Jungle Tier List - Braum Era

Please watch the video in order to get a better understanding about how this tier list works. It is divided into different sub-categories of junglers such as support junglers and tank junglers. This makes it easier to give proper credit for junglers who could all be argued as being the best. Different junglers are good due to different reasons and each of these sub categories give credit based on whatever role they want to fulfill as a jungler. I also hope that people do not attribute the strengths of a champion when they LANE to their jungler aspects

Take notice that some junglers will be placed in more than one category tier list and there may be some overlap in explanations and stats. The general spreadsheet that details the aspects (with letter scores) encompasses all categories. Every category still takes the spreadsheet into regards when it comes to the champion placements within them. Some champions did not receive any explanations because I felt they didn't really require any or were interesting. Some of their explanations can be assumed simply by reading the charts and taking note of the champion's placement.

Being in Tier 3 does not mean the champion is in a bad place. Remember that they are being graded by brackets instead of one giant tier list. If a giant tier list was in place, they would likely have more champions above and below them. Also keep in mind that being in multiple tier lists tends to be a very good thing. Not being in the top 5 of one bracket is not as good as being in the top 10 of 2-3 brackets. The tiers are also mostly for organization purposes. Tier 1 is better than Tier 2 BUT not always by too much especially in the tank bracket. Do not be afraid of giving me your opinions in the comments section though. I have been known to be swayed by well formulated posts - but I've also been known to severely frown upon disrespectful posts.


In order to read the charts effectively you must understand the following:

Letter scores signify excellence and are better in ascending order: F, D, C, B, A, S

Speed - How fast they the jungler clear and how well can they sustain it
Jungle Item - How much of an improvement the champion sees when they obtain a jungle item. A score of ... means none and every x indicates improvement.
Resilience - How well a jungler can recover from being set back
Ganking - How strong a jungler's ability to kill enemy laners is. A ganking score of */* means pre-ultimate and post-ultimate ganking.
Dueling - How strong a jungler is in a 1v1 situation with any opponent
Invasion - How fast a jungler is at stealing enemy camps and how low the risk factor is

Any + score simply it's a bit better than what the score would normally apply but not enough to qualify for the next letter score (unless it's S+ since it can't go higher).

Any score with a * next to it means that the score can be affected by certain conditions in the game. Shaco has an S* score in invasion for example. This is to point out that his invasions can become better or worse if he cannot fulfill the conditions to obtain his godlike invasion - which tends to be easy for him to do anyways.

Magic Damage Junglers

These junglers are characters that focus on being a great contributor to the team's magic damage. Any jungler that has an off-spec (that isn't gimmicky) is considered here and taken into consideration as if they were taking this specific build path. The characters here are those that will be taking ability power/magic builds and not champions who merely deal magic damage regardless (example- Tank Nautilus will not be considered). The idea behind this one is that while some of these junglers can be considered "fighters" these specialize in being built/picked for magic damage.

Factors: Damage Type, Crowd Control, Mobility, Transition, Poke, Area of Effect

Damage Type - If the damage burst damage, sustained damage or a mix of both
Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Mobility - How well a champion moves across the battlefield
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase
Poke - How well a champion dishes out harassment during a push
Area of Effect - How strong they are at attacking multiple targets

Tier 1 - Elise, Zac, Amumu, Evelynn, Kayle, Fiddlesticks, Lulu, Gragas
Tier 2 - Cho'Gath, Diana, Sejuani, Maokai, Zyra, Fizz, Brand, Karma, Morgana
Tier 3 - Karthus, Akali, Singed, Galio, Vel'Koz, Mordekaiser

Support Junglers

The junglers in this category are being rated as a character picked to fill more of a "support" role than anything else. Some may be support tanks while others may be pure support or even bruiser support but even though they double as something else those other specs are not being considered here. This tier list is for how well a character fills the support role from the jungle. Characters are only considered in this tier list if they have a substantial team utility ability (or more) or very strong debuff(s) and can function solely by focusing on the utility of their kit. Crowd control is not being used as a factor here to determine if a character fits in here BUT if a character already fits the criteria for being in here and comes packing with CC - it will only serve to help them out. These are all made with the assumptions that the champions ONLY built support level items such as Aegis, Locket and such.

