional and considerable DPS. Narrowly escapes T3.

Janna : Brings a little of a lot to the table. Decent poke (dodgeable, but provides CC), shield, some sustain, some burst. Barely escapes T3 simply because of her overall utility.

Jarvan IV : What he lacks in natural tankiness compared to the other T2 tanks, he makes up for in team utility. Cataclysm is as strong as on Rift, and he also possesses a good gap closer AND can buff his teammates' AS for tower pushes.

Karthus : Again, I'm sure people will complain that he's not T1. The fact is that although strong, Karthus is fundamentally a sustained damage champion, and burst holds the advantage in ARAM. His ultimate is effective, but the proliferation of Barrier in ARAM limits its cleanup potential. Please note that this placement is for a defensively built Karthus; glass cannon Karthus belongs in Tier 5.

Katarina : Yep, also controversial. She's very, very strong, but misses out on T1 because her poke is limited and she's fundamentally team reliant. Strong contender for a T1 spot.

Kayle : Barely makes it out of T3 because of her ultimate. Provides decent burst and moderate AoE/sustained damage. Her sustain is decent, but her range is lacking.

Kha'zix : Another strong contender for T1, his poke is very good along with strong cleanup potential. Misses out on T1 because of his team reliance and his weak early poke.

Leona : Almost as strong as Amumu, her CC is phenomenal and her damage is actually very high (base numbers, plus her passive will almost certainly be triggered for every spell). Again, no sustain or poke and so not able to climb to T1.

Malphite : Same deal as Amumu; what he misses out in sustained damage, he gains back in health sustain due to his passive.

Malzahar : Very strong poke. Fantastic, even. A strong contender for T1, but lacks non-ult CC.

Maokai : As a tank, he's T3; lacks sustained damage and natural tankiness, particularly pre-6. Like Cho, though, he makes it to T2 on his strength as an AP; even then he barely scrapes in due to the power of his saplings. Very risky but effective all-in is possible too.

Master Yi : This one is gonna get me yelled at. But yes, Yi is T2 material. His POTENTIAL damage output is phenomenal; however, he relies on his team to poke the enemy down, give him a window, and back him up as he goes in. Much like on Rift, he's pretty badly countered by hard CC; unlike on Rift, he has issues poking. At the end of the day, Yi is just 'potentially' ridiculously strong, wheras T1 champions are always at that level. Obviously, AD Yi is T5.

Miss Fortune : Pretty bog standard as an ADC. Scrapes into T2 due to her ultimate, which shreds squishies.

Morgana : Fantastic utility. Black shield would get her T2 alone, frankly, whilst her Q sets up her entire team's poke and her ultimate disrupts the entire enemy team in teamfights. Just misses out on T1 because of her long cooldowns and the unsuitability of her W to ARAM.

Nunu : Great sustain, teamfight-winning ultimate and a buff for whatever you've got that auto-attacks. Very strong. Would be an auto-T1 if his snowball wasn't so short-ranged.

Poppy : Perhaps a surprising placement. Nevertheless, Poppy's incredible damage output allows her to basically auto-kill an enemy at the start of a fight if built AP. Her passive also tends to bait enemies, sometimes unintentionally. Ultimate was made for ARAM. As a bruiser, she's a strong T3.

Ryze : Strong contender for T1, he brings extremely high burst and a fantastic W; also able to offer good AoE and sustained damage. Just misses out on a T1 spot due to his range.

Taric : His sustain is pretty weak, but it's still sustain. He scrapes out of T3 on the strength of his stun and his auras, which are naturally strong in ARAM.

Thresh : Moved to T2 following discussion. Unfortunately his hook is weaker than Blitz's in three areas – one, windup time, two, time for the target to be dragged after a hit, and three distance dragged. Beyond this, Thresh's CC is great but his damage limited, and he suffers from a severe lack of defensive stats in the early going. Very strong champion nonetheless, with strong CC, reasonable damage and very flexible build paths.

Tristana : Claws her way into T2 due to ADC scaling and her good range late-game. Pretty weak early on though. Note that this is a position based on her abilities as an ADC; AP Tristana would be T5 due to her limited poke and extremely single-target nature.

