Jungle Tier List - Vel'Koz Era

Please watch the video in order to get a better understanding about how this tier list works. It is divided into different sub-categories of junglers such as support junglers and tank junglers. This makes it easier to give proper credit for junglers who could all be argued as being the best. Different junglers are good due to different reasons and each of these sub categories give credit based on whatever role they want to fulfill as a jungler. I also hope that people do not attribute the strengths of a champion when they LANE to their jungler aspects. Champions like Dr. Mundo and Shyvana are currently very powerful solo laners but they are not necessarily flawless in the jungle.

Take notice that some junglers will be placed in more than one category tier list and there may be some overlap in explanations and stats. The general spreadsheet that details the aspects (with letter scores) encompasses all categories. Every category still takes the spreadsheet into regards when it comes to the champion placements within them. Some champions did not receive any explanations because I felt they didn't really require any or were interesting. Some of their explanations can be assumed simply by reading the charts and taking note of the champion's placement.

Being in Tier 3 does not mean the champion is in a bad place. Remember that they are being graded by brackets instead of one giant tier list. If a giant tier list was in place, they would likely have more champions above and below them. Also keep in mind that being in multiple tier lists tends to be a very good thing. Not being in the top 5 of one bracket is not as good as being in the top 10 of 2-3 brackets. The tiers are also mostly for organization purposes. Tier 1 is better than Tier 2 BUT not always by too much especially in the tank bracket. Do not be afraid of giving me your opinions in the comments section though. I have been known to be swayed by well formulated posts - but I've also been known to severely frown upon disrespectful posts.


In order to read the charts effectively you must understand the following:

Letter scores in ascending order: F, D, C, B, A, S

Any + score simply it's a bit better than what the score would normally apply but not enough to qualify for the next letter score (unless it's S+ since it can't go higher).

Any score with a * next to it means that the score can be affected by certain conditions in the game. Shaco has an S* score in invasion for example. This is to point out that his invasions can become better or worse if he cannot fulfill the conditions to obtain his godlike invasion - which tends to be easy for him to do anyways.

Magic Damage Junglers

These junglers are characters that focus on being a great contributor to the team's magic damage. Any jungler that has an off-spec (that isn't gimmicky) is considered here and taken into consideration as if they were taking this specific build path. The characters here are those that will be taking ability power/magic builds and not champions who merely deal magic damage regardless (example- Tank Nautilus will not be considered).

Factors: Damage Type, Crowd Control, Mobility, Transition, Poke

Damage Type - If the damage burst damage, sustained damage or a mix of both
Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Mobility - How well a champion moves across the battlefield
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase
Poke - How well a champion dishes out harassment during a push

Tier 1 - Elise, Gragas, Evelynn, Kayle, Amumu, Fiddlesticks, Zac
Tier 2 - Cho'Gath, Diana, Sejuani, Maokai, Fizz, Karma, Morgana
Tier 3 - Karthus, Singed, Galio, Mordekaiser

Support Junglers

The junglers in this category are being rated as a character picked to fill more of a "support" role than anything else. Some may be support tanks while others may be pure support or even bruiser support but even though they double as something else those other specs are not being considered here. This tier list is for how well a character fills the support role from the jungle. Characters are only considered in this tier list if they have a substantial team utility ability (or more) or very strong debuff(s) and can function solely by focusing on the utility of their kit. Crowd control is not being used as a factor here to determine if a character fits in here BUT if a character already fits the criteria for being in here and comes packing with CC - it will only serve to help them out. These are all made with the assumptions that the champions ONLY built support level items such as Aegis, Locket and such.

Factors: Support Type, Artificial Gold, Team Composition, Crowd Control

Support Type - If the jungler is a support that focuses on offense, defense or a mix of both
Artificial Gold - How much gold value do they grant the team (or detract from the enemy) with their kit. One of the most important values.
Team Composition - How often would a team benefit from the utility they grant
Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has

Tier 1 - Lee Sin, Nunu, Nasus, Yorick, Kayle
Tier 2 - Trundle, Karma, Maokai, Malphite, Warwick
Tier 3 - Morgana, Gangplank, Galio, Gragas, Jarvan

Tank Junglers

This category should be very obvious. This category encompasses those junglers that are support-like in nature and those that are more bruiser-esque. Their ability to start fights, rely solely on tank items and lead the team is what is being taken into account here. Their ability to deal damage is not weighed heavily here - these are the initiators and leaders of a team. Damage will only matter after the other factors are weighed. This is made with the assumption that the champions have a combination (but perhaps not all) of tank steroids, crowd control, initiation and other tank features.

