Jungle Tier List - Lucian Era

Please watch the video for the best explanation into how the new tier list has been set up. As a short summary - the tier list has been divided into categories in order to make it more coherent and easier to manage despite taking more work to set up. Every single category has some special aspects set in place to further exemplify what that type of jungler requires.

Take notice that some junglers will be placed in more than one category tier list and there may be some overlap in explanations and stats. The general spreadsheet that details the aspects (with letter scores) encompasses all categories. Every category still takes the spreadsheet into regards when it comes to the champion placements within them. Some champions did not receive any explanations because I felt they didn't really require any or were interesting. Some of their explanations can be assumed simply by reading the charts and taking note of the champion's placement.

In order to read the charts effectively you must understand the follow:

Letter scores in ascending order: F, D, C, B, A, S

Any + score simply it's a bit better than what the score would normally apply but not enough to qualify for the next letter score (unless it's S+ since it can't go higher).

The category spreadsheets have the a few sets of word scores to note a champion's prowess in the category factors.

Poor - Below Average - Average - Above Average - Superb

Magic Damage Junglers

These junglers are characters that focus on being a great contributor to the team's magic damage. Any jungler that has an off-spec (that isn't gimmicky) is considered here and taken into consideration as if they were taking this specific build path. The characters here are those that will be taking ability power/magic builds and not champions who merely deal magic damage regardless (example- Tank Nautilus will not be considered).

Factors: Damage Type, Crowd Control, Mobility, Transition, Poke

Damage Type - If the damage burst damage, sustained damage or a mix of both
Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Mobility - How well a champion moves across the battlefield
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase
Poke - How well a champion dishes out harassment during a push

Tier 1 - Elise, Zac, Evelynn, Nunu, Amumu, Sejuani, Fiddlesticks, Cho Gath
Tier 2 - Maokai, Diana, Kayle, Zyra, Fizz, Gragas, Karma, Singed, Morgana
Tier 3 - Galio, Mordekaiser, Karthus, Soraka, Sion, Akali, Malzahar, Heimerdinger, Cassiopeia

Support Junglers

The junglers in this category are being rated as a character picked to fill more of a "support" role than anything else. Some may be support tanks while others may be pure support or even bruiser support but even though they double as something else those other specs are not being considered here. This tier list is for how well a character fills the support role from the jungle. Characters are only considered in this tier list if they have a substantial team utility ability (or more) or very strong debuff(s) and can function solely by focusing on the utility of their kit. Crowd control is not being used as a factor here to determine if a character fits in here BUT if a character already fits the criteria for being in here and comes packing with CC - it will only serve to help them out. These are all made with the assumptions that the champions ONLY built support level items such as Aegis, Locket and such.

Factors: Support Type, Artificial Gold, Team Composition, Crowd Control

Support Type - If the jungler is a support that focuses on offense, defense or a mix of both
Artificial Gold - How much gold value do they grant the team (or detract from the enemy) with their kit
Team Composition - How often would a team benefit from the utility they grant
Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has

Tier 1 - Nunu, Nasus, Lee Sin, Warwick, Maokai, Karma
Tier 2 - Taric, Trundle, Kayle, Thresh, Gangplank, Janna, Morgana
Tier 3 - Galio, Soraka, Yorick, Lulu, Gragas, Orianna

Tank Junglers

This category should be very obvious. This category encompasses those junglers that are support-like in nature and those that are more bruiser-esque. Their ability to start fights, rely solely on tank items and lead the team is what is being taken into account here. Their ability to deal damage is not weighed heavily here - these are the initiators and leaders of a team. Damage will only matter after the other factors are weighed. This is made with the assumption that the champions have a combination (but perhaps not all) of tank steroids, crowd control, initiation and other tank features.