Twisted Fate : Another contender for a T1 spot, he has great poke and a short cooldown ranged stun. Doesn't quite make it to T1 however, as his poke's base damages are terrible and he lacks the all-in damage output of a standard mage (primarily due to not having a damaging ultimate).

Twitch : Very good ADC for ARAM, he has an AoE slow and stealth to escape harm and an ultimate expressly designed for teamfights. Only just misses T1 due to his non-ult range and being squishy (even for an ADC).

Varus : If any of the T2 ADCs were to be moved to T1, it'd be Varus. Fantastic poke, very high burst and sustained damage output, and a fantastic teamfight ult. Just misses T1 because his lack of escape means being caught is death.

Veigar : Getting tired of saying this, but very strong contender for T1. Amazing damage output, particularly through his ultimate which screws many of the champions in Tiers 1 and 2. His E is seemingly made for ARAM, allowing safe ranged initiation or disengage. Falls short of T1 simply because he lacks poke or sustain.

Viktor : Good, solid mage. Stands above T3 because of his combination of poke, sustained damage and CC; doesn't quite hit T1 because his poke is easily dodgeable (if one understands Viktor) and his CC is situational.

Xerath : Fantastic poke, but that's basically it. Barely any utility and limited sustained damage. Escapes T3 because of that poke.

Ziggs : In contrast to XerathZiggs is very close to T1. His poke potential rivals that of the T1 mages easily, and he brings good utility to the table too; he misses T1 based on having to choose between damage/utility and survival.

Zyra : Strong CC, but her poke base damage is relatively low. Misses T1 due to her relatively low damage overall (not low, simply low compared to the other T1/2 mages) and reliance on easily killed plants.

Tier 3

Ahri : Those who know me will be surprised that a staunch Ahri advocate puts her as low as Tier 3. The fact is however that her strengths – mobility, fluidity and adaptibility – are all considerably lessened in an ARAM environment. Her poke, whilst decent, is barely above average and extremely mana-inefficient; her all-in is much less effective than on Rift because she doesn't have sufficient room to kite properly. Not bad, but definitely not as strong as elsewhere.

Alistar : Very strong on paper, but suffers from a few fundamental issues. The first is his early build path; in order to maintain his sustain (which is very effective when healing multiple teammates) he requires a lot of mana regen, but picking this up with your first buy leads to a severe lack of defences during the early stages of the game (which are immensely important). The second is simply a fundamental lack of damage stemming from his otherwise immensely powerful kit; late game it's entirely possible to more or less ignore him once his CC is used. Would be T2 with a bit more damage.

Annie : Very nice burst with short cooldowns; unable to make the leap to T2 due to range limitations.

Brand : Pretty much the 'bog standard' mage. Suffers from positioning issues with his E and blocking problems with his Q; a proper combo is extremely difficult to land correctly if your team isn't dominating. Severely lacking in utility, he holds on to his T3 position based almost solely on the damage potential of his kit (including ultimate).

Cassiopeia : Nice poke and reasonable utility; misses out on a T2 spot primarily because of her fundamentally delayed damage (which can lead at best to easy barriers, and at worst to Cassi being caught as she tries to unload her damage properly). Has a tendency to be squishy.

Corki : Decent kit overall; misses T2 because his range is very limited and he requires a mana source to maintain his poke properly.

Darius : Melee with no real poke, and therefore at a fundamental disadvantage. Escapes T4 purely on the strength of his hook and the cleanup potential of his ultimate.

Diana : A contender for T2 based on the strength of her all-in; misses out because her shield is severely nerfed, leading her to have survivability issues. This, combined with her relatively weak damage unless she all-ins, is an easily exploitable weakness.

Dr. Mundo : Good sustain and poke; would easily make T2 if he had any kind of hard CC whatsoever. Unfortunately he does not.

Draven : Fantastic damage output, particularly early on. Unfortunately his range is too short to make a really strong ARAM ADC, while his damage falls off towards the region of other ADCs as the game progresses. His Q's mechanics are also a potential weakness, leading to him being caught easily if he telegraphs an axe catch.

Elise : Her duality of nature is a strong point in her favour. Unfortunately her only reasonably-ranged poke is blockable by tanks and minions, while her all-in borders on suicidal in many circumstances. A contender for T2, but simply lacks strength in any one specific area.