Factors: Support Type, Artificial Gold, Team Composition, Crowd Control

Support Type - If the jungler is a support that focuses on offense, defense or a mix of both
Artificial Gold - How much gold value do they grant the team (or detract from the enemy) with their kit. One of the most important values.
Team Composition - How often would a team benefit from the utility they grant
Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has

Tier 1 - Lee Sin, Nunu, Nasus, Lulu, Kayle
Tier 2 - Yorick, Trundle, Karma, Maokai, Malphite, Warwick
Tier 3 - Morgana, Gangplank, Braum, Galio, Jarvan

Tank Junglers

This category should be very obvious. This category encompasses those junglers that are support-like in nature and those that are more bruiser-esque. Their ability to start fights, rely solely on tank items and lead the team is what is being taken into account here. Their ability to deal damage is not weighed heavily here - these are the initiators and leaders of a team. Damage will only matter after the other factors are weighed. This is made with the assumption that the champions have a combination (but perhaps not all) of tank steroids, crowd control, initiation and other tank features.

Factors: Crowd Control, Initiation, Peeling, Tankiness, Item Reliance, Cooldowns, Transition

Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Initiation - How well a champion can start a fight (or counter a fight)
Peeling - How well a champion can protect their teammates
Tankiness - How strong is a champion's natural defensive abilities
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Cooldowns - How manageable is a champion's ability cooldowns
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase

Tier 1 - Zac, Nautilus, Jarvan, Sejuani, Maokai, Amumu, Gragas, Cho Gath
Tier 2 - Wukong, Shen, Xin Zhao, Malphite, Rammus, Trundle, Volibear, Aatrox
Tier 3 - Shyvana, Hecarim, Nasus, Leona, Braum, Dr. Mundo., Nunu, Singed, Alistar, Galio

Bruiser Junglers

This category focuses on characters who function primarily using defensive items while still dealing strong amounts of damage and being a threat. They can deal damage even without damage items though not on par with offensively built characters. Characters that have a viable bruiser off-spec are also considered here. This is made with the assumption that the characters are purchasing bruiser-centric items and leaning heavier on the defensive builds as well as the defensive aspects of their kit. Bruisers with utility often make the best bruisers as well. The best bruisers combine survivability with utility and offense and have average gold reliance.

Factors: Crowd Control, Peeling, Tankiness, Damage, Item Reliance, Skirmishing, Utility, Transition

Crowd Control - How much CC a champion has
Peeling - How well a champion can protect their teammates
Tankiness - How strong is a champion's natural defensive abilities. A score of "below average" in this category only means they have no natural tank variable (health restore or steroid).
Damage - The level of a champion's damage potential
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Skirmishing - How strong a champion is in small scale fights
Utility (Bonus) - Anything a bruiser brings to aid their team with aside from crowd control such as team buffs (or enemy debuffs) and initiation.
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase

Tier 1 - Volibear, Vi, Pantheon, Lee Sin, Trundle, Wukong, Kha'Zix
Tier 2 - Dr. Mundo, Nocturne, Shyvana, Olaf, Udyr, Nasus, Xin Zhao, Warwick
Tier 3 - Elise, Jax, Jarvan, Aatrox, Gragas, Skarner, Hecarim, Shen, Rengar
Tier 4 - Riven, Darius, Yorick, Urgot

Fighter Junglers

This category focuses on characters who focus purely on damage output and forsake defenses in order to do so. While some may function with some defensive options (or eventually buy them) they are the most effective when focusing on offense. They often lack utility and are higher in gold requirement than most junglers but these are the characters with the best chances of carrying a team through fighting (rather than assisting). These champions are often mobile, fragile, fast and lethal. The champions here are being assumed as having built glass cannon.

