Solo Queue Tier List Update - ZYRA! July 30th

* Tier 1 - ZyraShenMorgana, Riven, Twisted FateYorickAlistarKarthusJaxRyzeBlitzcrankMalphite, KennenLee Sin, RumbleEzrealSorakaAhriCorkiSkarner, Graves, VladimirXin Zhao,

* Tier 2 - Irelia, Cassiopeia, OriannaNocturne, Jarvan IV, DariusNautilusJanna, OlafKayleVayneRenektonNunuDr. MundoPantheon, Akali, UdyrAnnie, Maokai, AsheShyvanaMordekaiserTaric, Nidalee

* Tier 3 - SwainSinged, Sona, AniviaKassadin, JayceCho'GathLeona, RammusTristana, Gragas, AmumuGalioSivirShacoTryndamere, MalzaharBrandVarusGangplankSion,

* Tier 4 - WukongHecarimVeigarWarwickKog'Maw, Miss Fortune, Draven LuxTeemo, LeblancLuluTrundle, Talon, Urgot, Zilean, FizzCaitlynViktor, Xerath,

* Tier 5 - KatarinaTwitchMaster YiZiggs, Nasus, VolibearFiddlesticks, Eve,Garen, PoppyFioraSejuaniKarma, Heimerdinger

Champ Explanations

Malphite moved up to tier 1 - Despite his changes he actually got a little buff to his AP ratio on his E which actually makes going the hybrid build with "Sunfire + Abyssal" very viable. His ability to dish out  great damage makes him a very capable champion in solo queue to carry, tank, and dish out consistent DPS.

Orianna moved up to tier 2 - Now I would move her to tier 1 but to be a god tier Orianna you really have to be good at the game and let's face it like 0.5% or less people in this game to play her to that extent. She's still very good though if you're able to use her for the most part correctly, hence the tier 2 placement. 

Irelia moved up in tier 2 - I am considering moving her up to tier 1 actually but I haven't made up my mind. I need to see her in action a little bit more because a lot of people thought she sucked for a long time but everyone seems to be picking her up again. We'll have to see!

Akali moved up to tier 2 - She destroys EVERYONE when she gets fed and even has a snowball kit built in. Her recent buffs make her pretty damn good in solo queue. 

Olaf moved up in tier 2 - I find jungle Olaf and top Olaf to be incredibly strong in solo queue and competitive play. 

Sona moved up to tier 3 - I had her in tier 4 and with her recent little buff's she's actually feels a lot better / smoother to play. 

Taric moved up to tier 2 - Had him WAAAAY too low. We all know Taric is very easy to play and wins a lot of lanes, hence him moving up in solo queue. 

Zyra added to tier 1 - Now this may seem like a wild statement to make but you can ask ANY competitive player 2200+ Elo or anyone on a competitive team and they will all say she's OP because well.. She is. Amazing zoning, burst, cc, and sustained DPS. Her passive is also incredibly strong and pretty much allows you to pick up kills after you die no matter what if the trade was close. She's honestly pretty OP right now and you'll see when you watch streams she will be banned a lot because of her strength. 

Leona moved up to tier 3 - Had her way too low just like Taric. She can snowball lanes very hard in solo queue and is a fantastic tank.

Eve added to tier 5 - She still sucks.. Let's face it lol. Changes or not she's still kinda blah. 

Twitch - Despite his remake I think he's actually worse now. Before he was pretty damn good at jungle solo queue stomping but now it's a lot worse imo. 

Tier Explanations

Tier 1 - These champions are at the top of this list for a lot of reasons. The biggest reason being you can actually carry a team with them. In League of Legends its very hard to be a "true" carry as this game if very team oriented. If you've ever played a 4v5 you'll know what I am talking about as it's literally impossible to win when you're down a man. So I find these champions in Tier 1 lane very well in terms of being able to kill creeps well, harassing the enemy champion, and survivability. They also add a lot of utility  For the junglers in tier 1 it's because they control the jungle well, do it safel, gank well, and if they get fed can actually carry games themselves. All these champions are have great early games for the most part and just continuously get stronger as the game goes on. These are the pub stomp kings of the game in my eyes currently.

Tier 2 - These champions like tier 1 champions are great laners, and are great to have on your team in Solo Queue. They just don't carry as hard as other champions in tier 1 I find. Their early game laning power can be almost equal to the strength of tier 1 champions but I find the tier 2 champions to be slightly weaker than these tier 1 champions in terms of how hard you can carry a solo queue game with them. They are still the cream of the crop in Solo Queue and shouldn't be underestimated.

Tier 3 - These champions I find to be great 3rd, 4th, or 5th picks on a team. They are 100% viable but these champions generally aren't as strong in lane as tier 1 and tier 2 champions. A lot of them in this tier can stand toe to toe to a lot of tier 1 and 2 champions but I find they just aren't sought after as "great" Solo Queue champions. These champs are all 100% viable in solo queue. I just find them to be slightly weaker than tier 2 champions in Solo Queue.