Factors: Crowd Control, Initiation, Peeling, Tankiness, Item Reliance, Cooldowns, Transition

Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Initiation - How well a champion can start a fight (or counter a fight)
Peeling - How well a champion can protect their teammates
Tankiness - How strong is a champion's natural defensive abilities
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Cooldowns - How manageable is a champion's ability cooldowns
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase

Tier 1 - Jarvan, Nautilus, Zac, Maokai, Sejuani, Cho Gath, Amumu, Shen
Tier 2 - Malphite, Leona, Rammus, Trundle, Hecarim, Nasus, Xin Zhao, Volibear
Tier 3 - Nunu, Taric, Singed, Thresh, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Galio, Skarner, Dr. Mundo

Bruiser Junglers

This category focuses on characters who function primarily using defensive items while still dealing strong amounts of damage and being a threat. They can deal damage even without damage items though not on par with offensively built characters. Characters that have a viable bruiser off-spec are also considered here. This is made with the assumption that the characters are purchasing bruiser-centric items and leaning heavier on the defensive builds as well as the defensive aspects of their kit. Bruisers with utility often make the best bruisers as well. The best bruisers combine survivability with utility and offense and have average gold reliance.

Factors: Crowd Control, Peeling, Tankiness, Damage, Item Reliance, Skirmishing, Utility, Transition

Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Peeling - How well a champion can protect their teammates
Tankiness - How strong is a champion's natural defensive abilities. A score of "below average" in this category only means they have no natural tank variable (health restore or steroid).
Damage - The level of a champion's damage potential
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Skirmishing - How strong a champion is in small scale fights
Utility (Bonus) - Anything a bruiser brings to aid their team with aside from crowd control such as team buffs (or enemy debuffs) and initiation.
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase

Tier 1 - Jarvan, Trundle, Nocturne, Lee Sin, Aatrox, Hecarim, Volibear, Udyr
Tier 2 - Vi, Xin Zhao, Nasus, Shen, Dr. Mundo, Shyvana, Warwick, Skarner
Tier 3 - Jax, Riven, Olaf, Wukong, Darius, Rengar, Pantheon, Renekton
Tier 4 - Gragas, Poppy, Blitzcrank, Jayce, Irelia, Sion, Garen, Yorick

Fighter Junglers

This category focuses on characters who focus purely on damage output and forsake defenses in order to do so. While some may function with some defensive options (or eventually buy them) they are the most effective when focusing on offense. They often lack utility and are higher in gold requirement than most junglers but these are the characters with the best chances of carrying a team through fighting (rather than assisting). These champions are often mobile, fragile, fast and lethal. The champions here are being assumed as having built glass cannon.

Factors: Damage, Mobility, Disengage, Item Reliance, Transition, Split Push

Damage - The level of a champion's damage potential
Mobility - How well a champion moves across the battlefield
Disengage - How well a champion can safely remove themselves from a fight
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase
Split Pushing - How well a champion can push a lane + tower (compared to the rest)

Tier 1 - Evelynn, Zed, Jarvan, Master Yi, Nocturne, Kha Zix, Shaco
Tier 2 - Kayle, Xin Zhao, Vi, Aatrox, Lee Sin, Riven, Fizz, Rengar
Tier 3 - Tryndamere, Jax, Shyvana, Ezreal, Gangplank, Pantheon, Fiora


What changed this iteration?

Keep in mind that some champions will not have explanations here and will have their explanations in the main video!

- Mass update to the spreadsheet. There were a lot of inconsistencies with the resilience scores as well as many champions that were not properly updated such as Taric and Diana.

- Added Karma who was missing despite being in the brackets

- Fighter Category gained Split Pushing aspect (this will likely need some refinement)

- Ezreal was added to the fighters category. He really isn't nothing special to any bracket aside from being a ranged ad champion. That gives him some uniqueness but he is not really suited for the jungle or at least in this meta.

- Jax was added to the fighters category. He is a much better bruiser but at the very least he can deal lots of damage with either build and snowball out of control. He is very weak early and tends to explode in most engages if he's built glass cannon.