Factors: Jungler Type, Damage, Mobility, Disengage, Item Reliance, Transition, Split Push

Jungler Type - Whether the jungler focuses on farming, ganking or a mix
Damage - The level of a champion's damage potential
Mobility - How well a champion moves across the battlefield
Disengage - How well a champion can safely remove themselves from a fight
Item Reliance - How dependent a champion is on items (and gold)
Transition - How well a champion goes from the jungle phase to the team fight phase
Split Pushing - How well a champion can push a lane + tower (compared to the rest)

Tier 1 - Kha'Zix, Pantheon, Evelynn, Lee Sin, Vi, Nocturne, Master Yi
Tier 2 - Udyr, Wukong, Kayle, Warwick, Shaco, Xin Zhao, Jarvan, Jax
Tier 3 - Zed, Aatrox, Riven, Fiora, Fizz, Tryndamere, Shyvana, Jinx, Rengar
Tier 4 - Darius, Gangplank, Ezreal, Urgot, Irelia, Jayce

What changed this iteration?

Spirit aspect renamed to "jungle item" to encompass the madred's line as well. It is now scored with a "-" or a few "x" to signify the degree of improvement if any.

New aspects added to both the magic bracket and the fighter's bracket.

General Stats
Aatrox - Resilience and dueling lowered
Akali - Stats added
Brand - Stats added
Braum - Stats added
Fiora - Stats added
Gragas - All scores increased
Jax - Pre-6 Ganking and invasion increased
Jayce - Stats added
Kayle - Resilience increased
Lulu - Stats added
Irelia - Stats added
Master Yi - Added post-6 dueling score
Morgana - Resilience increased
Nautilus - Speed lowered
Nocturne - Speed increased
Renekton - Stats added
Rengar - Post-6 ganking and invasion decreased
Sejuani - Speed lowered
Skarner - Stats added
Urgot - Stats added
Vel'Koz - Stats added
Zyra - Stats added

Support Tier
Braum added
Gragas removed
Jayce added
Karthus added
Lulu added

Braum placed in Tier 3
Lulu placed in Tier 1
Yorick lowered to Tier 2

Magic Tier
AoE aspect added
Akali added
Brand added
Lulu added
Vel'Koz added
Zyra added

Akali placed in tier 3
Amumu rose in tier 1
Brand placed in tier 2
Gragas lowered in tier 2
Lulu placed in tier 1
Vel'Koz placed in tier 3
Zyra placed in tier 2

Tank Tier
Braum added
Gragas added

Aatrox lowered in tier 2
Braum placed in tier 3
Gragas placed in tier 1
Jarvan lowered in tier 1
Shyvana drops to tier 3
Wukong drops to tier 2
Zac rises in tier 1

Bruiser Tier
Gragas added
Kha'Zix added
Irelia added
Renekton added
Skarner added
Urgot added

Tier 4 created
Aatrox lowered in tier 2
Darius lowered to tier 4
Gragas added to tier 3
Hecarim lowered to tier 3
Jarvan lowered to tier 3
Jax rises in tier 3
Kha'Zix added to tier 1
Nasus rises in tier 2
Nocturne rises in tier 2
Olaf lowered to tier 2
Riven lowered to tier 4
Skarner added to tier 3
Udyr rises in tier 2
Urgot added to tier 4
Volibear rises in tier 1
Warwick rises to tier 2
Yorick lowered to tier 4

Fighter Tier
Gameplay type added
Akali added
Darius added
Fiora added
Irelia added
Jayce added
Renekton added
Urgot added
Warwick added

