Jungle Tier List - Aatrox Era

Please watch the video for the best explanation into how the new tier list has been set up. As a short summary - the tier list has been divided into categories in order to make it more coherent and easier to manage despite taking more work to set up. Every single category has some special aspects set in place to further exemplify what that type of jungler requires.

Take notice that some junglers will be placed in more than one category tier list and there may be some overlap in explanations and stats. The general spreadsheet that details the aspects (with letter scores) encompasses all categories. Every category still takes the spreadsheet into regards when it comes to the champion placements within them. Some champions did not receive any explanations because I felt they didn't really require any or were interesting. Some of their explanations can be assumed simply by reading the charts and taking note of the champion's placement.

In order to read the charts effectively you must understand the following:

Letter scores in ascending order: F, D, C, B, A, S

Any + score simply it's a bit better than what the score would normally apply but not enough to qualify for the next letter score (unless it's S+ since it can't go higher).

The category spreadsheets have the a few sets of word scores to note a champion's prowess in the category factors.

Poor - Below Average - Average - Above Average - Superb

Magic Damage Junglers


These junglers are characters that focus on being a great contributor to the team's magic damage. Any jungler that has an off-spec (that isn't gimmicky) is considered here and taken into consideration as if they were taking this specific build path. The characters here are those that will be taking ability power/magic builds and not champions who merely deal magic damage regardless (example- Tank Nautilus will not be considered).

Factors: Damage Type, Crowd Control, Mobility, Transition, Poke

Damage Type - If the damage burst damage, sustained damage or a mix of both
Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Mobility - How well a champion moves across the battlefield
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase
Poke - How well a champion dishes out harassment during a push

Tier 1 - Elise, Nunu, Zac, Sejuani, Fiddlesticks, Cho Gath, Amumu
Tier 2 - Maokai, Diana, Kayle, Zyra, Fizz, Gragas, Singed, Morgana
Tier 3 - Galio, Mordekaiser, Karthus, Soraka, Sion, Akali, Malzahar, Heimerdinger, Karma, Cassiopeia

Support Junglers

The junglers in this category are being rated as a character picked to fill more of a "support" role than anything else. Some may be support tanks while others may be pure support or even bruiser support but even though they double as something else those other specs are not being considered here. This tier list is for how well a character fills the support role from the jungle. Characters are only considered in this tier list if they have a substantial team utility ability (or more) or very strong debuff(s) and can function solely by focusing on the utility of their kit. Crowd control is not being used as a factor here to determine if a character fits in here BUT if a character already fits the criteria for being in here and comes packing with CC - it will only serve to help them out. These are all made with the assumptions that the champions ONLY built support level items such as Aegis, Locket and such.

Factors: Support Type, Artificial Gold, Team Composition, Crowd Control

Support Type - If the jungler is a support that focuses on offense, defense or a mix of both
Artificial Gold - How much gold value do they grant the team (or detract from the enemy) with their kit
Team Composition - How often would a team benefit from the utility they grant
Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has

Tier 1 - Nunu, Nasus, Lee Sin, Taric, Warwick, Maokai
Tier 2 - Trundle, Kayle, Thresh, Gangplank, Janna, Morgana
Tier 3 - Galio, Soraka, Yorick, Lulu, Gragas, Karma, Orianna

Tank Junglers

This category should be very obvious. This category encompasses those junglers that are support-like in nature and those that are more bruiser-esque. Their ability to start fights, rely solely on tank items and lead the team is what is being taken into account here. Their ability to deal damage is not weighed heavily here - these are the initiators and leaders of a team. Damage will only matter after the other factors are weighed. This is made with the assumption that the champions have a combination (but perhaps not all) of tank steroids, crowd control, initiation and other tank features.

