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    Cinderhulk needs that small HP nerf though. I feel like you could get it on basically every melee character now. (the likes of Vi,Jarvan included) and still do well.


    Riot has always been bad at making impactful itemization (and runes and masteries) have somewhat equally desirable stats and equal cost effectiveness. This seems to be the same occurring problem over and over again, while it's actually simple math in most of the cases.

    It leads to abuse of the best items with the best champions suited for them. Really taking away the amount of 'really good' strategic choices.


    The same with champions ... once a champ really establishes a 'specialty' he gets nerfed for it (exception: Zed) or they give the champion such hard conditions to pull it off (Kha Zix). I remember Nunu once: when he got picked, people would actually take away hypercarries (kog, vayne, ashe). Riot nerfed Nunu bloodboil and ended up buffing the attack speed scaling of those champions.Or remember when Malphite, Ori used to be a REAL thing.


    There is so little 'macro' left in the game: everybody just picks the best individual champion for the situation with it's predestined item path. Without really considering synergy, itemization towards a specific strategy or counteritemizing vs your opponent.


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    Quote from LaughingBacchus jump

     I tend to find myself not wanting to interact with my lane opponent too much either because Lux is designed to be a mediocre laner and vulnerable to ganks.


     Then she really needs another passive, because it screams interaction with 'marked' targets.

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    Well as I see it: if he doesn't get (another) buff he'll get outpicked by pretty much any midlaner.


    What does he bring as a support? Not much in lane, using his bombs will fuck up CS. His speed utility can be useful in teamfights mostly and well his ULT is his big thing I guess. But is he better than say Sona/Janna? His passive? sure, I guess. But it's never been an interesting tactical pick, I don't know what would have been changed about that.


    His E slow gets hardcore outclassed by Nasus Wither btw.

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    So what do you guys find of the swagmaster after his recent buffs.

    Personally I find him really good on dominion now. He feels really good with some AP and spamming them bombs.


    On summoners rift however, I find his early game too rough. He has almost no trade potential at lvl 1 which makes him one of the weakest early game champions. Once he gets AP he starts to get rolling.


    I propose some early-mid buffs ...


    Q: Magic Damage:  From 75/115/165/ 230/300 to 80/135/190/245/300


    E: Slow/Speed boost: from 40/55/70/85/99% increased to 55/66/77/88/99%


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    I'd do something with her autoattack, maybe a faster attack speed frame or something. Or maybe let the passive last one second longer.

    I think she's somewhat lacking on ability to waveclear early game.


    And make her ult global ofc, that'd be awesome. :D

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    Breaking bad is the best series of all time.



    Vikings is the only series i'm following atm. If you like Got, you'll like vikings. Even though it's proportions are less epic.

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    Swain is gonna be a monster with buffed Athene's passive? I think they shouldn't buff the passive.


    The base mana regen definitely though.

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    Sion? Jax?


    Nautilus is the new shit. Singed will be next patch (if they go through with the buff).

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    He really has some tricky balancing issues and the main one you pointed out: the stomp or get stomped contrast on Vlad is really sensitive.


    So increase his base health or armor but hard nerf his health regen/sustain? So pokes becomes more effective vs him and all ins less effective?

    Or isn't that why people pick Vlad? cause he can sustain poke?


    Then maybe take away some of his base damage on Q and/or W and let him be a lategame powerhouse by increasing his ULT amplification to 20% ... So that way he has a weaker snowball potential but he can still be useful for his team in the teamfight phases. It would also increase his skill cap by ulting on the right spot at the right time.

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    Well it always felt they made yasuo to have a purpose for Crit dmg runes. Thx for confirming, good job :D


    More Math:


    How does Armor Pen reds relate to AD/lvl marks on for example Pantheon. (Maybe only his Q to make it easier)

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