Tier 4 Created
Aatrox dropped to tier 3
Akali added to tier 4
Darius added to tier 4
Fiora added to tier 3
Gangplank lowered to tier 4
Irelia added to tier 4
Jarvan lowered in tier 2
Jayce added to tier 4
Jax rises to tier 2
Kayle lowered to tier 2
Kha'Zix rises in tier 1
Lee Sin rises to tier 1
Master Yi rises in tier 1
Nocturne raised to tier 1
Renekton added to tier 3
Riven lowered to tier 3
Udyr rises in tier 2
Urgot added to tier 4
Warwick added to tier 2
Wukong lowered to tier 2
Zed drops to tier 2

Champion Details

Brand - His entire jungling relies upon his passive in the early levels but it is still as effective as it was in previous seasons. He has the inherent weaknesses associated with AP junglers and the same problems as his lane self though. As far as AP junglers go he fares much better than a ton of his counter-parts. His damage is straight-forward, he has a truckoad of AoE damage and reliable poke. He may become the new base child for new AP junglers to be compared to.

Renekton - Added by reader request mostly. He is not the worst jungler and interestingly effective albeit his ganks are weakened due to the rage mechanic. He faces an interesting dilemma in the jungle though. He is strong early game against a lot of match-ups but this isn't something that is taken advantage of when he's in the jungle and his late game isn't the strongest as he becomes somewhat of a meatshield. He basically gives up one of his strongest features - early game dominance - for a decent/good jungle phase with an ok transition. He is surprisingly strong with the Elder Lizard though.

Skarner - He was finally added to the tier list but he's the same as he was before although his slow is a lot less user friendly. The loss of his perma-slow makes him far less badass than before and a lot less unique. By being less unique he starts waning when compared to other champions.

Zyra - Veteran readers of my articles and viewers of my videos know I am quite fond of Zyra. I used her in the jungle again and she is basically the same thing albeit the loss of Spirit of the Lizard Elder's use on her plants did hurt her. She's merely returning to the list.

Karthus - I am awful at Karthus so I cannot give a strong opinion on him. Even so I did play him twice and it was fun. Your weaknesses as Karthus are very pronounced - weak duelist, fragile, farm intensive, mana reliant - but man it is fun to snipe kills with your ultimate and not worry about death too much. He is a special case as a jungler as his wealth of weaknesses can be made up by the fact that his late game is so deadly and he has global pressure with his ultimate.

Volibear - He retakes his spot as the strongest jungle bruiser in the game. He's not quite a tank not fully a fighter but well enough in between that he gets the strengths of both types with only a few weaknesses. He is the epitome of godly bodyguard while still maintaining reasonable levels of damage while only building tank items. His early game power is immense as well making him a safe champion and having a surprisingly positive match-ups in his favor. He's a fight heavy jungler early who transitions into a defensive teammate later. He can itemize for defense first and still deal damage and equip himself with damage or more control depending on the situation - this is something very beneficial for bruisers.

Udyr - He is definitely one of the junglers with immense solo carry potential and he can run at a million miles per hour but he is by far one of the more selfish junglers in the game. He can become a bodyguard/peeler later in the game so that works but he is farm heavy in any build other than deep bruiser. He also can get absolutely screwed by certain team compositions. Still he is a very aggressive jungler that a player can use to win games by themselves as his pressure insurmountable if his momentum is not disturbed. He's one of those champions who's power comes more from the player finding creative ways to use his kit than the kit itself - a more technical champion rather than power.

Nocturne - He was raised in the fighter's tier thanks to the Feral Flare but honestly I should have done that much sooner. I tend to be worrisome about glass cannon builds so I've never gone nearly 100% glass on Nocturne until recently. I am pleased at how manageable it was and it definitely works in his favor. I should have tried it months ago. He is still not as powerful as someone like Master Yi in straight out damage but his fear and ultimate just make him more useful and grant him more team utility.

Vel'Koz - He's fun but really bad in the jungle. I really do wish he had better clears. He still clears pretty poorly with his first Spirit item.

