Season 3 Solo Queue Tier List - 11/16/2012

Time Stamp have been added in!

* Tier 1 - Orianna, Shen, Katarina, Irelia, Elise, Morgana, Twisted FateJax, Singed, Karthus, Ezreal, Diana, Gragas, Lee SinBlitzcrank, Rumble, Zyra, CorkiAmumu, Maokai, Graves, Malphite, Darius, Rengar, Ryze,

* Tier 2 - Nidalee, Cho'Gath, Shyvana, Cassiopeia, Kennen, Nunu, Nocturne, Lulu, Caitlyn, Jarvan IV, Draven, Ahri, Garen, NautilusJanna, OlafKayle, Vladimir, Riven, VayneRenekton, Dr. MundoPantheon, AkaliUdyrJayce, Soraka, Annie, Alistar, Eve

* Tier 3 - Lux, Swain, SonaTwitch, AniviaKassadin, Galio, MordekaiserSkarner, Taric, Syndra, Xerath, Leona, AsheYorick, Tristana, Fiddlesticks, SivirShacoXin Zhao, Tryndamere, MalzaharBrandVarusGangplankSion, Evelynn,

* Tier 4 - WukongHecarimVeigar, Zed, Warwick, Khazix, Kog'Maw, Rammus, Miss Fortune, Teemo, Leblanc, Trundle, Talon, Urgot, Zilean, Fizz, Viktor,

* Tier 5 - Master YiZiggs, Nasus, Volibear, PoppyFioraSejuaniKarma, Heimerdinger,

Explanations and Timestamps for them!

Watch the VOD Here! <--- "Sorry Embed is being funny right now only got the link!"


Changes -

Skarner moved down to tier 3 -

Alistar moved down to tier 2 -

Jayce moved down to tier 2 -

Blitzcrank moved down in tier 1 -

Rengar moved down in tier 1 -

Vladimir moved down to tier 2 -

Ahri moved down to tier 2 -

Ryze moved down in tier 1 - 

Malphite moved down in tier 1 -

Irelia moved up to tier 1 -

Orianna moved up to tier 1 -

Gragas moved up to tier 1 -

Nidalee moved up to tier 2 -

Shen moved up to tier 1 -

Jax moved up to tier 1 -

Cho'Gath moved up to tier 2 -

Syndra moved up to tier 3 - 

Fiddlesticks moved up to tier 3 -

Lulu moved up to tier 2 -

Caitlyn moved up to tier 2 -

Draven moved up to tier 2 -

Ezreal moved down in tier 1 -

Galio moved up in tier 3 - 

Evelynn moved down to tier 2 -

Twitch moved up to tier 2 -

Rammus moved down to tier 4 -

Amumu moved up in to tier 1 -

Kennen moved down to tier 2 -

Ashe moved down to tier 3 -

Yorick moved down to tier 3 -

Elise added to TIER 1 -

Zed added to TIER 4 -

Khazix added to TIER 4 - 




DISCLAIMER! - Now remember everyone. This is just an OPINION and nothing else. Take it with a grain of salt and remember not to flame anyone in-game over me or my lists. If you like to theorycraft I encourage it but never take my opinion out on someone else because they don't pick accordingly to the list. It's pointless, annoying, and if you do you're a bad human being. All champions except for Eve are completely viable for solo queue so relax and have some fun, it's what the games about. 

SOLO QUEUE ADVICE - Always remember to build a balanced team that is strong in all 5 aspects of the game. Get two strong solo's, a strong duo lane, and a strong jungler and your chances of winning will increase drastically! If you're not 1st or 2nd pick please pick accordingly to the rest of your team. Communication in pregame chat is the key to success! If you have an AD and an AP carry then the remaining roles of Tank, Support, and Jungle need to be filled! It's the best way to become a great League of Legends player by having a well-rounded group of champions you can play! Master all aspects of the game and not just one!

Message for the Community - So I find this list MUCH harder to put champions into tiers without being a bit biased. This is a new list so it will most likely be a little inaccurate to start off with so bear with me while I perfect it. So this is what I am going to ask of the community. If you have a suggestion on a champion placement please structure it in a respectful and logical way. Posts like "I owned with Tryn like 22-0 last game he should be higher! You're dumb as **** Elementz" Will simply be ignored as you're not helping make this list better.



  • #121 terbenaw

    Are we going to get an updated Tier List anytime soon?