Fiddlesticks : Surprisingly low placement? Perhaps. Fiddle is a very, very strong champion when his team is doing well; if waves are cleared properly his Dark Wind deals ridiculous damage, whilst his CC is always extremely useful. However, his drain is of very, VERY limited use in ARAM (even if it's levelled first, it won't outheal multiple champions hitting him and is easily broken by any kind of CC). His ultimate is also very easy to telegraph, or to kill him through if he doesn't buy Hourglass. Overall, if his team is losing, he becomes virtually useless; his CC will only stop one of five enemies from crushing their targets, his E becomes no more than an annoyance when there are creeps around, and his Drain goes from 'risky' to 'pointless and potentially suicidal'. Overall, I'm forced to drop him to T3 – it'll always be better to have a strong champion than a champion who's very strong IF you're winning.

Garen : Melee with no poke; he's already fighting a losing battle. Luckily he has some built-in sustain if he's careful, a modicum of utility and damage, and becomes naturally tanky in the mid game with no defensive items. Barely escapes T4, primarily because of his W.

Gragas : I want to place him higher, I really do. Unfortunately, whilst his Q is strong it is laughably easy to dodge, and he lacks any other reliable damage source outside of an all-in (and his ultimate, which needs to be saved for a specific circumstance). His ult is strong, but is liable to catch one person whilst flinging three more potential kills to safety. His sustain simply isn't enough to be useful if there's more than one valid poke on the enemy team. Overall, he falls short of T2 quality by a fairly wide margin.

Graves : Strong champion, but not really suited to ARAM. His poke has limited range and doesn't deal much damage unless he's not really poking; his auto-attacks are similarly short ranged. Borders on T2 due to the strength of his easily underestimated W.

Hecarim : Another melee with no poke. Very, VERY close to being T4; escapes solely because of the initiation power of his ultimate.

Jax : Probably going to be another controversial one. Nevertheless, gets fundamentally tanky without too much in the way of defensive items, and similarly does good damage regardless of items. Also has reasonable initiation potential if he doesn't telegraph too hard. Escapes T4 easily due to his ultimate and AoE stun.

Karma : Again, I want her to be higher. Unfortunately her Q simply isn't good enough as a poke; the range is mediocre and the hitbox seems ridiculously thin. Her utility is good, but doesn't make up for a lack of damaging ultimate. More or less dead centre T3.

Kassadin : Much like Fiddle, he can be strong but only if his team is doing well. If it's not, he's forced to use Riftwalk defensively rather than offensively, which severely limits his damage potential. His poke is also extremely short ranged. Again, pretty central in T3.

Kennen : Good poke, and manaless too. BARELY misses out on T2 because his base damages are somewhat low and his ultimate requires him to either beg the enemy to kill him or rush Hourglass (and thus allow them to walk out of it).

LeBlanc : Very, very, very single target. Her poke is pretty limited, and snowball champions are naturally weaker in ARAM because gold income is less variable depending on your kills. Actually close to T4, escaping largely due to her mobility and the potential to wipe the most dangerous target out instantly.

Lissandra : Tricky to place her, as it's early days yet. For now I'm slapping her into T3, as her Q's range is limited (even if bounced through minions). Escapes T4 on her CC potential.

Lulu : Good utility and decent poke, but is let down by her weak overall damage potential. Middle of the tier.

Mordekaiser : Manaless, yes, but negative sustain with a short ranged poke. Also melee. Escapes T4 by riding on his ultimate's back and into the sunset.

Nami : Reasonable utility, but overall it's pretty limited in all respects. Her heal is okay, but not amazing; her Q requires very good prediction. More or less middle of the tier due to lack of damage and not excelling in any area.

Nautilus : Whilst his CC is fantastic, it doesn't really kick in properly until he gets his ultimate. Whilst his hook is strong, it tends to put him in harm's way which can be a problem, particularly if his team isn't dominant; it also only drags the target halfway to him. Finally, he tends to lack damage if his shield is popped quickly. Strong contender for T2, loses out solely because his hook is a poor compared to others'.

