Solo Queue Tier List - Lucian Patch


A typical Solo Que tier list has become clique and out of date. It's my goal to reinvigorate the information relayed through any sort of tier list.  Thus my god tier list was born:

My god tier list was focused on champions that have success in every bracket of play. I developed these lists through smurfing, playing on my Challenger main, and a little theory crafting.

I dabbled with the idea of expanding the lists into an easier way of describing a specific champion's success in ranked  as compared to others that were similar, but in a way that didn't give a diminishing appearance like a numerical list work.  I started doing videos on the changes to champions each patch and where they stood post buff/ nerf

I had developed a way of dividing Solo Q champions in a way that was easily identifiable without putting numerical association.


The following symbols for the roles of the champions and what position they currently are best at for Solo Q:

J= Jungle
M= Mid
T= Top
ADC= Marksman bottom lane
S= Support bottom lane

*These champions are not listed in order of power within each group

God Tier:

These champions are the best for winning Solo Q games with in the given patch. These champions could arguable be called 'overpowered', but I'm going to try and steer away from using that terminology.

Kassadin (M), Zed (M), Corki (M or ADC), Karthus (M), Eve (J), Fiddlesticks (J or S), Annie(M), Rengar (T), Singed (T), Tryndamere (T), Twisted Fate (M), Twitch (M or ADC), Vayne (ADC), Tri Force.

Very Strong:

Champions listed under 'Very Strong are' are on the cust of being considered 'god' tier. Very small buffs to these champions would almost immedately put them in 'god' tier. They're in fact 'very strong' champions for Solo Q but not quite 'god' tier.

Jax (T), Fizz(M), Thresh (S), Aatrox (T or J), Caitlyn (ADC), Elise (J), Jarvan (J), Nasus (T or J), Ezreal (ADC or M), Blitzcrank (S), Ahri (M), Irelia (T), Rammus (J), Kayle (T or M), Nidalee (M or T), Zac (T or J)


'Strong' champions are still really good picks for Solo Q. These are champions that have sometimes been forgotten about and haven't been buffed or nerfed in awhile. Changes to items or metas can put them in this divison even if they were previously just 'viable'.

Master Yi (J), Leblanc (M), Zyra (M or S), Vi (J), Udyr (J or T), Sona (S), Shen (T), Rumble (T), Riven (T), Renekton (T), Pantheon (M), Orianna (M), Nocturne (J), Lulu (M or S), Lissandra (M), Lee Sin (J or T), Kha'Zix (J or T), Kennen (T or M), Janna (S or M), Hecarim (J), Draven (ADC), Darius (T), Akali (M or T), Teemo (T), Gragas (M), Swain (M or T)


Viable champions are just the average champions. You can win games with these champions, but in most cases, it would be easier to just play and win Solo Q games with champions that are 'Strong','Very Strong' or even God Tier. However, keep your eyes on the champions in 'Viable' because these are the ones that will receive periodic buffs that will sky rocket them to 'God' tier or 'Very Strong'

Zilean (M), Ziggs (M), Xin Zhao (J), Xerath (M), Wukong (T), Volibear (J), Vladimir (M or T), Viktor (M), Veigar (M), Varus (ADC), Urgot (ADC or M), Trundle (T or J), Tristana (M or ADC), Talon (M), Syndra (M), Shyvana (J or T), Shaco (J), Ryze (M or T), Quinn (T), Poppy (T), Nautilus (J), Mordekaiser (M), Nami (S), Morgana (M), Miss Fortune (ADC), Maokai (J), Malzahar (M), Malphite (T or M), Lux (M), Leona (S), Kog'Maw (ADC), Katarina (M),Karma (M), Jayce (M), Graves (ADC), Garen (T), Galio (M), Fiora (M or T), Dr. Mundo (J),Diana (M), Cho'gath (M or J), Cassiopeia (M), Brand (M), Ashe (ADC), Anivia (M), Amumu(J), Alistar (S)

Underpowered or incomplete kit:

Don't immediately grab pitch forks if your favorite champion is in 'underpowered'. You can still win games with these champions,but it's just much easier to win games with champions not in this division. These champions will undoubtably receive reworks or buffs over time.

