Season 3 Solo Queue Tier List - 11/16/2012

Time Stamp have been added in!

* Tier 1 - Orianna, Shen, Katarina, Irelia, Elise, Morgana, Twisted FateJax, Singed, Karthus, Ezreal, Diana, Gragas, Lee SinBlitzcrank, Rumble, Zyra, CorkiAmumu, Maokai, Graves, Malphite, Darius, Rengar, Ryze,

* Tier 2 - Nidalee, Cho'Gath, Shyvana, Cassiopeia, Kennen, Nunu, Nocturne, Lulu, Caitlyn, Jarvan IV, Draven, Ahri, Garen, NautilusJanna, OlafKayle, Vladimir, Riven, VayneRenekton, Dr. MundoPantheon, AkaliUdyrJayce, Soraka, Annie, Alistar, Eve

* Tier 3 - Lux, Swain, SonaTwitch, AniviaKassadin, Galio, MordekaiserSkarner, Taric, Syndra, Xerath, Leona, AsheYorick, Tristana, Fiddlesticks, SivirShacoXin Zhao, Tryndamere, MalzaharBrandVarusGangplankSion, Evelynn,

* Tier 4 - WukongHecarimVeigar, Zed, Warwick, Khazix, Kog'Maw, Rammus, Miss Fortune, Teemo, Leblanc, Trundle, Talon, Urgot, Zilean, Fizz, Viktor,

* Tier 5 - Master YiZiggs, Nasus, Volibear, PoppyFioraSejuaniKarma, Heimerdinger,

Explanations and Timestamps for them!

Watch the VOD Here! <--- "Sorry Embed is being funny right now only got the link!"


Changes -

Skarner moved down to tier 3 -

Alistar moved down to tier 2 -

Jayce moved down to tier 2 -

Blitzcrank moved down in tier 1 -

Rengar moved down in tier 1 -

Vladimir moved down to tier 2 -

Ahri moved down to tier 2 -

Ryze moved down in tier 1 - 

Malphite moved down in tier 1 -

Irelia moved up to tier 1 -

Orianna moved up to tier 1 -

Gragas moved up to tier 1 -

Nidalee moved up to tier 2 -

Shen moved up to tier 1 -

Jax moved up to tier 1 -

Cho'Gath moved up to tier 2 -

Syndra moved up to tier 3 - 

Fiddlesticks moved up to tier 3 -

Lulu moved up to tier 2 -

Caitlyn moved up to tier 2 -

Draven moved up to tier 2 -

Ezreal moved down in tier 1 -

Galio moved up in tier 3 - 

Evelynn moved down to tier 2 -

Twitch moved up to tier 2 -

Rammus moved down to tier 4 -

Amumu moved up in to tier 1 -

Kennen moved down to tier 2 -

Ashe moved down to tier 3 -

Yorick moved down to tier 3 -

Elise added to TIER 1 -

Zed added to TIER 4 -

Khazix added to TIER 4 - 




DISCLAIMER! - Now remember everyone. This is just an OPINION and nothing else. Take it with a grain of salt and remember not to flame anyone in-game over me or my lists. If you like to theorycraft I encourage it but never take my opinion out on someone else because they don't pick accordingly to the list. It's pointless, annoying, and if you do you're a bad human being. All champions except for Eve are completely viable for solo queue so relax and have some fun, it's what the games about. 

SOLO QUEUE ADVICE - Always remember to build a balanced team that is strong in all 5 aspects of the game. Get two strong solo's, a strong duo lane, and a strong jungler and your chances of winning will increase drastically! If you're not 1st or 2nd pick please pick accordingly to the rest of your team. Communication in pregame chat is the key to success! If you have an AD and an AP carry then the remaining roles of Tank, Support, and Jungle need to be filled! It's the best way to become a great League of Legends player by having a well-rounded group of champions you can play! Master all aspects of the game and not just one!