- Master Yi would have likely ascended to the highest position in the fighters list but his recent nerf was a swift kick to the nuts. He is still a lot better as a jungler than he ever was before so that's nice. His consistency has improved, his alpha strike is no longer almost useless with an AD build (prior to his remake) and he's seemingly more functional.

- Shyvana was added to the fighters list and raised a bit higher in the bruisers list. Yes the buffs did help her out but not too much. She's still really good at what she does - which is invasion - and weak a lot of things. As a straight out fighter (glass cannon) she's pretty terrible as she'll die before she gets anything. As a bruiser, while she lacks utility, she can farm rather well though she'll need to otherwise she'll be useless. Her objective control is stronger, her invasion still consists of melting camps and her damage is high as ever. She still gets kited and cannot be the only tank in your team.

- Evelynn was added to the magic category. Much like Kayle I simply noted her as a fighter with hybrid damage but I did not include her in the magic category once I put Kayle there. This was an oversight.

- Amumu is systematically replacing Sejuani from all her positions. Her nerfs plus his him doing the same job (in a sense) but with higher damage already is pushing her above him. Her nerfs did come some time ago sure but I hadn't played Amumu in a long time. After having some games with him I realized that I felt I had more of an impact with him than with Sejuani. His speed was always high, his damage was always high and his initiation is powerful. It's more than I can say about Sejuani right now.

- Nautilus was lowered by one slot due to Jarvan simply having a better early game and less of a chance of being screwed by minions. They were basically tied before but I give the edge now to Jarvan.

- Taric was lowered simply because he can't keep up with all the nerfs, direct and indirect, and simply being outdone by other support junglers. He's still good but the others have a better jungle throughout along with their supportive abilities.

- Karma gained an increased position in both the magic damage dealer and support categories. This is thoroughly thanks to her performances in the tournaments and the observations that were gathered. I had underestimated what she could have done as I hadn't tested her since her firsts buffs. After watching the tournament matches with her in the jungle I was motivated to try her again and had successes and failures with her. She definitely is stronger than I thought but still rather rough around the edges. Her support benefits are definitely strong albeit still rather gold heavy. She can gank and grants her team a ton of mobility. She is definitely someone worth watching and further testing is needed as her jungling is unique.

- Leona, while a strong "tank" jungler, is very weak in plenty of aspects of jungling and thus can't fulfill the jungle role consistently. In theory she should be very powerful, akin to Nautilus, but in practice it isn't as graceful. Still powerful though since tier 2 doesn't mean bad and she brings with her tons of battlefield control.

- Vi was raised up a bit in the bruiser bracket largely because I was able to encounter a bit more (perhaps because of the resurgence in the tournaments?) and, while she often died after, she can still execute an mvp with her ultimate and win fights that way. I mean I knew she could do this but I overestimated her gold needs. One offensive item (or two inexpensive ones) followed with cookie cutter tank items still let's her blow up carries like before and in a time where bastards like Kassadin are being used, being able to catch them is quite important.

- Volibear has been lowered in the bruiser tier list because of his lack of utility. Yes he has an AoE slow and he can toss people but that is not enough at the moment. He still has high damage with his ultimate and his chomp of death so that keeps him in tier 1. The nerfs were a long time ago but the trend seems to be starting to deviate towards bruisers (not counting tanks) also contributing some form of hard initiation (or assassination) - Volibear is soft initiation.

- Riven simply isn't as strong anymore now that I tried her again. Her item choices aren't favoring her in the jungle at the moment aside from attempting to snowball games.

- Hecarim was moved down just a bit but he's still strong. I have yet to see if the trinity force buff will make a big difference for him but he is still a very high damage bruiser who doesn't require much in the line of offensive items while also possessing one of the most powerful forms of initiation. His problem will forever be his selfish nature though as he isn't reaching his potential if he keeps donating kills.

- Jarvan is now at the top of two brackets. I know a lot of players will call me biased but I do generally feel he's an obscene champion at the moment. He himself is not overpowered but the meta and the current trends continuously favor him. He's a very well rounded character and is insanely versatile. He can fill any role and any objective and is a safe pick at any order. TLDR: He does a lot of things and he does them well and a lot of those things happen to be what is needed currently.