Orianna : Decent poke, but somewhat limited range and very obvious. Also lacks damage during the early stages of the game. Strong contender for T2 based on her overall utility and ability to maintain bush vision.

Quinn : Was moved to T3 from T2 following discussion. Is more at home in this tier, where her marginal utility and poke offset her strong mobility and natural scaling.

Rammus : Great damage potential, it's true. Unfortunately he's very vulnerable to poke (due to his relatively low defensive stats when not prepared and in Curl), and his initiation is obvious and dependent on not being blocked. Another contender for T2, but lacks an instant gap closer or a decent AoE CC.

Renekton : Very underrated in ARAM. His damage potential is good irrespective of items; he has access to what is effectively a double-dash gap closer coupled with a targeted stun on short cooldown. Goes no further than T3, though, because he's one o' them no-poke-melees. We hates dem.

Riven : Pretty similar to Renek really; she's less naturally tanky and has a weaker gap closer, but has better poke resistance and damage. Closer to T4 overall, primarily because snowballing is less effective in ARAM.

Rumble : Mediocre short-ranged poke, but decent all-in. Also manaless, the shield is a plus point but is very limited. Would be T4 without his ultimate; with it he's easily middle of T3.

Sejuani : Provisional T3 as I've not had enough experience of her post-patch. Regardless, her damage is decent but her gap closer limited; also lacks the natural tankiness of others. Carried from mid T4 to high T3 on her obscenely strong new ultimate.

Singed : Not as naturally tanky as other tanks, and lacks a gap closer too. Barely scrapes to T3 from T4 based on his damage potential and the disengage power of his W, but is so very close to slipping down. Also lacks real CC beyond Fling.

Sivir : Very limited auto-attack range; is somewhere between middle and bottom of T3 thanks to her extremely strong Q and the poke resistance afforded by her spellshield.

Soraka : Pretty sure this is another controversial one. Her Q is fantastic, but is more or less limited to all-ins as single casts do mediocre damage and the real power is in the MR shred. Her W is strong, but single target on a very long cooldown. Her E has decent range but piss-poor damage, or can be used to restore mana to a champion who will definitely have built a mana item if they needed it. Close to T2, but simply lacks range on her Q or shorter cooldowns for her heals. Also note that her ultimate isn't quite as strong as on Rift simply because it's harder to bait with – people are more prepared for health spikes in ARAM due to the omnipresent Barrier.

Syndra : Strong poke and burst; misses out on T2 because she severely lacks utility and has some range issues.

Talon : Great damage potential, but only if built pure glass cannon. Placement is for glass cannon, which can deal good AoE damage and often take an important target out quickly; more defensive Talon builds belong in Tiers 4 and 5 due to their lack of damage combined with a lack of any real utility.

Teemo : Shrooms are a godsend, and would be enough to tip Teemo into T2 if Hextech Sweeper didn't exist. Without them, his damage is mediocre, his utility is poor and he's squishy as hell. Note that if a Hextech Sweeper is built, Teemo drops down to T4 material, particularly if he wasted gold on a Liandry's.

Urgot : Primarily stuck in T3 because of build issues; he needs mana, damage and defences, and he needs all three ASAP. Has good poke which falls off quickly if he doesn't build enough damage or can't land his Es; has a good ultimate which is suicide if he doesn't build defensively (as much to keep his health high prior to use as anything). Good contender for T2 based largely on his utility and poke.

Vayne : Simply lacks range. There's little else to say.

Vi : Great initiate with multiple gap-closers and decent damage without many items. Unfortunately she's a little lacking in defences... and is a no-poke melee.

Vladimir : Much like Vayne, the only thing holding Vlad back is his range; otherwise he'd be practically perfect for ARAM. Sadly, his poke can be very dangerous to use, his sustain isn't enough to deal with dedicated poke (particularly since if he's forced to play defensive he stops being able to poke back), and his pool shreds his own health to use. Still strong though.

Wukong : Gap closer with good no-item damage and a great ult. Also a melee with no real poke (unless you count charging into clone). Is actually past midway in T3, but goes no further as either his damage or his tankiness will fall off in the late game.

Xin Zhao : Yet another no-poke melee, Xin is the closest of all of them to transcending into T2 due to his strong gap closer and fantastic no-item damage. Unfortunately he lacks defensive stats early on, and much like the other melees he's left hanging if his team isn't doing well. Sympathy vote because he really does try hard.