  • #120 gman79

    Why ziggs tier 5. He is great at poking and not that bad. Not saying teir one but at least teir 3. Plus he has an awesome death animation

    Last edited by gman79: 12/22/2012 1:51:01 AM
  • #115 silentsushii

    might as well make a trash tier :\

  • #116 MerryLane

    Diana, Rengar, Syndra Karma Udyr Veigar Alistar Gragas Corki Fizz ^^

  • #117 stuffedcheesybread

    Except like half of those are still pretty strong picks lol. 

  • #118 MerryLane;league=ranked&amp;type=champion-loserate&amp;range=daily

    Diana and Rengar were overnerfed. People that still play them didn't realise it, and thus are pretty stupid, and pretty stupid people playing UP champions give 40 % winrate.

    Syndra/Karma/Udyr/Veigar are self explanatory.

    Corki had his passive nerfed, and S3 didn't make it better for him.

    Alistar can't jungle anymore.

    Gragas & Fizz have obvious troubles, and either people don't play them as counterpicks/special comps, either they do so but they aren't used to the char enough.

  • #113 Mockstar

    So as far as next update goes (which hopefully will be soon, interested to hear new thoughts),  I'm starting to feel like Nidalee is tier 1 matierial. She's very versatile if you can survive 1-6. She has very few unwinnable matchups, and especially in a match where you are better than your lane opponent, she's extremely strong. She can be aggressive if you need to be, or pokes galore. Or a mix of both. Plus WEQ is about 40% health, so you can literally land just a single spear and then dive your opponent in a 1v1.

    Shaco has to move up. He handles the jungle phenomenally, to the point where invading him almost doesn't help. First blood opportunities everywhere, crazy fast double buff, split pushing like Shen but without the bans. At least high tier 2 if not low tier 1.

    Miss Fortune has the highest win rate in ranked games of any ADC as of today, dunno why she's tier 4. great in lane, great team fight, fast as hell. Snowballs like a boss.

    Ryze has really fallen out of favor. So many mids can destroy him early that he just isn't really a safe early pick anymore. Tier 2.

  • #111 NicknameMy

    Noone likes Master Yi and his buffs?

  • #112 MerryLane

    If you take Master Yi in S2 and his actual state, the difference is that he got globally nerfed

  • #110 McCpwn


    This list appears to be relatively accurate to me... there are a couple of things I might consider though. 

    1. This is actually a question- are these just the tiers listings for high elo? If so, do you have advice on who is a good champion to practice to gain elo from say the 1400 range?

    2. I would have trouble putting most ADC/support champs high on the list, simply because you have to rely on a lane partner at the beginning 

    3. I would think jungle could be the most influential spot if you are in solo queue, as you can be all over the map. The same goes for great roaming champs from mid (I know this is somewhat accounted for).

    4. There are a couple of champions that I see having more or less potential than where they are listed. Can I get some pro advice on why/why not these champions should/should not be considered in an appropriate place?

    a. Lux - It seems to me like she can do a great amount of damage from long range without getting in range of bruisers (even with gap closers) and her Q is underrated IMHO. Is it the fact that the enemy coming from more than one angle can ruin her game?

    b. Jax - I know he is very high, but I see him as an all around pro sauce carry. Is it his issues that comes up when the other team has CC?

    c. Udyr - I love udyr and actually went 7-1 or 7-2 with him last season... but I feel like he is too easy to kite and should be moved down... is his counter jungle the reason he is in the middle?

    d. Dr. Mundo - Very tanky, can give first blue if keeping up in level and can effectively tower dive at level 6 (especially when leveling his W).. Is he low tier 2 because a semi-weak peeling capability in team fights and how it is comparatively more difficult to give a needy lane the kill w/o taking it for yourself?

    e. Kog Maw - Yes, I could see him struggling with a bad support, but I feel like he can carry harder than a lot of ADC's late because of the vision his ult gives and the range from his W. Lack of escapes?

    I'll cut it off there. Most of what I see I agree with and will defer to your experience.

    Sorry that was so long... just looking for some clarity to try to better my game. I love the tier lists and find it rather funny that people will start playing the champions you put on top more often, even when they aren't good at those champs (at least in semi-low elo). 




  • #108 zypre

    You forgot to mention that Singed moved up to Tier 1 from Tier 3 :)

    I'd love to know why, too if possible! As Singed is easily my favourite champion at the moment :) If it has something to do with the meta, or items, or whatever it may be?