Factors: Crowd Control, Initiation, Peeling, Tankiness, Item Reliance, Cooldowns, Transition

Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Initiation - How well a champion can start a fight (or counter a fight)
Peeling - How well a champion can protect their teammates
Tankiness - How strong is a champion's natural defensive abilities
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Cooldowns - How manageable is a champion's ability cooldowns
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase

Tier 1 - Jarvan, Nautilus, Zac, Sejuani, Maokai, Amumu, Cho Gath, Wukong
Tier 2 - Shen, Aatrox, Xin Zhao, Malphite, Rammus, Trundle, Volibear, Shyvana,
Tier 3 - Hecarim, Nasus, Leona, Dr. Mundo., Nunu, Singed, Alistar, Galio

Bruiser Junglers

This category focuses on characters who function primarily using defensive items while still dealing strong amounts of damage and being a threat. They can deal damage even without damage items though not on par with offensively built characters. Characters that have a viable bruiser off-spec are also considered here. This is made with the assumption that the characters are purchasing bruiser-centric items and leaning heavier on the defensive builds as well as the defensive aspects of their kit. Bruisers with utility often make the best bruisers as well. The best bruisers combine survivability with utility and offense and have average gold reliance.

Factors: Crowd Control, Peeling, Tankiness, Damage, Item Reliance, Skirmishing, Utility, Transition

Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Peeling - How well a champion can protect their teammates
Tankiness - How strong is a champion's natural defensive abilities. A score of "below average" in this category only means they have no natural tank variable (health restore or steroid).
Damage - The level of a champion's damage potential
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Skirmishing - How strong a champion is in small scale fights
Utility (Bonus) - Anything a bruiser brings to aid their team with aside from crowd control such as team buffs (or enemy debuffs) and initiation.
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase

Tier 1 - Vi, Pantheon, Lee Sin, Volibear, Trundle, Wukong, Elise, Olaf
Tier 2 - Dr. Mundo, Jarvan, Aatrox, Shyvana, Nocturne, Xin Zhao, Udyr, Nasus, Hecarim
Tier 3 - Shen, Jax, Riven, Warwick, Darius, Rengar, Yorick

Fighter Junglers

This category focuses on characters who focus purely on damage output and forsake defenses in order to do so. While some may function with some defensive options (or eventually buy them) they are the most effective when focusing on offense. They often lack utility and are higher in gold requirement than most junglers but these are the characters with the best chances of carrying a team through fighting (rather than assisting). These champions are often mobile, fragile, fast and lethal. The champions here are being assumed as having built glass cannon.

Factors: Damage, Mobility, Disengage, Item Reliance, Transition, Split Push

Damage - The level of a champion's damage potential
Mobility - How well a champion moves across the battlefield
Disengage - How well a champion can safely remove themselves from a fight
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase
Split Pushing - How well a champion can push a lane + tower (compared to the rest)

Tier 1 - Pantheon, Kha'Zix, Kayle, Vi, Evelynn, Zed, Wukong, Master Yi
Tier 2 - Udyr, Jarvan, Nocturne, Jinx, Shaco, Xin Zhao, Riven, Aatrox, Lee Sin
Tier 3 - Fizz, Rengar Tryndamere, Jax, Shyvana, Gangplank

What changed this iteration?

Keep in mind that some champions will not have explanations as they are either not too important or not interesting!

Explanation for Wukong and Pantheon here

As far as their placements go - Wukong is in multiple brackets but not the highest in any of them. He is still flawed in ways mostly due to his item dependency and his weak pre-6 ganking. However, his initiation is incredible and his damage potential is insane. Pantheon is a playmaker throughout the entire game. His ganking is insane and his early damage is nearly incredible. Very few can even hope to match the power of his early to mid game impact.

Vi and Elise - What more can I say about these champions except that they are the most problematic junglers in the game? Vi basically sentences a target to death with her ultimate while Elise has too much utility and power jam packed into her. Needless to say, they both ranked very high in the brackets they were placed in due to their overwhelming power. Elise is a stupidly versatile champion while Vi is a one-trick pony that does her trick way too well - and that trick is making one person insta-dead.