Factors: Crowd Control, Initiation, Peeling, Tankiness, Item Reliance, Cooldowns, Transition

Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Initiation - How well a champion can start a fight (or counter a fight)
Peeling - How well a champion can protect their teammates
Tankiness - How strong is a champion's natural defensive abilities
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Cooldowns - How manageable is a champion's ability cooldowns
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase

Tier 1 - Nautilus, Jarvan, Sejuani, Zac, Maokai, Cho Gath, Leona, Shen
Tier 2 - Malphite, Amumu, Rammus, Trundle, Hecarim, Nasus, Xin Zhao, Volibear
Tier 3 - Nunu, Taric, Singed, Thresh, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Galio, Skarner, Dr. Mundo

Bruiser Junglers

This category focuses on characters who function primarily using defensive items while still dealing strong amounts of damage and being a threat. They can deal damage even without damage items though not on par with offensively built characters. Characters that have a viable bruiser off-spec are also considered here. This is made with the assumption that the characters are purchasing bruiser-centric items and leaning heavier on the defensive builds as well as the defensive aspects of their kit. Bruisers with utility often make the best bruisers as well. The best bruisers combine survivability with utility and offense and have average gold reliance.

Factors: Crowd Control, Peeling, Tankiness, Damage, Item Reliance, Skirmishing, Utility, Transition

Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Peeling - How well a champion can protect their teammates
Tankiness - How strong is a champion's natural defensive abilities. A score of "below average" in this category only means they have no natural tank variable (health restore or steroid).
Damage - The level of a champion's damage potential
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Skirmishing - How strong a champion is in small scale fights
Utility (Bonus) - Anything a bruiser brings to aid their team with aside from crowd control such as team buffs (or enemy debuffs) and initiation.
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase

Tier 1 - Volibear, Trundle, Jarvan, Hecarim, Nocturne, Lee Sin, Udyr, Xin Zhao
Tier 2 - Vi, Nasus, Shen, Dr. Mundo, Warwick, Skarner, Riven
Tier 3 - Olaf, Aatrox, Jax, Wukong, Darius, Rengar, Shyvana, Pantheon, Renekton
Tier 4 - Gragas, Poppy, Blitzcrank, Jayce, Irelia, Sion, Garen, Yorick

Fighter Junglers

This category focuses on characters who focus purely on damage output and forsake defenses in order to do so. While some may function with some defensive options (or eventually buy them) they are the most effective when focusing on offense. They often lack utility and are higher in gold requirement than most junglers but these are the characters with the best chances of carrying a team through fighting (rather than assisting). These champions are often mobile, fragile, fast and lethal. The champions here are being assumed as having built glass cannon.

Factors: Damage, Mobility, Disengage, Item Reliance, Transition

Damage - The level of a champion's damage potential
Mobility - How well a champion moves across the battlefield
Disengage - How well a champion can safely remove themselves from a fight
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase

Tier 1 - Evelynn, Zed, Kha Zix, Jarvan, Nocturne, Shaco, Kayle
Tier 2 - Xin Zhao, Vi, Lee Sin, Riven, Aatrox, Fizz, Rengar
Tier 3 - Master Yi, Tryndamere, Gangplank, Pantheon, Fiora

What changed this iteration?

Keep in mind that some champions will not have explanations here and will have their explanations in the main video!

- Fixed up some errors in the spreadsheets

- Added champions that were left out in the last iteration. Some were intentionally left out in order to avoid oversaturation for the first version of it. Their explanations can basically be derived from the charts with critical thinking.

- Speed will be re-evaluated now that the recent changes have caused it to turn upside down

- I forgot some champions last time in the spreadsheet even though they were listed in the brackets. They've been added this time around.

Kha Zix - Lowered in favor of Zed by just a little bit. They were neck and neck anyways and he was lowered in the fighters list because his nerf wasn't too favorable for the jungle. He's still technically a more reliable fighter-built jungler than others.

Diana - Lowered because her last few nerfs did take a toll on her and frankly I've finally just not been able to justify her in the jungle anymore. She's still a strong AP farmer but her utility is blank and her early pressure is non-existent which is important for a jungler. If you want a female Lee Sin you might as well just play Riven.

Shen - Lowered in the bruisers simply because the gold requirement is too steep as a jungler with no kills. The latest madreds change actually hurt him as the spirit items aren't necessarily all that great on him and the random bonus from madreds was much more favorable that the static damage it has now. When picking a jungle bruiser he's generally a worse pick than several but for tank duties he's still strong.

Cho Gath - Raised in the magic damage jungle bracket because it works better than those he just replaced. I knew this already and it is generally an expensive build but at the very least the new Doran's Rings pad its early/mid game presence. Two Doran's Rings essentially make his clearing go wild as you save up to buy tanky ap items and whatever you need. Indirect buff to Cho Gath along with him just generally being more useful than those he replaced.

