Jungle Tier List Kha`Zix Era

Remember that this is largely opinion and it is not based on the best jungle PICKS. This list is taking into account the potential of characters to jungle on their own regards to make measuring their capabilities easier.

Tier Awesome - Saintstone

Tier 1 – Lee Sin, Dr. Mundo, Maokai, Nunu, Nocturne, Skarner, Udyr, Shyvana, Trundle, Nautilus, Jarvan IV, Alistar, Cho`Gath, Amumu, Shen, Malphite, Hecarim, Olaf

Tier 2 – Rengar, Diana, Riven, Sejuani, Kha`Zix, Jax, Warwick, Darius, Volibear, Rammus, Shaco, Gangplank, Xin Zhao, Tryndamere, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi, Zyra, Jayce, Kayle, Gragas, Wukong

Tier 3 –Evelynn, Singed, Garen, Twitch, Galio, Fizz, Pantheon, Renekton, Rumble, Karthus, Syndra, Fiora, Twisted Fate, Janna, Blitzcrank, Kennen, Taric, Sion, Ezreal, Soraka, Cassiopeia, Lulu, Ziggs, Leona, Heimerdinger, Brand, Yorick, Mordekaiser

Tier 4 – Nasus, Katarina, Caitlyn, Corki, Veigar, Poppy, Karma, Irelia, Malzahar, Draven, Sivir, Akali, Nidalee

Tier 5 – Viktor, Graves, Varus, Orianna, Ahri, Talon, Annie, Urgot, Kog Maw, Ashe, Sona

For tiers 1 and 2 - the placement is more important towards indicating "who is better" but less so for tier 3. In tier 3, just think of it in brackets as the champions here are more flawed and harder to argue. You can say that the higher tier 3 champions are better than the lower tier 3 though. For Tier 4 and 5 it's pretty much wishy washy.

Tier 1 is based more on general all around high quality junglers. Tier 2 is based on junglers with great aspects and a few flaws but being able to fill a niche that gives them some validity. Tier 3 is taking what Tier 2 is based around and basically pushing the importance on niche a lot more. The other two tiers are just throwaways.

Some people seem to be getting confused with the ranking. It should be obvious by seeing who gets the S scores that S means higher than A. The Lane and Jungle scores give a rough look into what level of laners/junglers they can deal with. A high lane score means they high success at ganking powerful laners and a low score means they have little chance of ganking powerful laners. Amplifiers are how well they get buffed up by variables such as buffs, leashes and summoner spells.

S scoring is just some video game thing used to say things like “Oh man you are amazing” etc etc. It’s most commonly used in arcade type games.

What changed this time around-

Trundle and Nautilus - This is something to look forward to in the upcoming tournaments. This isn't a competitive list of course but this seems to a trend currently being followed with great success. Fast clearing champions who can purchase an oracles early seems to be all the rage and Trundle and Nautilus aren't fast clearers. To add to that these two can get easily killed in counter ganks early. While Trundle can take a plunge and purchase an early oracles and boots of mobility - the boots are wasted and Trundle needs some power or else his speed starts suffering rather noticeably. This pretty much means his budget is being strained beyond what he can handle without haven't gotten a gank or two. Nautilus just gets outpaced by the speed junglers and, with ward advantage, they can control Nautilus's movements.

Volibear and Rammus - They're moved on the whole transition thing being better than those replaced. Tank junglers just have that economic advantage over the rest since tank items tend to be more cost efficient.

Cho Gath - Well I need not repeat myself about how sustained, fast and awesome he is with such great transition so I won't. He is a great ward carrier and counters some laners pretty damn viciously - like Katarina - during team fights. He gets crushed by some jungle match ups quite disgustingly still but just don't pick him vs those match ups (Lee Sin for instance). His incredible lee way with builds is what's giving him the edge and certain teams looking at him towards building teams.

Rengar - It would be a lot easier if you watch his video in order to get an explanation for this one. He's kind of a whirlwind of a jungler right now. I do not believe he will be considered tier 1 in this list at least until his changes are settled. His ganking is powerful - in fact more powerful than Nocturne - but his first clear is pitiful and he's very vulnerable. He ramps up though and he starts decimating camps. I know I trashed him before but that was because he was infested with bugs and inconsistencies. He was given some quality of life buffs and that brought him up. His E used to bug out, his leap was stupid, his ultimate speed buff was not noticeable, his W cast timer screwed your chasing up and all of these in conjunction was just a disaster --- but they fixed that now.