Kayle - She is perhaps one of the biggest beneficiaries of all the jungle changes. The spirit stone changes boosted her power on all points and basically made her a much stronger jungler in all the brackets she is in. She saw an increase in the fighter bracket placement, magic bracket and even the support bracket. She is still a wonky jungler and feels sluggish but sweet baby Jesus her damage is absurd. Kayle is a great carry jungler who can fill multiple roles and fit most team compositions (though roughly in some cases) but she does suffer from item dependency.

Lee Sin - The other god of the jungle who currently has a placement in three brackets. Like Elise, he is way too versatile and can be picked into almost any team composition. He has similar placements in the bruiser and fighter brackets but he rocketed up the support bracket. His utility is currently in favor in this meta and, in general, the favored items for support junglers were gutted universally (gold item limit) but they were items that Lee Sin did not need or use. Other support junglers got universally hurt by the aura nerfs but Lee Sin thrives on his other boons.

Kha'Zix - He's better this time around thanks to the wight camp and his mobility. His damage is absurd and he has the potential to snowball out of control. There isn't much you can say about Kha'Zix aside from extreme damage, ridiculous reset potential and a straight out assassin. He only exists in one bracket though - the fighter's bracket - but he is placed very highly. He is a strong jungle carry and can be a worthwhile pick as long as you get some initiation or tankiness from another teammate.

Nocturne - Probably someone we predicted would be much stronger but did not turn out so. He is still very powerful but he's lost his former bracket placements to the likes of Vi and Pantheon. He is, essentially, a weaker Pantheon currently.

Amumu - Amumu did not see much of a change in bracket placement since last time except a small boost in the magic bracket. He is by far one of the best beneficiaries of the latest spirit stone changes as his early game sustain issues have nearly been rectified. He can powerfarm the jungle like the champ and enter fights with more equipment than before.

Dr. Mundo - While being very similar to Shyvana, he excels in the fact that he actually has some crowd control and his damage steroids make it so he never has to purchase actual damage items in order to maul people. He is not placed in tier 1 in any of the brackets he is part of because he still does not contribute as much as most other junglers of his type when he jungles. He is a formidable top laner currently but being a jungler calls for much more. It is very true that he can take the jungle role, farm up and obtain gold, and then still do similar things as if he was top. The point still stands, he does not have as much utility as other tanks and bruisers but he is currently one of the favored picks. His objective control is awesome though.

Fiddlesticks - He really did not see any change in position. The spirit stone change was welcome but is pretty much overkill by the second clear. Still he is a very impactful AP jungler and is placed high in the magic bracket.

Olaf - Much like Udyr, he is a very fast jungler that is restricted by his mana pool. Olaf's Q burden is very noticeable early and it will hinder his clearing. His ganking is moderately strong with dependency on your accuracy with his axes and his damage is moderate (high if you can hit your axes). He quickly starts gettings out of control if he is left alone to farm and run amok. He can be shut down but it only serves to slow him down. Out of the 4 power farmers mentioned in the explanations (Udyr, Shyvana, Dr. Mundo and Olaf) he is the most gold dependent and requires more rev-up time. Still it is nearly impossible to kite an Olaf who has his ultimate up and his true damage will render even tanks unable to stop him. He currently only fits as bruiser jungler and he is placed in tier 1 for the bruiser bracket.

Udyr - He is very similar to Dr. Mundo and Shyvana but with more versatility and innate tankiness. He has much better dueling potential than both and arguably more utility. However, he has a severe mana burden that the other two do not. While this mana restriction can be circumvented, he must obtain some means of fixing it. It is fortunate that there are plenty of items that are strong on Udyr that help his mana issues. He tends to get kited harder than Dr. Mundo and Shyvana (though she has a hard time if she does not pull off a good ultimate). He is placed in two brackets currently, the fighter and the bruiser, and he is placed admirably in both. His biggest issue is that he depends on what kind of opponents he is fighting versus. Certain team comps are nightmares for him to deal with while he can just outright stream roll certain other compositions. He is a very strong solo queue jungler though.

Gangplank - He is only slightly better but not considerably to the point where he is a good pick. He has a rework incoming so that might change things up. I still do love his carry potential (if the game takes long enough) and his global pressure with his ultimate.

Shen - Still probably the slowest jungler in the game. It is agonizing to try to compete with the faster junglers currently so hopefully you do well early and obtain you ultimate so you can activate your infinite jungling. He saw a drop in the brackets he is in simply because he cannot match the current favorites and others are replacing him in the tier he was in.

