Jungle Tier List - Server Era

Remember that this is largely opinion and it is not based on the best jungle PICKS since that is highly subjective and subject to opinion. This list is taking into account the potential of characters to jungle on their own regards to make measuring their capabilities easier.


Tier 1 – Lee Sin, Dr. Mundo, Udyr, Nocturne, Trundle, Jarvan IV, Maokai, Nautilus, Skarner, Alistar, Riven, Olaf, Shyvana, Shen, Malphite, Amumu, Cho`Gath

Tier 2 – Warwick, Shaco, Hecarim, Jax, Gangplank, Darius, Master Yi, Sejuani, Volibear, Rammus, Fiddlesticks, Xin Zhao, Wukong, Nunu, Tryndamere

Tier 3 – Kayle, Gragas, Twitch, Galio, Fizz, Renekton, Pantheon, Rumble, Fiora, Singed, Twisted Fate, Janna, Blitzcrank, Kennen, Taric, Sion, Ezreal, Soraka, Karthus, Cassiopeia, Lulu, Ziggs, Leona, Heimerdinger, Brand, Yorick, Eve, Mordekaiser

Tier 4 – Caitlyn, Corki, Veigar, Poppy, Karma, Nasus, Irelia, Malzahar, Draven, Sivir, Akali

Tier 5 – Viktor, Graves, Varus, Orianna, Garen, Ahri, Talon, Annie, Urgot, Kog Maw, Ashe, Sona

For tiers 1 and 2 - the placement is more important towards indicating "who is better" but less so for tier 3. In tier 3, just think of it in brackets as the champions here are more flawed and harder to argue. You can say that the higher tier 3 champions are better than the lower tier 3 though. For Tier 4 and 5 it's pretty much wishy washy.

Some people seem to be getting confused with the ranking. It should be obvious by seeing who gets the S scores that S means higher than A.

S scoring is just some video game thing used to say things like “Oh man you are amazing” etc etc. It’s most commonly used in arcade type games.

Btw before I go on I'll just state who it think some of the best PICKS are at the moment. The obvious Mundo and Nocturne (due to tournament player) are there as well as Nautilus (for teams) and Olaf for counter picking-jungle carry status. Lee Sin is always a safe one while Udyr tends to be binary depending on the competency of your team. When all else fails - pick the all purpose Jarvan.

The things that have changed this time around

Pantheon and Galio - Moved up slightly for just being better than a few others.

Sejuani - Moved up because she is better than those below her at least "better off" and she's honestly still a really powerful and annoying ganker. That sustain is just terrible though.

Shaco - finally moved that snowball dependant bastard down and may move him down some more

Malphite - He just has cleaner match ups than Amumu and I would even argue a safer transition so he takes his spot.

Darius - He's a really fun jungler but you shouldn't rush him to fight opponents like Ashe and Janna. He'll get kited to hell and back in team fights and in the jungle he won't get as much farm but he's an honest to goodness godly invader. His sheer damage output in jungle battles especially when double buffed is incredibly deadly and he's a pretty fast jungler who only gets faster with levels. He deals so much damage that if he jumps anyone they're likely dead or forced to back.

Shen - He left his "to 6" brother because his ganking is actually a lot more deadly than I was giving it credit. In all honesty I rarely got to play him because he was banned so much but for some reason I got a few chain picks of him and man his pre 6 ganks are deadly and he can even pull off painful level 2 ganks. His damage output is underestimated and he is pretty mobile thanks to his 0/21/9 build with MS quints. He's still slow as hell but everything is very powerful. Give him a leash and his speed problem is solved and then he gets his global jungle pressure.

Udyr - Honestly he moved down for similar reasons as Skarner. It's hard to gank anything as Udy rnow without having to burn flash or relying on bad play for the opponents. He can still invade incredibly easy but some aggressive paths are cut to him due to his early mana restrictions.

Trundle - I moved him back up because I changed my build back to the most classic of builds and holy crap is it even better. I've been running him armor pen red and quints with a 9/12/9 build and he just breaks other junglers in half again. The only jungler to even give me an issue was Olaf but even then it came down to who was healthier when we faced each other. I also start with vampiric scepter and holy crap do I lose no health at all when jungling. I will be uploading examples of this soon in fact. I was taken down to 120~ health at level 1 due to a fight yet still jungled. I ended the level 4 improv path at full health. Vampiric Scepter does mean he has less mobility but that's where his W comes in.

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  • #30 NicknameMy

    Now Nautilus is nerfed to death...



  • #29 mrobert5

    When you mention Trundle, which masteries exactly do you mean? I haven't been able to find a good balance in 9/12/9.

  • #28 NicknameMy

    Another thing to note on Nunu.

    If you start with as marks, glyphs and quints, armor seals and 9/21/0 masteries, while getting a vampiric scepter to start, after wraiths, you will never fall under 3/4 hp. That is really heavily sustained. And he will get buffed aswell.

    And AS-Jungle Nunu has potential. Wriggle's Lantern for ultimate dragon and baron control. AS to get up to 2.0 AS with blood boil on and on-hit effects to deal extra dmg and slow the enemy forever.

    Last edited by NicknameMy: 7/2/2012 11:31:08 AM
  • #26 mrobert5

    Man, why is Naut lower than J4? I love j4, but, just like Hashashin said in his recent post, itemization on him is so hard, and Naut ganks are twice as hard pre-6

  • #27 NicknameMy

    And it isn't a secret that Nautilus is way more picked by pros than Jarvan IV.

    BTW: Same counts for Trundle. He isn't better than either Nautilus or Jarvan IV.