Taric - He was lowered in the support tier mostly due to Nunu being ridiculous at the moment and him just being an overall "okay" jungle pick while being a very cost effective support jungler.

Elise - She returned to the top of the AP jungler list. For starters her competition was nerfed and she's actually one of the better picks against Nunu and generally more useful than him as well. She's more murder-centric than invasion/control focused compared to Nunu. Her nerf didn't do much to hurt her jungle. When it comes to dealing with Nunu she doesn't need blue at all to jungle, she can start anywhere, she can adapt her build, she can actually catch him, she's very mobile and can set up counter ganks and stop his invasions, she's range and can kite him in some circumstances - she's one of the few answers to him (Lee Sin being another).

Morgana - A jungler that was in popular demand to be added. She was added to both the magic damage bracket and the support bracket and is meh in both. She's not really impressive or anything. She's initially fast and then does not much else. Her ganking is okay but it heavily relies on her teammate to pick it up and follow up. She's rather sustained health wise just not mana wise. She needs a lot of farm and she tends to slow down without items. She won't have the right amount of gold to balance her need for damage and survivability so she can actually get her spells off without dying and her support aspect is variable depending on what comp you have and what comp the enemy team has.

Sejuani - Her nerf actually brought her more in line and she's just good now. She's not insane and her resource management keeps her in check. Her damage isn't obscene, it's good for her utility and her item needs haven't changed. Jarvan and Nautilus are more "well rounded" though especially in terms of ganking speed - they can apply pressure to lanes quicker.

Rammus - He's starting to become a pain in the ass but he's becoming quite the pain in the ass when it comes to counter ganking. His ganking is iffy still due to mobility in lane issues but damn are his counter ganks such a menace. His clearing is average still and didn't improve with the changes, he requires farm but the spirit items are great on him and speed up his crappy clears. He's essentially just better than those he replaced and he has more "counter pick" options than the others though those are rare and situational.

Aatrox - He's a very disappointing jungler but he wasn't designed to be a jungler. Spirit of the Lizard Elder feels kind of wasted on him and madreds/wriggles just isn't that good right now except on a few champions. He requires a lot of farm which is something junglers just don't get unless they get obscene amounts of ganks. He's not tanky and he's melee - that already spells trouble. His ganking is a lot stronger than I had thought it would be but it makes sense when you consider his mini-Malphite ultimate on his Q and his "aoe" slow on his E. He relies on health as a resource for abilities but at least his sustain is strong enough to make up for it. His team fighting is lackluster is weak early and in some cases just atrocious (high cc teams). His passive has limited uses aside from tower diving early (but if not successful you'll probably just die again) and in late game team fights if you built him as a bruiser. He's much stronger in a lane but he feels like a weaker Tryndamere both in lane and in the jungle.

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  • #49 Vuldin

    Anytime the tier lists/charts will be updated?

  • #47 Prismstorm

    /u/Stonewall awks when Aatrox becomes a valuable pick during Gamescon

  • #48 StonewallRoG

    This list is almost 2 months old...opinions can change.

  • #46 Alexian9

    NIce one!

  • #43 NicknameMy

    Just saw something in the tank list. Nasus and Taric have the exact same rating, still, they are 3 champs between them.

  • #42 thomasmill8

    Aatrox Jungle Build - 9x Flat AD, 9X Flat Armor, 9X MR/Lvl, 1-2 Lifesteal Quints, 1-2 AD Quints.

    I usually run MS quints on all junglers, but E into Q is insane for ganks.  W at level one, maxed second, E at two, maxed first, Q at 3/4, maxed last. Start Dblade into SoTAG. You don't need machete for clears, but SoTAG is one of the best items in the game, and the stats are all good. Dblade helps his low base stats and is great for counter jungling. Proper use of the passive allows you to run AS instead of AS marks. Afterwards BoTRK and GA. GA will always pop first, keeping your passive active, allowing you to heal up mid fight as long as your team didn't explode. Remainder of the build is situational, but good choices are LW, Randuins, and Spirit Visage.

  • #40 NicknameMy

    Isn't rammus not actually more or less a support jungler? I mean, he gains the same amount of gold like them, maybe even less.

    And isn't Poppy actually a fighter, since she builds nothing than offense and uses her ult for defense?