Yorick, Warwick, Taric, Soraka, Skarner, Sion, Sivir, Sejuani, Olaf, Lucian, Heimerdinger, Gangplank

I stand by my statement that Sejuani deserves her position on the list. Sejuani is my most played champion in Diamond 1 - Challenger, and I have a lot of experience with her. The nerfs hit her kit really hard, and the current popular junglers can abuse her. I really like Sejuani, but she just isn't good in the current meta.


Kassadin -  Quite possibly the strongest Solo Q champion for Diamond 1 - Challenger. A lot of lower bracket players will be convinced that all you have to do is put a bruiser mid and gg. This might be the case for some of the games in lower brackets, but Kassadin is a massive problem in Solo Q. Anything above Platinum has the fear of Kassadin ingrained in them. Kassadin's roaming potential, snowball potential, and his scaling makes him an almost unstoppable force in higher Elo games. I've seen Kassadins also have a ton of success in lower bracket games as long as it's against AP match ups. Higher Elo Kassadins know how to deal with being behind and can still easily carry games when counter picked mid. 


Zed -  One of the easiest split pushers in the game while having one of the strongest early games in certain match ups. Zed mid crushes so many match ups and scales incredibly well. Zed runs on energy so he can out push most AP champions early game and poke them down. Once Zed has reached a few items, he can start split pushing with confidence. If no one on the enemy team can beat Zed 1v1, then the game is going to be heavily in favor of Zed's team winning. Split pushing takes a completely different mind set because you have to know when to take risks and when to play safe, but if you ward correctly, you can win the game yourself by split pushing as a semi-fed Zed.

Corki -  The Trinity Force buff gave Corki a massive power boost. Tri Force was already THE core item on Corki. It worked incredibly well on Corki before the buffs, and now it's just ridiculously powerful. Corki had received numerous small buffs over several patches. All of these buffs + Tri force being buffed has given Corki a spot on the God tier list. Corki scales so well into the mid game that giving Corki a solo lane can have even greater success. Although Corki can do well in a solo lane, Corki has some of the best match ups bottom lane in the current meta. Twitch and Vayne are both crushed by Corki if played correctly.

Karthus -  Karthus is my go to for a free win. I view Karthus as a ticking time bomb for the other team. If they let me reach certain items in a certain time period then I can deal so much damage in team fights (even if they kill me) that it almost doesn't matter how poorly my teammates play. Karthus has one of the easiest times farming mid lane, but there are a lot of match ups to watch out for when playing Karthus. Kassadin and Zed will both give you nightmares if you don't ban them. Karthus's kit just does way too much in its current state for Solo Q. Global damaging ult that can easily get you fed. It's solo Q and you know people will do dumb things to get low hp. Karthus's passive is also ridiculous for Solo Q. You know a champion is strong when Phantom l0rd plays it and dies 7 times in laning phase, but he still carries the game.

Eve - Sight wards will save you from jungle ganks, right? Wrong, Eve has her place on the god tier list almost specifically because of her passive. Her ability to bypass sight wards and snowball lanes is unparalleled in Solo Q.  Her passive forces the enemy team to invest heavily in vision wards or else risk being vulnerable to ganks. Eve also has pretty decent scaling so early kills can go a long way on her.


Fiddlesticks - One the most annoying champions to play against in the entire game. Fiddlesticks has the strongest single target crowd control ability in the game, a 3 second fear.  It's not enough that you're disabled for 3 seconds but you will be displaced in random directions. Fiddlesticks  also has a very high damage output with the ultimate + Fear+ Drain even without items. Support Fiddlesticks is quite effective by maxing Terrify (fear) first and spamming Dark wind (the aoe silence damage) to harass. Overall, Fiddlesticks is difficult to master but very easy to be effective in Solo Q. 

Annie - Annie might seem out of place on the list, but I stand by her place on it. She is incredibly easy to be effective with in Solo Q. She is one of the easiest champions to last hit with because of how her Q works (mana return on killing blow). She has a 1.75 second stun that makes ganking for her lane really effective and easy to do. A flash tibbers stun initiate on multiple targets can easy win a team fight and lead to easy objectives. She works very well in lower brackets as well as even in Challenger. Her  weakness is that she has no poke and is weak against poke comps. 