Tier 4 - Now tier 4 is a tricky tier I find. These champs are all 100% viable for Solo Queue. If someone says they play a great X champion in tier 4 than you can let them solo or play that champion. These champions are simply tier 4 because they require a lot more farm I find then other champions to reach that "carry status" in Solo Queue. These champions are usually played by people who love these champions for their design and play style so usually people who play these champions I find aren't bad players at all so letting them play these champions sometime is a good choice. These champions problem isn't poor laning or really anything other than they require a lot more effort to be good at and a lot more skill to do well on is all. They're all fun champions and I suggest you give them a whirl and try them out. 

Eve Tier  - Eve is just the worst champion in the game and she pales in comparison to any other champion in the game. If you pick Eve you're not doing your team a favor in fact you'll most likely lose because Riot purposely nerfed her into the ground because her kit was too hard to balance. It's not that I hate the champion it's just the fact that Riot intended to nerf her so hard that people would be reluctant to play her anymore. Maybe we'll see a Eve remake in the future but for now she's a danger to pick if you want to win. 

DISCLAIMER! - Now remember everyone. This is just an OPINION and nothing else. Take it with a grain of salt and remember not to flame anyone in-game over me or my lists. If you like to theorycraft I encourage it but never take my opinion out on someone else because they don't pick accordingly to the list. It's pointless, annoying, and if you do you're a bad human being. All champions except for Eve are completely viable for solo queue so relax and have some fun, it's what the games about. 

SOLO QUEUE ADVICE - Always remember to build a balanced team that is strong in all 5 aspects of the game. Get two strong solo's, a strong duo lane, and a strong jungler and your chances of winning will increase drastically! If you're not 1st or 2nd pick please pick accordingly to the rest of your team. Communication in pregame chat is the key to success! If you have an AD and an AP carry then the remaining roles of Tank, Support, and Jungle need to be filled! It's the best way to become a great League of Legends player by having a well-rounded group of champions you can play! Master all aspects of the game and not just one!

Message for the Community - So I find this list MUCH harder to put champions into tiers without being a bit biased. This is a new list so it will most likely be a little inaccurate to start off with so bear with me while I perfect it. So this is what I am going to ask of the community. If you have a suggestion on a champion placement please structure it in a respectful and logical way. Posts like "I owned with Tryn like 22-0 last game he should be higher! You're dumb as **** Elementz" Will simply be ignored as you're not helping make this list better.



  • #106 sabinmightyfist

    update would be nice.

  • #104 coolshanth

    Evelynn has one of the highest winrates in the game

    this is way too biased

  • #105 DARKWING

    last updated july 30th. lol. 

  • #103 deeklol

    update anytime soon..?

  • #102 cacti147

    I was hoping we could get an update to this. Since its 2 months later. Also, a support tier list for solo queue would be a nice addition to your lists. For those of us who willingly choose to ranked support. 

  • #101 Kawaii_Dragon

    Why is Nasus so low on the list? I believe he is a solid top laner, especially with ghost/teleport. While you're shopping he's building his Q and gaining farm as you run back to your lane. A smart Nasus won't push the lane and only free farm, gaining more and more damage on his Q. If you go to fight him after all that farm, he's going to hit you with his Q for about 200+, depending on the level. Most likely it's going to be too late to stop him. Once you get an aegis, and then a GA, it's time to roam. Gain enough free farm and you have a tri force. By then it's over, he's an amazing solo and that's why I believe he should be in at least the top 2/3 tiers

  • #100 mrfuzzy78

    I realize you are probably working on this already, but add Diana! She is a monstrous AP assassin, basically bruiser Akali with high AoE damage. By the way...

    Zyra got nerfed hard. She is not indisputably the best any longer. She is still horrible, but much less OP than beforehand.

    You have an intense hate for Twitch. Why? He is not nearly as good, but he is definitely a terror if he does his job and ults into your team with the ridiculous range it gives.

    Kog'Maw can enter hyper-carry mode with average feed pretty quickly, as his ult gives him great vision and range, and BaB + MBR is a 10 hit kill not counting his massive AA damage. He is squishy, but he wins 2v1s purely because no one can get close enough to touch him (except Jax). I find that he outdoes, say, Corki in every way except for escaping (yes I count poke, I think Kog's ult beats Corki's any day). Plus AD kog still deals enough magic damage to almost be considered hybrid. AP Kog is something I have little experience with, but Tier 4 just a bit low IMO.

    Just tell me why fiddles is so low. Late game drain is a kill that fully heals you, or at least out-heals whatever damage you take. Terrify is just OP, and adding a silence makes it worse. And that is not to mention the ulti. I get the feeling I am missing some major con on this one.

  • #98 7alon

    elementz.. slackest tier lister ever

  • #99 ModestChandelure

    Best be trolling. You do realize he was at the NA Regional Finals this weekend and probably was spending a ton of time preparing for it the past month as well.

  • #96 theedee

    Cant wait for the new thoughts on the Champs, this list is sooo outdated again :)

  • #93 Juuhonber

    Gragas in tier 3 that is just plain wrooong. Also I think Maokai should be higher.