Aatrox - He has an infinitely easier time jungling than most champions, he has very strong ganks early along with high damage, he's an insane duelist, he has Malphite's ultimate on his Q, he scales insanely well, versatile builds, low cooldowns and a free guardian angel. He's very useful albeit he's very gold and level starved and this is what ultimately keeps him down. He has admirable placements in the brackets he is included in.

Singed - He's rather average. He dropped a bit since itemization is not in his favor most of the time and he's just a worse Rammus.

Galio - He stayed the same. I can't justify picking him in any situation but his shield is a really powerful tool. He is a support/tank jungler that desperately needs gold to be effective.

Hecarim - This greedy tank has seen better days. His favored damage item was changed to the point where it is no longer useful for him. The new jungle beats him to death and thus he can't as well as before. He needs gold in order to contribute in team fights but he is having a harder time obtaining that gold. He has definitely seen better days. The advent of power farmers is also not good for him either. He has basically plummeted in his brackets as a result. Hopefully the upcoming AoE buff the to spirit items helps him out.

Jarvan - He is arguably still the best jungle tank in the game but every other bracket placement has suffered due to item changes and everyone else simply surpassing him in those categories. He is no longer the best bruiser choice nor the best fighter choice but that does not make him not competent in those type of roles.

Nautilus - He is one of the junglers that most benefited from the changes. He new smite and masteries have helped him immensely and he is essentially having a much easier time. There is no need to say how powerful he is at team fights (4 forms of crowd control) but it is important to note just how great his clearing is now. He is as fast as Shyvana, Vi and the rest, at clearing camps (at least when he gets 2 ranks into W) and he'd farm just as well if he had as much mobility as them. He is very vulnerable to invaders till of course but at least the new wight camp makes invasions weaker. TLDR: His early weaknesses were padded and thus he has a better chance of not being shut down. He is one of the best jungle tanks in the game and he sits nicely up in his only bracket spot.

Nunu - No change. Still annoying though.

Shaco - He dropped in the fighters bracket in favor of Pantheon and Wukong.

Nasus - There is no safer jungler in the game than Nasus. He is an insurance policy for games you feel will take too long to finish. That said, the latest nerfs to his wither and his ultimate have hurt him quite dearly and caused him to plummet from the bruiser and tank brackets and caused him to drop a bit from the support bracket as well ultimately forfeiting his number 1 spot. He is kept aloft by his armor debuff from spirit fire but it really hurt losing the range increase on his spells. Nasus has a much more difficult time applying his wither on his opponents and thus gets kited beyond all recognition.

Rammus - He did not see much change. He is still in the same spot in this single bracket which is an admirable tier 2 position. He's ok.

Volibear - He has increased his ranking in both the tank (slightly) and the bruiser. He used to be the best bruiser jungler but dropped significantly near the end of Season 3. He is picking up steam again and I am enjoying using him once more. His ability to peel is one of the best in the game and it's become an important thing to protect your mvp from all the divers in the game currently.

Maokai - He has seen better days. His lack of mobility and power farming is what is keeping him down. He is still a very powerful jungler though and definitely one of my favorites. He's a safe pick and he utterly counters certain laners. He's become more situational is all.

Sejuani - This has been beaten to death but she is essentially Nautilus on a pig. She did not benefit from the changes as much as Nautilus did and she still has some early game sustain issues - and she still sucks at dueling. There are some situations where she can be seen as better than Nautilus though such as in pure AoE compositions. She is still very high in the tank bracket because she honestly is a powerhouse of a tank and fills more spots than Amumu - just Amumu tends to outshine her in damage which is why he beats her in the magic bracket.

Master Yi - Think of Shyvana with more damage but less survivability. Master Yi is arguably the best split pushing jungler in the game and one of the strongest late game jungle carries. However, one mistake and he instantly explodes making him a risky fighter. His gold dependency and his fragile nature make him a difficult pick for a lot of team comps but he can be outright deadly when an answer is not set up for him. He did not change much in the fighters bracket.

Riven - She is a high risk jungler as she tends to fall behind if slapped down. However, she brings with her insane amounts of damage if let loose. The risk places her lower in the brackets but she is a formidable pick and a great jungle carry. You have to play balls crazy with her though.

Jax - Pretty much the same as Riven except he's a frog.

Tryndamere - Pretty much the same as Jax except he's not a frog.