Message for the Community - So I find this list MUCH harder to put champions into tiers without being a bit biased. This is a new list so it will most likely be a little inaccurate to start off with so bear with me while I perfect it. So this is what I am going to ask of the community. If you have a suggestion on a champion placement please structure it in a respectful and logical way. Posts like "I owned with Tryn like 22-0 last game he should be higher! You're dumb as **** Elementz" Will simply be ignored as you're not helping make this list better.



  • #75 App78

    Hey Elementz,

    Your notes state: Twitch moved up to tier 2

    You have him placed in tier 3 though. Figured I'd point out the inconsistency.

  • #74 pagan4life

    did the AMA happen? I expected the video to be embedded in this thread afterwards

  • #76 llmagei

    nope, he didnt put up an ama yesterday

  • #70 mihnea56

    I still dont understand what's the problem with wukong i think no matter how hard you kick his ass , in late game he will still be very very good

    Last edited by mihnea56: 11/18/2012 3:45:00 AM
  • #71 MerryLane

    You just needa make sure there are wards covering the blue's entrance and violet's wraiths so wukong can't come and gank successfully your mid.

    Try and also take pink wards with you, and put it down where you are likely to fight, so he can't deceive away that easily (and thus you can surprise and bait the guy into a suicide :D)

  • #66 Breadford

    Elise ???

  • #67 Douggie

    She's actually very good top lane and can jungle. The itemization change is just icing on her top tier cake.

  • #69 MICHAEL419
    Shes good top mid and jungle. I think that counts for alot of it. Shes great in lane but she doesn't have a good teamfight unless you build bruiser imo
  • #72 Douggie

    AP bruiser is the best way to go on her. The new items are amazing (see Fist of Frost) for that build option

  • #65 grosmelon



    Where is Kha'Zix?

  • #63 angrymandinners

    Is this based on PBE?

  • #61 frezMki

    Dear Elementz,

    I know this tierlist is just a kind of alpha.
    I see and understand the structure behind it.....
    but i want to argue / discuss a few things.

    1) Regarding your placement of Maokai and Amumu i don't understand the mid/low tier seed of Olaf.

    -Olaf can 1v2 pretty good (not very realistic in solo-Q though)

    -Correctly played he has barely any conter like Wicked's Irelia
    He is a tanky bro, with tons and tons of damage who can easily carry a whole game since his true dmg/ulti comb.

    -> He's not very team depended to fit his role in the team, which is obviously good for solo-Q since the lack of teamplay is just natural in solo-Q

    Saying that, Maokai is way to high seeded. He is great yes, his cleartimings are good, his utilities are awesome, but he needs a team. There is no way to solo-carry with Maokai. Maokai can make carrying easier, but thats not the goal of a solo-Q list. (same for Amumu)

    2) I don't get the low-support seeds. BC obviously Tier 1 no doubt about it. Even completly newbies can kill the opponent if BC hits his Q.
    Soraka > Sona ?

    Soraka is 24/7 sustain for the AD but whatelse and a global heal. 
    Sona is way more viable i think. Her heal is not bad, she gives your AD a dmg boost, and her passive his giving her a huge "burst".

    What's up in teamfights?

    Soraka silence+2x Heal
    Sona GIVE THEM DAT CC. Her ultimate is just so insane in all scenarios. Opponents aiming for Baron? Ult and let your AP have fun[...] you will even know better than me, how supports work out since you probably already forgot more about the game than i will ever learn ;D


    Give some supports a higher seed. Atm you are drawing a picture which (effects) the solo-Q attitude. I HAVE to play Tier 1 damage dealers, because Carrys are everything. From my point of view and my personal experience (playing the game and watching your  stream) the support is having an invisible global effect of the game.
    There is a huge difference between blahing support and throwing river/brush wards as soon as you hit the lane and wasting around 25-30 seconds wardtime, while enemy jungler is fighting at his blue and making smart and calculated decisions for wards,items and oracle stuff.

    Having a brained support will make you win soooooo much "botlane-games". A good support can let a bad ADC shine. A good ADC will never be able to let a bad support shine because botlane is working because of how a generic support is played. Vision, Zoning and cooperation.