    I would order it like that:

    God Tier: Dr. Mundo, Nocturne, Lee Sin, Maokai, Nautilus

    Tier 1: Udyr, Jarvan IV, Shen, Trundle, Skarner...

    Shen so high because post 6 the enemy jungler can't gank anymore without the threat beeing counterganked and killed. I think the only ones which could really mess around with Shen are Dr. Mundo, Udyr, Shyvana, Trundle and Darius. Other than that, he has a free jungle for him since he can't be easily killed. Nobody trades with him, ever (okay, Darius is an exception, but Darius kills anyone, his jungle matchup should be graded S).

    His Jungle matchup should be at least be B.

    Last edited by NicknameMy: 7/2/2012 11:03:52 AM
  • #25 Nizbel

    I still think you should take a look at Nunu again, albeit I really like his placement on the list. Change up from the old build and get something more suited for the new jungle, he's actually quite the good duelist. He's got a similar AS reduction like Malphite and a AA boost from his W. Vamp Scepter is a good start, or boots and pots. 

    He's a really good duelist, invader and ganker. Not the fastest clear time but it balances it out, only for the fact that he can steal big minions instantly with his bite and smite.

    Give it a go!

    And yes Hecarim is quite the beast once you get the groove of his mechanics! Keep at him and you won't be disappointed.

  • #24 user_621210

    You should look into WuKong jungle a little more.  The build at the bottom of this post is a very good description and helpful for him.  He gets faster clears as he gets higher lvls in E and has very good ganks using W from a bush and jumping in with his combo.  He gets very mobile, can gank constantly in between camps.  He is a little mana dependent and can use blues, kind of like Olaf where if you are doing good you can keep grabbing it or whenever you feel mid needs blue.  



  • #23 NicknameMy

    I would aswell say that Lee Sin and Udyr are no longer top of the list. Udyr has just the big big range problem which leaves him kited easily by good teams. Lee Sin maybe has a strong early, but falls of at mid game and gets more and more useless late. Since his nerfes he isn't that great anymore aswell.

    The actual kings of jungling are Nocturne(dat ganks), Dr. Mundo(lololol full tank and still ridiculous dmg), Nautilus and Maokai(dat cc omg). Which is rather great since all 3 types of junglers are in this.

  • #21 Takinsur

    I noticed that kassadin fell out of your tier list some time ago.

    Even though kassadin probably isn't a strong jungler, it annoys me that he's not in there.

  • #22 StonewallRoG

    He was never there

  • #20 Doczagoeu

    Heey stonewall love your tier lists.

    I was wondering though could you maybe give renekton jungle a second look?

    I've been experimenting with him lately and his ganking potential is just really strong.

    I got inspired by your trundle old-> new build and decided to also go for some armor pen on the croco.

    Currently I run a 19/13/0 build on him with exhaust and smite. Because of his strong early game he's a very strong ganker able to cc but also able to dish out the hurt.

    I feel that his kit, his duelling potential and his ganks warrant him at least a spot amongst the likes of Tryn, Xin Zhao, Wu Kong, Nunu in the bottom of tier 2.

  • #14 sunstripe

    Wheres kassadin?

  • #12 iCursor

    I can't really see how Fizz, Renekton, Irelia can be below galio. I can't believe you place Irelia so low when she's so good.

    It's hard for me to understand why you don't have Nautilus either at top, or top two spot.

    Both Malphite and Amumu are around the same spot where Alistar is, and they are definitely a much stronger pick into the jungle meta. They might be slightly worse than Ali though, I don't see a lot of sucessful alistars.

    I also think that you need to revisit Gangplank. Who really plays him in the jungle? He does nothing well in the jungle

  • #13 TaeAinion

    Renek: Good luck not having empowered skills on your ganking.

    Irelia: Slow as heck, weak early-game and prone to invasions, gimmicky ganking mechanics... There's really no reason to pick her over the other more common jungle picks.

    Naut is a behemoth, he deserves to be at the top of the list together with Noct. Thing is, he's used in a different fashion compared to those carry/invading junglers, he's more of a supportive tanky ganking jungler, like Ali or Mao. Maybe he's ranked lower because invasion and dueling is the way to go nowadays. Speaking of tanky supportive junglers...

    Malph is better than Ali, in my humble opinion. Okay, Ali's ganks are better, but Malph's transition AND his lategame are better than Ali's. Ult+E+Q = enemy carry pretty much dead. He tanks better, initiates better, brings more utility and his peeling is on par with Ali's. Amumu is just outclassed by both, but he's still awesomesauce. If he didn't have such a long cooldown on his ulti...

    Now GP is garbage at the moment, overnerfed =( His ulti is still great tho.

  • #15 Kantuti

    How does Malphite initiate better? Ali can do the same thing and each few seconds.

  • #17 Ueber

    Malphite's ult is fantastic since it includes the initiate with the CC and is comperably a much larger area of effect.  Sure, it isn't spammable.  But given that you're likely to have some CDR it's almost certainly up for every teamfight.  Having to rely on summoners to get into position is a bit problematic, although Ali can be an absolute beast early game while Malphite is pretty meh.


  • #10 Fort_

    Nocturne has an A in lane but Olaf has a C?


  • #11 popop143

    Remember that this is a jungle tier list. The lane scoring is dependent on how you fare with ganking a lane, and some lane matchups you have while jungling during the current meta. Nocturne's ganks are scarier than Olaf, that's for sure.

  • #9 SiaKul

    What is the column to the right of Amplifiers? 

    I hope it's snowball effectiveness because I miss that ranking.

  • #19 StonewallRoG

    Whoops - i forgot to cut that part out

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