Lee Sin - It's mostly due to Dr. Mundo falling out of grace. See the thing about Dr. Mundo is that he's pretty easy to kill early thanks to his negative sustain and he's not exactly tanky. If he takes cloth armor in order to make up for his negative start then he's easier to hunt down or run away from - hell it makes him easier to kill if he's caught. Dr. Mundo starting with a cloth armor makes his invasion weaker as he'll run the risk of being caught and killed. Dr. Mundo also goes in and takes exhaust which further cuts his escape options.

I also hope people don't forget that this list isn't a competitive jungle tier list and not a way to dictate who is always the best pick. With that said Lee Sin is perhaps the perfect jungler. He does have a weaker late game than most but he works somewhat akin to a Malphite later. Lee Sin is perhaps the only assassin that works in the jungle and this is largely attributed to the fact that he can go support/bruiser if he isn't fed out of his mind. He doesn't even need to have built himself to do either beforehand. He can change according to the game in a pinch. He's an actual fighter with gold efficiency.

Kha`Zix - Well he was pretty disappointing. He's alright. He's more of an invader/duelist than ganker till level 6. I mean he can gank pre 6 and deal a crapload of damage on unarmored enemies but they're average ganks. His jungle speed is average but his objective/buff murdering power is pretty extreme - be basically chunks those things. This gives him some invasion power and dragon control no doubt. He's got basically no sustain both mana and health wise. His W does pretty much no damage so you don't really want to rank it thus the heal is awful (rank 1 is awful) and he burns through his mana really quickly for his first clear. Also his ganking is variable according to how you evolve him. Each of them affect his ganking in different ways - I personally prefer the bigger leap as it helps his invasion quite some.

He's an assassin and needs gold in order to keep up his damage. He has basically no utility and can't afford to go tanky. Sure you CAN build him like a bruiser bust most other bruisers are bringing in some crowd control or awesome damage without items. Kha`Zix needs murder power and thus shifts the burden of a tank onto another teammate and may even then just be screwed for gold because that's what the jungle does to you.

Saintstone - that mustache makes him the best jungler

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  • #25 A2ZOMG

    You need to add Jungle Morgana sometime.  It's actually a workable jungle with good ganks, build options, and transition. Her sustain in the jungle is better than that of most mages, and mainly only suffers from weak dueling and average to slightly below average initial clear speed.

    Furthermore, Jungle Sona is not tier 5.  It's pretty laughable overall, but it's not tier 5 bad.  She actually can sustain herself with Vamp Scepter and an AD lifesteal oriented setup similar to what you would run on Nocturne given she gets a lot of free AD from her Q, though you need a leash at blue to survive the harsh initial clear.  Her autoattack reset combined with madreds procs actually can give her good objective control without a lot of attack speed, and she's a pretty good ganker, especially after level 6.

    On top of having a support transition (though Wriggles is mandatory on Sona should you jungle with her), I'd say you could move it to tier 4, possibly tier 3. It's not a competitive jungle, but it actually is workable in most fields you would expect a jungler to perform in.  Her clears are okay, her sustain actually isn't too awful though very mana dependent for the initial clear pre-madreds, and her ganks are good.

    Last edited by A2ZOMG: 10/20/2012 5:43:01 PM
  • #24 nyarmy

    Hi Stonewall.

    How do you feel Lantern for Rammus, and build him as like bruiser? Lantern solves his weakness, speed and sustain. And overall, not to mention Sunfire, but Wit's End works pretty well.

  • #22 gallahorn

    Whats up with kassadin ? why cant i find any movies on him at all? Would love to see how you play him in the jungle if thats even possible ;-)

    Shouldnt he have quite nice ganks with his slows and blinks and over all high burst?

    Last edited by gallahorn: 10/19/2012 12:22:22 PM
  • #23 DeadGod

    His ganks are fine, but he has no sustain and is squishy to the extreme.  Good luck making it through the first 5 camps without having to bluepill.

  • #21 DeadGod

    Man, I cringe every time I see a jungler that isn't in one of your first two tiers.  Not because of your list, but because anything under your Tier 2 is so generally inviable in solo queue that I count on a loss if I see one of them on my team.  The only exceptions are Sion and Evelynn from Tier 3.  Evelynn's actual jungling is bad but her ganks are among the best.  Sion scores no points for fast clears, but his dueling is almost unmatched (especially post-6) and can be a terror to semi-squishy autoattackers like Nocturne and Warwick.

  • #20 PainDash

    Wheres Saintstone on the list?

  • #19 pnsteva

    Hey everybody. Just to say i am quite happy because Stonewall agreed with my post from few months ago and put Lee Sin again on the first place. The reasons for that have already been spoken. Have a nice day :D

  • #17 DishwasherDemon

    Even though tier 3 doesn't matter as much as 1 or 2. I think Blitz should move up slightly inside of that tier. Simply because he is superior to a few of the champions in front of him.