Rengar - Do you want to play a champion that can nearly instantly kill an ADC or APC while being stealthed? Rengar wasn't played for a very long time until a few dedicated players began having success with him in Diamond - Challenger. For the longest time, Rengar was only built as tanky because of the perception that there was no other way to play Rengar. Once players started building Rengar full glass cannon, a lot of the players in high Elo began to see his potential. Rengar with just 2-3 AD items can nearly instantly kill non tanky champions with the triple Q. Then becomes a problem in Solo Q because being able to instantly kill high priority kill targets from stealth gives a massive advantage that leads to victories. There is only a slight amount of room to counter play Rengar's ultimate. Because of the Oracle's range nerf, Rengar can leap onto a target who has oracles without time to react from the player being leapt upon. This leaves only vision wards as a primary way of an attempt to counter play mid - late game. Rengar does have a lot of bad match ups top lane, but if you watch any of the high Elo Rengar players (Only rengar, Ninfang, explosivechorro) then you'll realize there is room to work around the bad match ups. 

Singed -  Sometimes a normally bad decision turns into an incredibly smart one when playing Singed.  His play style seems backwards unless you really understand how to play Singed.  In the right match ups, Singed can become a seemingly unstoppable force top lane. His ability to proxy farm and roam where he pleases gives him an incredibly annoying nature. Top that off with the fact that he becomes one of the tankiest champions in the game with his item builds and his ultimate active.  The damage output of Singed often depends on how stubborn his opponents are.  It's very difficult to completely shut down a Singed because of his unique ability to farm. Singed can easily win team fights by displacing the right target with his fling and dealing a massive amount of damage to the entire enemy team. Singed's kit is just very effective for Solo Q.

Tryndamere - Crit has always been a fickle subject in League of Legends. The offensive tree use to give 2% crit chance a long time ago, but it made a lot of lane wins come down to random crits. Tryndamere is incredibly powerful in lane because of his ability to crit early in the game, reduce AD on bruiser top laners /slow, and be mobile with his spin. Not to mention the fact that his ultimate makes him unkillable for the duration allowing him to tower dive and escape ganks. Tryndamere's ability to duel mid - late game is absolutely terrorifying in Solo Q. If no one can handle Tryndamere then it becomes a game deciding problem.  Tryndamere can also be very effective in team fights if used correctly. Most AD carries cannot kite or deal with Tryndamere in team fights.

Twisted Fate - Even though Twisted Fate has been nerfed in just about every patch that has ever mentioned him post season 2, he is still very powerful in Solo Q. His ultimate will always be the staple of his kit. Being able to punish the enemy bottom lane when they over extend/ play aggressive leads to early objective control such as Dragon. Although Twisted Fate loses a lot of mid match ups, he can still has massive impact on the game with his semi global ganks.  A lot of players forget that Twisted Fate has a 1450 range poke ability that can be used to farm. Once Twisted Fate gets blue buff, he can easily farm a wave that is in the middle of the lane while sitting under the tower. 

Twitch - Twitch is the highest damaging AD carry in late game team fights. His ultimate makes him a must kill target in team fights because of the crazy damage output it can do. Twitch has a very strong laning phase against a lot of AD carries. The invisibility just adds another factor that the enemy team has to worry about whenever Twitch is missing. 

Vayne - The Blade of the Rune King nerfs definitely hurt Vayne, but it's not going to knock her off the 'god' tier list.  Bloodthirster Vayne is a good first item alternative to BorK. Vayne still has the best dueling potentials of all the AD carries. The invisibility component of her kit is largely underrated. Tumble gives a lot of mobility, but if her ultimate is used correctly, the invisibility on tumble can be devastating in duels or just kiting in team fights.


Trinity Force is currently the strongest item in the game by a decent margin. The item  has been buffed over several patches. Right now, anything that previously did well with Tri Force is now a solid pick for Solo Q. League of Legends is always moving in weird cycles. A long time ago, when the "tons of damage" Phreak quotes first began, Tri Force was also over powered. It seems like whenever something is over powered in League of Legends it will be inevitably nerfed, but it will also be inevitably buffed after a long 'nerfed' period of time.


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