    Last edited by NicknameMy: 7/28/2013 4:10:49 PM
  • #33 BalefireSucks

    Stonewall, I'd love to hear your thoughts about jungle Quinn.  I think think she's definitely a viable jungler.  She's squishy, and has no sustain, but her damage on a gank is amazing.  Not too hard to proc the passive twice in just a few seconds.  And she has a lot else going for her.

  • #32 theyak1715

    Stonewall try this build on Aatrox... I only am telling you this because you have him listed in Fighter Junglers but I think that (AS A JUNGLER) he should be built like this (bruiser):
    Ninja Tabi
    Ancient Golem (Wit's end, Maw or Zephyr for late game)
    Blade of the Ruined King
    Randuin's Omen
    Spirit Visage
    Guardian Angel
    Look at Aatrox's kit and you'll notice 2 things(at least this is what i notice)... the first is that he can be a powerful initiator and the second is that he benefits from sustained fighting. Neither of these are accomplished by a Fighter build but when you build him with plenty of Armor/MR he can initiate so effectively especially with a strong team comp behind him
    Get well soon Stonewall! U da man

  • #27 Pierreson

    How did Gragas get superb mobility when even Zac only got above avg?

    Have you tried Jungle Quinn? She's more of a gimmick jungler but her kit is quite nice for jungling.

  • #31 BuddyBoombox

    gragas charge has a much lower cooldown so can be used to hop alot of small walls.  Zac has a higher CD but longer range, adding to his ganks, not his mobility, since you rarely use his jump to simply traverse the jungle.

  • #34 Pierreson

    But unlike Gragas Zac has no real costs on his ability. Has Gragas enough mana without the blue buff to use his bodyslam on cooldown just to be faster?

    With Zac you can jump from camp to camp as long as you do not plan on ganking in the next couple of seconds.And after maxing his E, Zac is able to jump over more than one wall at the right spots. That can make a huge difference too.

  • #35 Yaamahri

    Slingshot has a high cd, so that IS a real cost. Gragas' E costs less mana than his q or r I believe. The fact that it really doesn't hurt  him mana wise, and can be spammed pretty easily, is why he gets a higher mobility score. 

  • #22 spacehippy

    Can I request you check out Karma jungle - You'd be surprised. With the new jungle changes it means she can just go from buff to buff, with a mantra'd q on each (where most of her damage comes from) as she doesnt need to worry about wolves anymore. She can kite most people that would counterjungle her (and even kill the likes of mundo, shyvana, udyr and skarner) with the exception of lee sin. Oh and her ganks are surprisingly good - mantra'd q, free ghost on her w and the e to root or force a flash. Try it out!


  • #21 ORangeJuicer

    Bloody good article mate. Get well soon Stonebro.

  • #19 skytoucher

    I main Taric jungle and usually do very well but almost every game I get grief from someone on my team at the start.

  • #23 xaserite

    Do you build any damage if you are doing well? Spirit of the Elder Lizard maybe, to speed up the clearing?

  • #25 skytoucher

    The thing I watch the most is if we have another tank. If no one is building tanky then I take that role:

    giants belt>negatron>chain> (may change order depending on enemy team and $$ when Im buying)
    SV>FH>Wartmogs (may change order depending on enemy team)
    Finish with BV or RO depending on enemy team.

    I know it's more efficient to upgrade 1 item at a time but for the stats per gold you have incredible stats very early for the gold cost after the GB/negatron/chain.

    If things are going very well or I don't need to build ultra tanky then I go AP items after mobility boots. For MR (Twin Shadows, Abyssal Scepter)..for armor (seekers armguard, IG)..for Health (liandry's, Rylais)

    Last edited by skytoucher: 7/3/2013 5:17:34 AM
  • #44 NicknameMy

    Bad, really bad. You need SotAG and Glacial Shroud as fast as you can. Then you can get frozen heart and spirit visage. After that Iceborn Gauntlet and Wit's End.

  • #45 OuterRaven

    Quote from NicknameMy »

    Bad, really bad. You need SotAG and Glacial Shroud as fast as you can. Then you can get frozen heart and spirit visage. After that Iceborn Gauntlet and Wit's End.

    With SotAG, FH, SV and IBG, you're throwing away 20% CDR (assuming you have 0 CDR from masteries, which I doubt it). I'd replace IBG with Randuin's Omen, at least that way only 10% CDR goes to waste.

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