Trundle - He is currently seeing use in the meta which is a nice thing. He is a glorious counter pick to tank champions especially those who stack resistances and health. He is also a very strong debuffer and generally an annoying champion. He is placed in an admirable spot in the support bracket - considering who he is - while also placing in highly in the bruiser bracket and the tank bracket. His ultimate is what is giving him so much power. He clears fine, he is a very dangerous duelist, his ganking is wonky but potentially powerful, he's annoying in team fights and he has great objective control.

Yorick - He skyrocketed up the support bracket for similar reasons as Lee Sin. Yorick never needed to build any support items (or items for that matter) to fully achieve his supporting capabilities. His ultimate is far more valuable currently as mvp targets are easier to murder and at least this gives them a chance to contribute if they died too early. Also, generally put, Yorick greatly benefitted from the recent jungle changes and the spirit items basically mean infinite mana for Yorick. He can even solo dragon at level 6!

Rengar - To be frank, he works far better as a laner than he does a jungler. His placements are all over the place and he's merely only okay.

Xin Zhao - He is still a pseudo-initiator and a high damage dealing maniac ganker. His placements have no shifted much.

Malphite - He did not see much change in any of the brackets he is placed in.

Diana - The AP jungler that almost could. She farms fast, she is sustained and she scales well. However, she has arguably as terrible early game pressure as Warwick does and her dueling is poor early. Her ganks at level 6 tend to wonky too as you end up mostly just using your ultimate to initiate the gank rather than deal damage. Still, she farms extremely well, she can snowball and she has broad itemization though not always without a price tag. She is placed only in one bracket and has an admirable spot in tier 2 for the magic bracket.

Zac - He is one of the best magic junglers and one of the best tanks still. Sadly this is not what is sought after in the current meta so he is not seeing any play. He does suffer from needing others to pick up his damage slack. He sets up plays but needs others to be on board with what he is planning.

Zed -One of my favorite jungle fighters. He dropped in the brackets to make room for others who are currently superior but he is still a competent fighter jungler. Just make sure you have someone else working as a tank and/or initiator that game.

Morgana - She saw a small increase in the brackets she is placed in. She is far better in a lane of course as her jungle dueling is abysmal but her black shield is such a delicious ganking tool and the spirit items basically gave her infinite sustain. She is an interesting choice sometimes but rarely competitive.

Gragas - He saw a dramatic rise in the magic bracket placement and with good reason. His E buff sometime ago has made him clear incredibly better and the spirit items, combined with his W, gave him infinite sustain. His mobility and AoE damage allow him to farm up quickly enough that he can obtain gold similar to if he had been mid. He can even initiate which is very rare for most AP junglers. He has a lot of room for error though and may not be the easiest to play for inexperienced players.

Cho'Gath - He did not see much change. He dropped a little from the magic bracket but that's mostly to make room for Gragas. He is still one of the most versatile and safe junglers in the game. His lack of initiation keeps him down as a great tank jungler but his peeling and battlefield control is nearly amongst the best. He is a recommended jungler for people trying to learn the game.

Jinx - She is the only ranged adc that is currently in any of the brackets. She has nearly no mobility and that works against her but she is surprisingly a great ganker and clears with almost no issue especially if she abuses the leash mechanics. Her potential to carry is obviously there since she's a ranged champion. Her dueling potential is terrible in the jungle though so she is risky to play.

Warwick - Still a great support jungler thanks to his attack speed boost. He has a rework coming soon so I am wondering how that will change things. I can only justify picking him in team comps that take advantage of his attack speed boost or do not need your help early game. He did drop a little in the support bracket though.

Karthus - Pure gimmick but always fun. That sums him up nicely. He saw no change.

Leona - One of the jungle tanks with the best "tank" stats but worst jungle stats. She just outright suffers and the spirit changes did not help her situation. If you can force her through her early clears (2-3 clears) then she can contribute but you are honestly better off picking other junglers that fill the same role and sticking her into the lane.

Karma - She is perhaps one of the best niche junglers in the game. Her contributions are many and varied to the point where she can fit most team compositions. Of course she still depends on her team unless she's fed and purchased the proper items so that does keep her down. She packs a world of utility such as a slow, a snare, AoE damage, poke, shields and movement speed boosts. She can't deal with most junglers early if she's out of mana and that happens too often until she gets mana regeneration from the spirit stone and another item. She is not a favored pick currently but she can definitely be justified in some cases.

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