  • #16 Shrukai

    Oppinion on current Rammus in general, havent heard much off you about his position lately.

  • #13 Katrex

    I think you need to improve kayle's sustain and resilience to b's. With he right build, (ap blues) 21/9/0, and cloth and pots, w second and be full health your entire jungle and gank strong at level 3 or 4. Then going wrigles wits end makes her very resilient. And phage hex glacial surprisingly damn tanky.

  • #12 Nash19

    As much as I worship Stonewall, I really think Skarner should be #2 if not #1. He's absolutely ridiculous right now.

    His only issue is probably his first blue buff which he needs badly.

  • #14 A2ZOMG

    Quote from Nash19 »

    As much as I worship Stonewall, I really think Skarner should be #2 if not #1. He's absolutely ridiculous right now.

    His only issue is probably his first blue buff which he needs badly.

    I kinda agree Skarner has to move up. Skarner excels in every part of the jungle currently, both in being able to control his own jungle, ganking lanes or applying a lot of pressure, invading efficiently, and transitioning into teamfights.

    Especially his transition, which I believe should be S-tier.  Skarner has dominated when picked in tournaments as I recall because of his ability to run basically support items and still be able to be really threatening throughout the game.  He is like Mundo in that he can build pure tank and do a lot of damage.

    Also, he's not actually as blue reliant as you're suggesting.  Blue does make his initial clear safer, but he's also able to start Red Buff passably. After he acquires a Philo stone, he usually has enough mana to sustain his future clears without blue.

    Nocturne in comparison I don't think has done much in tournament, and I generally feel it boils down to Nocturne being somewhat expensive as a jungler. He needs a lot more items to fulfill his role in teamfights which is to dive and cripple or kill enemy carries because he's inherently rather squishy.

  • #15 StonewallRoG

    This post offends me greatly. How many times have I had a champion up in tier 1 and people had told me that champion doesn't belong there or should be lower? Skarner has been up there for the longest times and now people are telling me I'm wrong and he needs to be higher when he's always been in a high position?

  • #18 Nash19

    Well, in the end you were right, Skarner is insane. I'm not saying you're wrong I'm saying Skarner is currently a bit underestimated and is likely to become a monster again (like after they buffed him), especially after seeing Koreans dominate with him.

    But well I'm biased as well in the end, for example I really dislike Nocturne ATM and probably underrate him.

    I didn't mean to offend you, sorry.

    Last edited by Nash19: 10/7/2012 9:29:52 AM
  • #11 OuterRaven

    Saintstone op, he went 1 v 5 and destroyed the nexus at the same time. His only weakness is gravity.

    Btw, I don't understand why Kha'Zix is ahead of Jax and Warwick in the tier list when he only has B and C ratings, while Jax has 2 A ratings and Warwick has 2 S ratings.

  • #10 tachikoman

    Garen is tier 3 and yet his twin brother is only tier 5 worthy.

    Why is Grave lower than some other ad carry like Corki and Sivir.

  • #9 ExamplePrime

    I'm pretty sure Saintstone can solo baron

  • #7 Misticaltom

    He always tells us that the Tier list isn't competitive and we shouldn't think of it as such....

    But I no longer come here for the Tier list itself, I come here for the information you bring us on Junglers and there changes every patch.  Because man do you have some great information.



  • #6 ryokoseigo

    Khazix's scores are all low, yet he is in tier 2.. am I missing something?  His scores are C-b+, that doesnt sound like a tier 2...  Compare to Jax or sejuani who both have S's and higher scores overall.

  • #5 D4wn

    I played Kha'zix quite a bit and he works fairly well as a farm jungler and quite a bit of ganking. 

    I max and evolve W first. Gives good farm and the slow is better utility for ganking/supporting than the jump, too. E gets evolved second, but maxed last. Q gets evolved last. Single target damage is still high enough against isolated targets, even without going E first. And the heal from a maxed W on a low CD comes in handy.

    The jump is a lot of fun and really great utility once evolved. Great range and jumping out (or to the next target) after a kill is awesome.

    On the downside, his R is not very impressive at all and he can't really be build tanky like other junglers. However, he makes up for that with his E resetting on a kill and a little bit with his R, too. 

    Oh and I would almost go so far to call him "blue dependent" if you go all crazy with roaming/ganking and racing through camps with W, mana can be annoying quite fast.

    Last edited by D4wn: 10/1/2012 8:34:52 PM
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