Yorick : Decent poke, but no more than decent; he fails to reach T2 because like Urgot he needs too many stats at the same time. He is more likely to reach a point of being strong than Urgot is, primarily because of the effective DPS boost of his ghouls and ultimate; unfortunately his best-case-scenario is much weaker due to being melee.

Zac : Close on Xin's heals for the title of 'best no-poke melee', Zac has good base damages and a fantastic gap closer. Unfortunately his abilities costing health is a severe weakness for an ARAM champion, and unlike Mundo he has no real natural sustain outside of his blobs (which tell the enemy exactly where he's going). His initiate is also pretty hard to hide from the enemy.

Zed : His poke is pretty weak and fairly short-ranged; his all-in is strong single-target but pales in comparison to his counterpart Talon. Escapes T4 on the strength of his ultimate for destroying a single target.

Zilean : Although his bombs have fantastic base damage, unfortunately that's all he's got. They've got very limited range, which isn't really an issue for hitting them (his E takes care of that) but makes it risky. His ultimate is strong, but of limited use if his team has to fall back. Deceptively difficult to use well in ARAM, and lacks DPS to make doing so worthwhile.


Tier 4

Akali : In contrast to her strength on Rift, in ARAM Akali is a pretty sad figure. Her poke is virtually non-existent, and indeed, she's more or less impotent until level 6. Past that point she's still fairly disappointing; reasonable damage output, but easily focused down and destroyed. Squishy, no utility, and fundamentally limited – even snowballing doesn't save her because it doesn't work well in ARAM. Saved from T5 only by her strong level 6 engage and dominance in mid-game teamfights if her team is winning.

Evelynn : Simply not suited for ARAM in any way. No real poke, melee-range burst and no gap closer; her ult is the only thing saving her from T5.

Fizz : Much like Fiora, he has fantastic damage but getting close for long enough to deal it is difficult bordering on suicidal. He clears T5 on his burst potential and the defensive strength of his pole.

Gangplank : About the only thing keeping GP from T3 is his build problems; he can either build offensively and die in seconds, or defensively and deal no damage. He has decent utility and isn't too limited by his melee nature thanks to his poke, but even if built offensively his damage isn't impressive until mid game.

Lee Sin : Good mobility and has a (weak) poke, but similarly to GP, either deals no damage or dies in seconds. He also has a tendency to fall off as the game progresses – this is just as bad in ARAM as on Rift, if not worse because gold gains are more linear in ARAM.

Olaf : Whilst he possesses a poke, this will generally not be levelled first unless his team is severely behind; if he does so, his all-in is poor, and his all-in is the only thing keeping him out of T5 at this point. His true damage is effective, but he has no real way of getting close enough to use it unless the enemy wants him to. Ragnarok's strength is attenuated due to Ghost's weakness in ARAM, although with the newly added Horn this may change. Would be vying for a T3 spot before his nerfs.

Pantheon : He has poke, but its range is so poor that he may as well not have any at all. Much like Talon, he needs to build almost pure damage to really be effective; unlike Talon, he has no real way of surviving once he jumps on someone. His ultimate is useless for anything bar fast travel after a death and suiciding at an appropriate time (perhaps the occasional backdoor). Saved from T5 by his burst potential and stun.

Shaco : A tricky one. If his opponents are idiots, Shaco is easily a T2 champion; unfortunately, he's so predictable that against non-idiots he's virtually worthless. Boxes make for fantastic traps if his opponents somehow blunder into them; Hextech Sweeper nullifies his strongest ability, and if used in teamfights they tend to die more or less instantly because fighting is generally confined to a small area. His E's damage is fairly low, and if it's levelled his boxes go from 'potentially fantastic' to 'potentially mediocre'. His clone, similar to his boxes, is great for damage and baiting if his enemy is dumb enough to stand there hitting it, and otherwise of extremely limited use. Overall, he's pretty much a solid T4 thanks to his ability to deny bush presence to the enemy and potentially win an easy teamfight if someone brainfarts.