Lulu - She is one of those junglers that make you ask "this shouldn't be working but why is it working?" when you use it. Her support features are rather known and they do have a lot of gold value behind them. She is pretty average and decent in her jungle aspects while lagging behind with mana but being strong at ganking. Even so the trade off of having an awkward jungle phase can be worthwhile for having someone with her supportive features and ap qualities. As far as things are considered when compared to others in her same tiers she is surprisingly more effective in the long run.

Akali - She was added to both the fighters list and the magic damage list. Now I'm sure some people will be upset with Akali's placement but honestly I am not too fond of her. She does not have the best early clearing or ganks. Hell I'd consider her early ganks weaker than Braum's. Even after Level 6 I still doubt her ganks since she brings no real useful crowd control and is still overly reliant on her teammate assisting her. She deals tons of damage sure but most other jungle duelists can break her in two as soon as her stealth ends. At least she's a straight forward jungler and that can be seen as a plus.

Gragas - He is by far one of the most impressive junglers I have played as of late. I played him the week of his rework and I was disappointed at the clunkiness and inefficiency so I did not pick him up again. However, with the advent of support Gragas being used I thought to incorporate that build into the jungle and see how it works. Tank Gragas has been ridiculously impressive. His magic damage side has definitely become worse and his bruiser side still leaves much to be desired but if chosen to be build solely as a tank and be thought of as a "pure" tank then my god is he lovely. His jungle clearing is still the same aside from a bad first clear. He starts destroying the jungle better than he did before. His ganking definitely became stronger in the control department. They added a stun to him, they gave him a ranged slow and both spells have manageable cooldowns so much so he often gets a second round of implementing them. He even obtains an ultimate that adds another level of ganking prowess and it is on such a low cooldown.

He ends up transitioning into a badass defensive tank later. He is not the best tank to go into the fray and start beating people to death but he can initiate a fight for his team, stun the front line and throw a slow into the fray or he can disengage for his team, peel incredibly well for his teammates and keep the enemy frontline at bay. Is a very safe tank.

Master Yi - He was tier 1 prior to the addition of Feral Flare. The item served to make him a bit better but it ultimately did not change anything about him. Yes he could reach his power spike a bit earlier with Feral Flare over Spirit of the Lizard Elder but he has always been the sort of fighter than farms rapidly, gets strong spikes of damage and then goes on to tear people to pieces. Anyone who doubts that Yi could runaway with a game prior to Feral Flare is a dunce.

Warwick - He saw much love with the Feral Flare though. He didn't have any real strong offensive items through the jungle tree so his damage powerspike was heavily delayed. Feral Flare's addition made his on-hit builds much stronger and his playstyle was accommodated better than ever.

Urgot and Jayce - They were added to due fan requests. Sadly the just suck and do not offer much. Don't rip my head off for this.

Irelia - She was a fun champion to use surprisingly and while she is functional she is perhaps one of the worst of the fighters simply because her powerspikes are so delayed due to her expensive build. She is not that impressive in the jungle aspects requirement nor is she the best ganker in the world. She's average and an average jungler with such a steep gold requirement is a very bad idea.

Fiora - The best way I can summarize her is a worse Master Yi with breasts. She's one of the champions who saw a huge spike in jungle power with Feral Flare but it ultimately doesn't make up for her bad ganks. She is a strong duelist at least so you can try to find the enemy jungler and poke them to death. She is much stronger but she's ultimately outdone by a ton of other fighters.

Jax - He faces the same restrictions as Irelia but he's far better off. Honestly that's the only thing that really holds him back. He is still far stronger with the release of Feral Flare.

Braum - He is a bad jungler clear and simple. While a lot of players may argue otherwise and claim he can survive the jungle it does not mean anything when you start bringing in comparisons. He is weaker than any other jungle tank you could likely want to bring and his support qualities do not make up for it. His clearing is on the levels of Shen and his ganking is wholly unreliable. When a jungler can't farm or gank then they are pretty much useless and ultimately unrewarding even if you force it out of them.



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