  • #95 Jonni8

    Indeed. I like to play them both really really much and especially gragas can carry a game and just shut down the enemy ad carry for example so quickly. Also he ca just crash a complete teamfight setup of the enemy team for example

  • #92 PotatoFrenzy


    Riot is really following this list. Anyone in tier 1 is most likely going to get nerfed. It wasn't bad that they said they were nerfing the top 3 AD carries, BUT they didn't nerf ez, they gave him buffs FFS

  • #82 froggyfreddy

    I think sona should me moved up even more to tier 2. While she doesn't have the babysitting ability of janna or the sustain of soraka, she has harassment and zoning abilities. Leveling up q first will make sona the most threatening support at 6 next to leona and blitzcrank. However, she has something leona and blitz don't, low mana harass and sustain. Her ult is also a monster late game and the green aura+aegis :O

  • #89 PotatoFrenzy

    Sona is a fine support but the reason she's probably not tier 2-3 material is because she's has a little bit of everything but doesn't excel in one or two particular aspect. Actually out of all the supports she has one of the better harasses but when there is a standoff between the ADC a Janna's shield spam or Soraka/Taric's heal + greater armor bonus is going to help their ADC more than her Q and W when the persistent auras can only be one at a time.

  • #97 systoll

    Sona's heal benefits the ADC more than Taric's. Even at max rank, she gives ~2x as many HP/sec. And before that, things are even more in her favour.

    Taric's armor bonus is better than Sona's aura,  but worse than the active effect (which lasts for 4 seconds) Taric can negate the effect of the active on *one* person, but in doing so removes his own aura, and decreases his own armor as well.

    And then, sona's W powerchord can negate the negation of her armour buff by reducing the ADC's armour buff. This obviously doesn't negate the damage taric did though, obviously, but her rangedness means her autoattacks have likely already done so.

    At this point, note that I have *only* discussed Sona's W, and it's competing with Taric's Q and W combined. This works even more in sona's favour, as she'll have her Q at a higher level than taric's comparable skills. Adding in her Q's active, we see damage comparable to taric's W, with less of a draw back and from a FAR safer position.

    Where things fall apart for Sona is in her last two skills. Firstly, we must note that Taric's ult gives off a better version of Sona's Q aura. In lane, the actual damage done by the Q, along with its overall safety and reliability make it more desirable; but in teamfights, not so much.

    But now, the elephant in the room. Sona and Taric both have stuns. But in lane, taric's E is about 1000x more useful. A low cooldown, guaranteed hit, that can easily shut down an enemy who gets out of position. Sona's high cooldown AOE stun completely negates it, of course... when it's available. Otherwise it's a huge and constant threat. It makes sona's powerchord poking incredibly risky, and makes it very difficult to truly catch an opponent out. It's almost a spammable spell at lvl 1, while Sona's ult only comes at level 6, and she needs to be very careful about using it, as it'll be down for a long time. The damage on their ults is comparable. Once she gets into team fights; the ult is *way* more powerful than a taric stun, but she's often a little too squishy to use it to full effectiveness; and it's not enough to make up for a lackluster early game. 

    The closest thing sona's got to Taric's E is her own. But even in the best case scenario, a 1.5s 20+14% MS boost and 2s 40% slow (at 550 range) is hardly amazing compared to taric's 625 range stun; and taric himself is ahead by 10 base MS. A shyrelia's negates the spell.


  • #79 AwesomeT07

    Ok this list seems pretty solid but one champ i see way to low imho that i play all the time is Amumu.  How can a champ with that much cc and dmg be in tier 3?  He is tier one easily in my opinion i see him banned in ranked solo queue all the time and I have carried with him from the jungle if i start snowballing he is an OP ap jungle tank with two cc one being an aoe massive dmg snare way too low amumu simply decimates entire teams with his utility even if you arent fed

  • #80 mrobert5

    The high clear speed and dueling potential of champions like Lee Sin, Mundo and Shyvana, who are popular right now, makes Amumu a bad choice.

  • #81 SilverSlave

    He needs too much babysitting early game, and he can't afford to give early stolen buffs. This alone makes him not helpfull for his team early. His early dueling is also on the weak side. 

    But you're right, his ultimate is boss, and he is a teamfight god. But again - it's solo queue, if you're screwed early game, then don't get surprised when you're screwed for the rest of the game.

    That aside, I also think that rising someone from tier 3 to 1 is somewhat dramatical. I do respect your opinions, but I think that mid tier 2 fits him better. 

  • #86 Zolxoz

    Quote from AwesomeT07 »

    Ok this list seems pretty solid but one champ i see way to low imho that i play all the time is Amumu.  How can a champ with that much cc and dmg be in tier 3?  He is tier one easily in my opinion i see him banned in ranked solo queue all the time and I have carried with him from the jungle if i start snowballing he is an OP ap jungle tank with two cc one being an aoe massive dmg snare way too low amumu simply decimates entire teams with his utility even if you arent fed

    Hes Simply 2 easy to counter in the laning phase. Any1 can counterjungle him, and it really destroys him

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