  • #109 mellored

    Archangel staff works for him in season 3.  So mana = HP and AP.  And once you fill up the staff, you get a blitz-like mana shield.  So basicly he has +250 HP and +60 AP and a massive shield when needed.

    I use Blackfire torch (HP, AD, % damage, CDR, mPen)+ rod of ages (HP, AD, Mana)+ frozen heart (CDR, mana, Armor) + Mercury Treads (MR, tenacity) to fill out his kit.  With an extra spot for situational items, usually some extra MR or Rylia's.

    I'm basically invulnerable with my ult running while doing a large amount of damage all around.

    Last edited by mellored: 11/29/2012 3:36:35 PM
  • #105 dangerousbob

    this list is utterly pointless...

  • #106 thomas5267

    This list is only for reference only and may not be 100% correct.  Not utterly pointless though.

  • #107 Magoblu

    Well the Patch isn't even out and the majority of the players hasn't played with the new changes in PBE, nor are the changes fixed so I guess this list is tending to be closer to "pointless" than "somewhat useful" despite being an opinion. It's not like Elementz's tier list is accurate anyway, even regarding the actual game play.

  • #104 msk106

    is there any reason why you stopped uploading the video's to youtube, the own3d player is just so buggy

  • #103 Avanard

    No Malzahar? He should be tier 1, easily.

  • #102 garden7

    Twitch moved up to tier 2 -

    i look him in tier 3 on the list, but you wrote move up to Tier 2

    so Twitch is in Tier 2 or 3? let me know

  • #101 frezMki

    Hecarim is kind of the same with wukong, warwick and stuff...

    All those champs are argueable low seeded for you and me.  (I don't know your elo, but im around 1,3 and i will discuss this topic for my elo)

    Wukong and Warwick are champs which are soooo easy to play. With Warwick its just impossible to LOSE the toplane, you will not dominate it 24/7 but you will not get crushed.

    Because of this easieness they are quite solid pics in low elo matches like mine are. Everybody isn't even capable to play one champion perfectly, so easy-play champs will come out ahead against more complicated ones. While the Elo is rising the picks will also change.

    I also get frustrated when i see comments like "DONT pick Irelia against Jax!!!!!". What will i do? i pick her and prove them that hardcore conters doesn't exist. You will never see me losing my toplane against Jax when i play Irelia just because its my personal style/preference.

    Even in 2k elo i doubt that there are unplayable lanes. Wickd is proofing me right that not every Irelia player is contered by Jax because Wickd is just unconterable. It's about completly knowing champs and handling them.

    Watching at this tierlist i can't find a real priorityfactor. 

    Easyness? TF is everything else than easy to handle
    Utilities to carry a team?   to low seeded supports

    Elementz is doing a fantastic job because the overall sheet is right. There is no "DAT ONE tierlist" because like i explained its based on personal experience.

    Atm you see 24/7 Zyra supports even though shes low seeded just because you cant calculate synergies factors in lists like this.

    I have the feeling like some guys think like :" A team of Tier 1 Champs has to win, its impossible to lose"
    Thats not really correct. You have to fill every role perfect. If you want to have a heavy poke-comp you want to get sth like:

    Kog'Maw /Nunu - Bot
    TF /Gragas - Mid
    Nidalee - Top

    when you want to have a dive-comp like Azubu Blaze did very impressive in MLG

    Go for :

    Noc- Jungle
    TF - Mid
    Malp/Shen- Top
    random bot

    I know in this examples are much Tier 1 champs listed but the point i want to make should be clear. Its about balancing a team.

     Orianna, Shen, KatarinaIrelia, Elise  [Team1] 

    will never win against

    Chogath Top
    Vayne/Lulu- Bot
    Anivia - Mid
    LeeSin- Jungle

    Everybody knows that Team1 isnt even fitting the meta. But how often do you have games where everybody is just picking "imba" champs which makes no sense to gether. Like halfpoke hard meeleengage mixes.

    Refine your meta-knowledge learn which champs synergies together, coordinate your team with pings and calls and you will beat any Tier 1 only team which isn't doing that :)

  • #100 EYEtriforc3

    I know that everybody got different oppinions n stuff but wukung and hecarim in tier4 soloq...realy ?

    Hecarim got one of the highest winrates in soloq

    and wukong is sick good

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