Shen : A champion defined by his split pushing in a map with only one lane. His poke is short-ranged and weak, his CC is available early but extremely limited. His ultimate borders on worthless because in almost all circumstances it can easily be cut through – unlike Rift, teamfights in ARAM are generally full on 5v5s – and effectively stuns him while he's using it. Saved from T5 by his manaless nature and early CC.

Swain : So, so, SO build reliant. It's pretty much impossible for Swain to build the defences he needs to survive teamfights in an ARAM; his ultimate borders on worthlessness. He escapes T5 on the strength of his W and the relative scarcity of Ignite.

Volibear : Yeah, I know, I hate him. Still, I've tried to be objective – he's a no-poke melee with no real gap closer and limited CC. He makes it into T4 due to his natural tankiness and relatively high damage output for a tank, but that's as far as he goes.


Tier 5

Fiora : Another no-poke melee; at least she has decent steroids, even if she lacks any reasonable method of getting the damage out. Strong ultimate, but really only contributes damage (and barely any of it). Meanwhile, has no utility and nothing to support her team. Was originally Tier 4; what was I thinking?

Irelia : In ARAM, noone makes 'nerf Irelia' jokes. It's too sad. She has no real defensive traits, an ultimate which is effectively a piss-weak poke on ridiculously long cooldown, no real sustain (yeah, you can't auto-attack with a melee without eating more poke than you're healing) and she's melee. She doesn't even have a strong all-in because, true damage or no true damage, she's trying to auto-attack in a burst-oriented environment.

Nasus : AP or tank, either is weak in ARAM. His E serves as a surprisingly strong poke, but on a ridiculously long cooldown; this is APNasus' only real spell until he's finished a LichBane. His ultimate again does surprisingly good damage, but if he builds enough AP to make it strong he'll be squishy enough to die before it does any real damage. His Wither was good enough for shutting down ADCs to carry AP Nasus into T4... and then they nerfed it. As a tank, he has no damage, no gap closer and only Wither for CC. Definitely T5.

Nocturne : Similarly to Lee Sin, he either deals no damage or can take no damage; unlike Lee, he doesn't have any natural utility in his kit to balance this out. His fear is great if he can somehow get into melee range of an opponent that doesn't want to be in melee range, AND stay there for a while... this does not happen often, particularly not without him being shredded down quickly. Finally, his ultimate is great for jumping onto a high priority target so that he can either be killed or ignored by them. Oh, and he has poke; this is weak, easily dodgeable and will oom him quickly.

Rengar : Similar to Talon, he serves no real purpose outside of jumping on a squishy and killing them quickly; unlike Talon, he only has a way in, and not a way out again. He also has no real poke - no, his E doesn't count. Can build tanky if he wants to be ignored by his opponents.

Shyvana : Pretty much the same as Rengar. Her damage output is deceptively good if she can manage to stay in melee range of an opponent for long enough; getting there is an issue. Her ultimate is her only gap closer and her only CC, and is very difficult to use in ARAM because getting behind or around people is tough. She has poke, but its damage is roughly equivalent to flinging cotton balls at people.

Sion : Simply a case of not being well suited to ARAM (or anywhere else in the League, right now). As a tank he'll be ignored; as an AD he'll be burst down before he can hit anything to lifesteal from it. His best shot is as an AP, when at least he has a decent sized damage shield and a hard-hitting ranged stun. Unfortunately, that damage shield is his main source of damage and it pops quickly with incoming damage when he runs in. Furthermore, his stun is very short ranged. Lastly, his cooldowns are long.

Skarner : Before we get started – no, his E is not a good poke. It has roughly the same range as reaching out and slapping someone, it ooms him within seconds, and levelling it means he has no damage in an all-in. Moving on from that, he's a melee with no poke (YES, NO POKE!), with no gap closer and fairly low natural tankiness. Even his speed boost is limited because the shield will pop in one hit from mid-game onwards. His ult would be fantastic if he could ever get close enough to someone worth using it on, though.

Trundle : Hard to be sure since the rework, but I'm fairly sure he's still down here in T5. His Pillar is fantastic, but that's it; everything else about him is terrible in ARAM. He has good sustain but no natural tankiness, making this sustain borderline worthless because he's a no-poke melee; he has no gap closer and his base damage is pretty low overall. Sorry, but even Pillar's strength can't drag him out of T5.

