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Fluxyyy´s started a website, oh god run.

  • #1 Fluxyyyy

    Why hello everyone! Fluxyyy here!

    I´ve come to tell you all about a website I´ve started up which is based around my life and the way games are involved in it. I post about various games giving insight to them, funny stories and reviews on if their worth it or if you should just ignore them depending on what type of person you are. Of course, First Person Shooter, RTS, MOBA, RPG etcetc.

    I´d like some feedback on the layout, blog quality and if it helps you in anyway. The website isn´t 100% completed and you´ll see that, and any ideas are much appriciated. But you can find the website here.

    If I´m violating any rules I must have not read them properly and I´m very sorry. This is a serious post, nothing insulting or profane within this website.

    Thank you very much,



    Stay positive! Never give up! IGN: Fluxyyy, add me!

  • #2 SiameseCookie

    Oh, you are from the netherlands^^

    One thing that would be great: Add a small banner to every article on the frontpage which indicates what category you are writing in. Maybe a small Skyrim/LoL logo in the headline, or you just start every article with "League of Legends:" or "Skyrim:" in the title... that would help people distinguish the categories a bit more.

    And one thing I noticed: Sometimes your text flow is in a bit of a rush. Consider splitting your paragraphs further or using tab. Make everything as easy to read as possible, the internet's eyes are lazy.

    So far, the posts are interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing more!

    Yours sincerely, the next Einstein.

  • #3 gekkos

    dutch people are the best ( as said by a dutch person)

    Last edited by gekkos on 10/22/2012 10:37:08 AM

    Hell is other people  
    -Jean-Paul Sartre

  • #4 acerunner


  • #5 Starfols

    We hebben veel nederlanders. :O

    (not me though. sorry if that's bad grammar.)

  • #6 ThingODoom

    Very well put together, I'll be sure to visit. Especially like the AP carry itemization post.

  • #7 Fluxyyyy

    Thanks guy! I really appreciate it! 

    In reply to SiameseCookie, I've been experimenting with your suggestion and it looks a lot better, thanks for the tip man! I appreciate it alot.
    And yeah, I'm pretty bad at structuring so I have to learn how to make it more appealing to the eyes hahaha.

    And yeah, there's a fair amount Nederlander's here. WOOPWOOP! But I'm not a true Nederlander people....I'm a New Zealander in disguise!! O:

    But more stuff is coming your way, and on the topic of streaming times. I was wondering what times you people are free and would be bothered to watch? I was thinking 8pm-12am CEST time. But it may change.



    Stay positive! Never give up! IGN: Fluxyyy, add me!

  • #8 SiameseCookie

    Great job on those title banner thingies! They look better than what I had in mind when I first replied :3

    Yours sincerely, the next Einstein.

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