- Aatrox is perhaps the most interesting one of these. He went up in a few categories but moreso in the bruiser list. On his release I felt he was a bit underwhelming but over time he grew on me as I saw my friend tear people through him though he mostly played him pure glass cannon. I then saw the EU players pick him and decided to try out their builds on him. It is very effective and Aatrox works as a pseudo-initiator who can dish out some damage (at least until late game starts creeping in and he has no damage items) and has a built in guardian angel. His super sustain and high damage were already acknowledged in the last iteration but now I have to acknowledge his ability to function very well with tank items and one offensive item - pretty much what being a bruiser is all about.

Still I feel there are more kinks for me to work out before I figure if I need to put him up higher or lower. His resilience seems to suck as later he'll just be a decent initiator and a meh aggro bot if he gets behind.


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  • #65 NicknameMy

    Ehm, Cho has only burst damage? What about his E and builds focused on on-hit, which are even better in the jungle than in the lane?

  • #58 gman79

    Who would you say is the best ganker? 

  • #59 Bodycounter

    Shaco, Evelynn, Nocturne, Nautilus and Jarvan got great ganks. They have great crowd control, initiation and/or damage. The last three champions excels at level six. Correct me, if i missed someone.

    Elise and Lee Sin are strong gankers, too. But it's definitly harder to do a good gank with them, because of the higher skillcap. A good Lee Sin gank at level six for example is a kill even when the oppenent wastes his summoners like flash, but it's hard to time and perform his abilities.

    Last edited by Bodycounter: 9/13/2013 1:47:03 AM
  • #60 gman79

    okay thanks! who is the most mobile ganker?

  • #61 Bodycounter

    In my opinion Lee Sin. His Q and his W makes him extremely mobile the whole game. On top of that both skills are on low cooldown. His base movement speed (350) is one of the best, too.

    Pantheon, Shen and Nocturne can close great distances with their ultimates. Zac has the greatest Range on a normal spell for a gank.

    Last edited by Bodycounter: 9/13/2013 12:53:03 PM
  • #62 gman79

    Thanks again and um who do you think the overall most mobile champion both jungle and non jungle (speed mostly but also other stuff) is? And would you suggest Hecarim or Rammus?

    Last edited by gman79: 9/13/2013 4:06:37 PM
  • #63 Pikohchu

    This is kind of old, but I felt kinda bad seeing the guy didn't answer you again lol. The most mobile champs out of the jungle have got to be Kassadin, Renekton, and Blitz. Overall mobility I'm talking, not in teamfights, or Ahri would probably win. Kassadin because his ult lets him blink around all over the place. Renekton, because he has a double dash on his E with a short CD 8~ seconds with the CDR from a normal build. I say Blitz because his W is pretty much a ghost and with CDR, he can be permanently ghosted. Oh, and Zilean, for the same reasons as Blitz.

  • #64 Bodycounter

    To be honest: The guy (me) didn't notice that he answered again :)

    The question ist not easy to answer. There are many champions with speedboosts. Others are mobile through dashes. Mobile champions would be: Zilean, Hecarim, Riven, Gragas, LeBlanc, Kassadin, Ahri, Blitzcrank, Janna (overall the fastest) and so on. Cant name them all. I think the question wasn't precise enough to answer.

  • #53 Cerbereth

    Can you comment on Maokai a little bit. I would like to start jungling him again and I was wondering when you feel is a good time to pick him. I jungle Nautilus and Amumu a lot as it seems solo queue teams almost always need a tank in the jungle, but when Amumu is banned and Nautilus is taken it would be nice to have another solid tank to play. When do you feel is a good circumstance to pick him?

    Any advice would be appreciated. 