    GL,HF in Curse ;) Hope you agree on my "tips" 
    Stay safe

  • #68 Douggie

    I like the point you make, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say (this is me, I too don't agree 100% with the list):

    -Olaf is weird.  When fed he can carry games, but only if your team can too.  He has no solid peel for the carry, and a lot of carries (who he will ult and go after) are very mobile.  He has to play an initiator role since he really can't babysit the AD carry and Grievous Wounds effects (Ignite, Morello's Tome) make it had for him to sustain in a teamfight.  This technically makes him team dependent, but not entirely.  He's still Tier 2 which is good, but he doesn't swing a teamfight like Maokai or Amumu can.  And Maokai is a god jungler with amazing speed and ganks.  He doesn't carry the game, he snowballs his carries and then begs you to either fight in his ult or get picked off as you run.  Amumu makes you fight in his ult and he don't care who is on his team (He likes AoE mostly) just as long as they can capitalize on his ult and that's not too hard.

    -Supports have always been low seeds in his Tier List (even though he himself plays support).  This is due to a fact he has said before: "Solo Que is extremely uncoordinated".  Supports play much better when they can properly communicate with their lane partner.  If you guys aren't on the same page, then you are in for a rough time.  So the most supports can do is try to babysit and plant wards.  Anyone can really do that.  Supports shouldn't be priority picks in Solo Que (another thing he likes to emphasis in his Tier List) so they are gonna be low.  Most of the time when you want to counter bot-lane you should counter the ADC and not the support.  Tristana doesn't care who supports her as she craps in Vayne's cereal, nor would she care who is supporting Vayne.  Just as long as she can take that number 2 in Vayne's Kellogg's.

    This is how I see it.  I could be wrong, and that's why we discuss it.  Hope that helps a bit.

    Last edited by Douggie: 11/18/2012 12:42:03 AM
  • #60 PeaceAlien

    Wehn is this AMA

  • #64 MICHAEL419
    Was curious about this myself
  • #56 NldxTangoDown

    Why did you placed skarner so low on the tierlist? Also, why is orianna, singed, and shen so high? I barely see them doing good.

  • #55 Fladwan

    So.. what's up with Brand? I feel he doesn't really get hard countered by anything apart from maybe a Fizz or a Kassadin. He has a really strong presence on lane if you know your way around him, scales well and has the potential to deal a crap load of damage in team fights. Why is he so far down on your list (and in general seems like a really unpopular hero)?

  • #58 MerryLane

    If I may, I would guess :

    1) He is mega squishy with low mobility. That requires a good teamcomp, an awesome positionning, and stupid ennemies that can't stop u.

    2) His teamfighting is unreliable. You can sometimes loose a game simply because your ulti didn't bounce (someone flashed away from his mate or bad luck or idk), and same about his other spells, he is more likely than most of other AP to do "0" dmg in an important fight.

    3) His awful early game (for the ennemy) often forces jungling ganks ... Which brand is unlikely to escape if correctly done (no escape, his cd are a bit long ... and like every mid and jungler have twice more and better cc than his skillshot stun)

    4) The actual meta concerning AP carries's build sort of counters him. So many people rush Athene and Abyssal, mitigating a lot his harass.
    Long story short, even if he is ahead early game, he falls off pretty fast in front of ennemy MR. (exagerating)

    5) His roaming isn't Godlike neither.

    I would say his biggest advantage in soloq, is that he can end up the laning phase 0/5, and get three pentakills in a row simply because he "trololol QWER in ur face" at a good timing.
    The problem is, there are 10 chars that do that better than him. (katarina being a good example)
    And there is quite a bigger amount of AP carries that bring more utility to his team.

    Last edited by MerryLane: 11/17/2012 5:58:47 PM
  • #53 ModestChandelure

    Does this include the upcoming item changes? A lot of the comments here imply that the list does take them into consideration. But since they aren't live yet, I don't see why they would have an impact on the list. 

  • #51 RtMbot

    I'm also interested in hearing why Draven is so high up.

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