Tryndamere : Yeah, I know. Everyone's had a game where they did well as Trynd in ARAM. Trouble is, for every one game where that happens there's twenty more where Trynd contributes nothing to the team bar yelling loudly and running around for a few seconds. As AP he has reasonable sustain, but low damage which actually gets worse as the game progresses. As AD he has good damage output but can rarely get close enough to get it out; about the best he can hope for is to suicide-kill someone, and even that's tricky.

Udyr : Deceptively good damage now that they reworked his Phoenix. Unfortunately, that's about it; he's a no-poke, no-gap-closer melee. His natural tankiness is decent, but no real sustain because he can't stand still long enough to lifesteal (which wouldn't do much as he can't afford to build any damage and waves are cleared quickly anyway). If paired with someone who can give you an automatic engage he's pretty strong, but this is ARAM – you won't be getting Trundle or Veigar every game.

Warwick : Our last champion is another no-poke melee. His ultimate is decent, but broken with any kind of CC; that's also his only gap closer. His damage is piss-poor without damage items, and he has no natural survivability beyond his sustain either. Speaking of his sustain, that'd actually be pretty good if the mana cost wasn't ridiculously high. Your best bet is to build some item-CC like Frozen Mallet and hope you can get close enough to hit someone at some point. Oh, and you can build him AP if you want to slightly increase your Q's damage at the expense of dying right after using it on someone.


 Tier 1 : These champions are ones you'll only get if you're particularly lucky. They are perfectly suited to the ARAM environment, and if played well enough can effectively carry games alone. Please note that many champions which people view as extremely strong in ARAM are not quite at this level; look for them in Tier 2, and don't complain too loudly. Tier 1 is reserved for the 'best of the best'.

Tier 2 : Very strong pickups. These champions are typically very well suited to ARAM, but lack a certain something which allows them to carry games effectively. Often they're T1 material if not for a single factor.

Tier 3 : Decent champions. You usually won't want to reroll these, although you may trade them away if another champion suits your style more. Their defining feature is typically being strong champions in and of themselves, but being unsuited to ARAM for one reason or another. The majority of champions fall into this bracket.

Tier 4 : These champions have the potential to be a decent team member, but struggle due to various aspects of their kit. These are not necessarily 'trash' picks, but will take some work and a good team to be effective. Potential reroll, particularly if you dislike them.

Tier 5 : These champions are extremely unsuitable for ARAM for one reason or another. They are still workable as a team member, but will struggle unless supported very well. Expect to reroll these frequently.

Note that Tiers 1, 4 and 5 are intentionally small compared to Tiers 2 and 3. This is to reflect the fact that ARAM is generally a pretty balanced place, as unlike Rift (which is predominantly one-on-one or two-on-two for a large part of the game) you'll generally not be far from the rest of the players. As such, a champion really has to impress (or suck) in one area to stand out.


 AP Tristana : Yes, it's as bad as I said above. For some reason almost every Tristana I see in ARAM builds her AP, and I never understand why – I'm aware that ARAM is meant to be a bit of light-hearted fun, but I fail to see what's so fun about being useless all game. She has a completely redundant Q, a W which is a great escape and would be a great damaging spell if it wasn't suicide to use, a very limited E (poor initial range with great rank 1 damage; later on, good range with poor damage. DoTs are also weaker in ARAM due to the proliferation of Barrier). Oh, and her ult deals a lot of damage with AP – but if you misjudge it, you're almost certainly going to mess up your team's positioning and give the target a free escape. Essentially, you have one non-ult damaging spell and a half-decent ult, both of which are single-target. As opposed to an ADC (which are generally strong in ARAM) with a fantastic steroid and scaling range. I just don't understand.

Glass cannon Karthus : Similar to the above, I don't understand. Yeah, great, your ult hits about 20% harder than it would otherwise; in exchange you die instantly in every teamfight and don't actually do anything except press R every few minutes. And even then you don't, because you want to save it for when you think you'll get a kill with it. Then you don't (because Barrier), making the entire exercise fundamentally pointless. Really... why would you waste a decent champion for the sake of a tiny amount of extra AP?


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