  • #55 Dalems44

    Dr. Mundo. SOTG, Tabi, Visage, Randuin's, Liandrys,  

    6th item - Guardian angel for super tanking everything (*tip* Mundo's ult regen works while you are rezing so when you are about to die hit R and use like 20 hp to ult instead of 500+ and get back the full 72% over the duration at level 16), Rylai's if you want to catch a lot more people and you want Laindrys to be more painful+super slows on W+Randuin's. Thornmail if you are being eaten alive by their AD's (know you just laugh at him LOLOL.) 

    SUPER SUPER LATE GAME - trade your boots for Zepher and SOTG for Warmogs.

    Mundo is the only jungler in the game who excels at poking late game. You have to know when to poke with cleavers (33% current hp when used with Laundry's per cleaver), Dive to take out TURRETS Mundo is great at tanking turrets while your team shoots it a couple of times and then backing off even with 3 of the enemy team there. Just Ult when you get to about 55% hp and run out of tower range. You either bait the other team into a fight/get some turret damage or you take that turret forcing the other team back. It takes some practice and guts to dive for turret damage (a lot of people will call you crazy) but once you master it Dr. Mundo is super fun to play.

  • #56 ohGr

    Psst, he said Maokai, not Dr. Mundo.

    As for your info on Mundo, you're forgetting a sorta key point currently, in that his clear still brutalizes his health, and isn't anywhere near his clear speed of S2, not to mention the FOTM junglers destroy him if they invade. Mundo is my favorite champ, but he needs some love. Ignite hits him too hard, and his clear speed/sustain in jungle are just not up to snuff early game. He's amazing late game, but most games don't get to real late game, and even then, a Nasus or Hecarim is just as good if not better.

  • #57 Bodycounter

    Maokai is more of a niche pick in my opinion. I dont mean that he's a bad jungler, but there are better picks in most situations. But Maokai is great against AoE comps for example. Some really good tanky junglers are: Jarvan, Nasus or Hecarim. Even Cho'gath is a solid pick.

    Last edited by Bodycounter: 9/11/2013 1:01:04 PM
  • #50 Arcane_Azmadi

    Hang on, what? Why is WARWICK rated a Tier 1 Support jungler...?

  • #52 Isysar

    Artificial gold value. Warwick's Hunter's Call adds over 5000 gold worth of attack speed to your team. Is this always useful? No. Mages don't want AS, and neither does your support. But there's a theoretical situation where you have 2-3 AS dependent champions on your team (any ADC, a double ADC comp, tops like Tryndamere, etc) and then Warwick's Hunter's Call is incredible. This is basically the strongest thing about Warwick, since everything about him is lackluster or vastly outdone by other junglers.

  • #48 ohGr

    Even with the lowering of Voli, I've been playing him a lot more lately in ranked to great success. Part of that is going with Trick2g's IDGAF Phage Voli build. Voli's AS focus along with Q and Phage make him downright infuriating to escape from.

  • #47 buuuurp

    lol aatrox is tier 1 bruiser and tier 2 fighter.  These things just keep getting worse.  I don't know why you even do them.  All you are doing is basically listing what the current fads are and randomly throwing trundle at tier 1.... every single tier list.


    didn't you have amumu at like tier 3 recently too?  lol

    Last edited by buuuurp: 8/30/2013 11:47:57 PM
  • #49 ohGr

    Did you even read the article, or just look at positions? He explained why Amumu went back up, because Sejuani's nerfs hit her hard enough for him to take her spot.

  • #46 JedimasterDarren

    Thanks so much, excellent info and appreciate your opinion Stonewall.

  • #42 LightningDan

    Why isn't Fiddlesticks in the Support one?

    Other than that, great job!

  • #41 xaneius

    Hey Stonewall! Check on bruiser section Vi and Nocturne table values and rank position... I don't find any logic in placement, given that values are better and Vi finds more space in actual meta/comps.

    edit: also don't agree that ganks of vi pre6 are just D+... gapcloser/cc + high dmg, armorshred and selfshield. also invesion is good with fast clearing and walljumping!

    Last edited by xaneius: 8/30/2013 6:39:59 AM
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